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Best Travel Destinations for Capricorns

Best Travel Destinations for Capricorns

Capricorns are known workaholics; they are conservative and highly respected by their peers. They are usually serious minded, so a carefree trip to an amusement park would not be their first choice in a vacation destination, but it would have a positive effect on their “inner child”, and provide an opportunity for the Capricorns to let their hair down and just have fun.

Due to their focus on work, and perhaps building a business during their younger years, “Caps” may not find time to travel until later in life, so they may focus on elegant and comfortable accommodations – meaning that sleeping on a cot or tucked in a sleeping bag on the hard ground, may not have much appeal to older Capricorns.

They much prefer style and comfort. They love to travel in groups/tours, and have no problem taking the lead, if and when necessary.

A Capricorn will plan a trip down to the last detail, packing and re-packing, until everything is perfect, and they have also been known to memorize itineraries. Capricorns are frugal with their money, shop around for the best deals, and usually stick to a vacation budget, but they will not hesitate to hand over extra cash for luxury.

St. Petersburg, Russia is a large city that is brimming with exquisite architectural designs and cultural events. Also, many Capricorns would enjoy a toured boat ride around this gorgeous city.

Quebec would appeal to the stylish tastes of Capricorns. The Winter Festival and the classic architecture around the Province of Quebec will hold the interest of even the most choosiest of “Caps.

Istanbul, Turkey will fill the desire of a serious-minded Capricorn, with the rich history and the extraordinary sights, such as the Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and the traditional Turkish baths (hamam). These baths are an ideal place for a person born under the horoscope sign of Capricorn, to unwind and relax their body and mind.

Coorg, India is a paradise worth exploring, especially the Wildlife Sanctuary and the Abbey Falls. This is the perfect location for “Caps” to visit, as they can step out of their normal busy lifestyles, and engage in things they truly enjoy, such as appreciating a perfectly brewed cup of fresh coffee, as India is a world famous location for coffee cultivation.

“Caps” are organized individuals that like to follow a plan, and rarely does anything spur of the moment. A guided tour of the Amalfi Coast, Italy would be a delightful trip for Capricorns, because of the cozy and comfortable accommodations, rich culture and amazing history that this place has to offer.

London and Prague are also excellent destinations that “Caps” should keep in mind, while planning their next trip.

Overall, “Caps” enjoy famous art, history and spectacular antiquities, and these passions can have them travelling all over the world, including such places as Bangkok and Berlin.

Visiting the Pyramids or the Queen of England’s Crown Jewels will certainly fill the intelligent minds of this earth sign, and these locations would be considered some of the best travel destination for Capricorns.

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