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Best Travel Destinations for Cancer

Best Travel Destinations for Cancer

Individuals born under the horoscope sign of Cancer like to travel to family friendly locations, they also prefer to find one central location to settle into, and explore out from that point.

Combined with their sensitive stomachs, a “time share” or “home exchange” would be the best location for a Cancer to set up base (as they only want to unpack once, and living out of a suitcase just will not do for these people), as they will feel more at “home”, and also have the ability to prepare meals for themselves and the whole family.

Being a water sign, it is only logical that a Cancer will love to vacation near a body of water, as it brings them peace and comfort. Sunbathing, swimming and sailing are a few favorite activities of Cancer individuals, as would walking on a beach with a metal detector, which would entice them to engage in this activity every morning.

A cruise will meet all the needs of a Cancer, as it allows them to be surrounded by the entire family and also water. Cancers love having a massage or other spa treatment, and cruise lines offer these types of luxuries, as well as a bit of shopping in unique boutiques.

Cannes, France will offer Cancers amazing ocean views, as well as shopping and the entertainment of film festivals.

Charleston, South Carolina is a great travel destination for Cancer individuals and their families to enjoy. Besides the beaches on Sullivan’s Island, or enjoying one of the “top ten” beaches in the nation located on Beachwalker County Park, there is also much to do for the entire family, such as enjoying the wonders, and participating in the interactive programs and exhibits of the South Carolina Aquarium Also, the Boone Hall “working” Plantation offers educational tours of the home, gardens, and cabins. Also, try to catch one of the brilliant performances surrounding this Southern heritage. While in South Carolina don’t forget to stop by the Gibbes Museum of Art.

Savannah, Georgia is a travel destination that is rich in history and full of art galleries, as this location is the home of the College of Art of Design, in Savannah. Many artists, writers and musicians have been inspired while spending time in Savannah, and being seduced by the beautiful coastlines of this charming city.

Usually, individuals born under the zodiac of Cancer have a vivid imagination and a sensitive nature. Venice, Italy offers wonder and romance around every corner, and the mind of a person born under the sign of Cancer, can certainly allow themselves to be transferred back to the time of Romeo and Juliet.

Greece is also considered to be one of the best travel destinations for Cancers, as it not only offers them water, blue skies and “rock” beaches, but also foreign experiences, amazing cuisine and a rich history (including the first Olympic games locations, and the birthplace of Hippocrates, who may have penned the Hippocratic oath, which is what all medical practitioners take to enter the field of health and uphold ethical medical practices.

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