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Best Travel Destinations for Gemini

Best Travel Destinations for Gemini

The “twins” love to learn, and the best travel destinations for Gemini would involve a learning experience and an opportunity to explore something new.

Any European city would be an attractive travel destination for Gemini’s, because they offer large musical events, art exhibits, a lively night life, and many museums to keep them busy and educated all day long.

Los Angeles and San Francisco, California will keep an “on the go” Gemini busy, as they can visit the Fisherman’s Wharf, roam through Alcatraz or try to spot a Hollywood star on Sunset Boulevard.

New Orleans, Louisiana has lots of galleries, museums and historical sites that will keep Gemini’s mentally stimulated for days, and the nighttime clubs will have you dancing until dawn. Other hot spots to visit in New Orleans include (but not limited to) the French Quarter, Jackson Square, Audubon Zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas.

Foreign places hold great interest for Gemini’s, as they love to experience the local customs of the land. Sydney, Australia, in particular will keep a Gemini interested, as they can relax on the beautiful beach or, more than likely, engage in scuba diving or parasailing one day, and then do some serious sightseeing in the big city another day.

London, England is another wonderful vacation spot for Gemini’s, because they will walk around for hours exploring this wonderful land that will offer constant stimulation.

Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) has so much to offer a Gemini, including a cable car ride to Sugar Load Mountain to experience the spectacular views, and also the potential to spot a monkey and some incredible birds, that call this mountain their home. A four hour jeep tour through the rain forest is amazing, and will certainly keep anyone (especially individuals born under the horoscope sign of Gemini) interested. Rio is rich in history, and wandering alone or joining a tour for a few hours, may take you to some of the more famous sites in this area, including the Imperial Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral and/or the Bento Monastery.

Madrid, Spain offers the “Golden Triangle” of art places (The Thyssen, The Prado and the Reina Sofia) for exploration, and also a stroll through the botanical gardens that houses over 30,000 plants. Enjoy some ice cream on the terrace at Bruins’, and behold the splendor of the Madrid Sunset. For dinner, choose a restaurant that has a stage where dancers and singers will entertain you with their talent and grace, while you dine on delightful cuisine.

The Caribbean Island of Martinique has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years with their captivating natural areas, extensive shopping and dining choices, and also the historic museums and plantations. Martinique offers many stimulating activities for the curious Gemini.

There is so much to do for a Gemini in Tokyo, and the monorail is the most effective way to get around this area. There are beaches, amusement park and shopping malls.

The adventurous Gemini would love the experience of exploring the pyramids in Egypt or cruise the Nile. Don’t forget to enjoy and experience a camel ride at sunset, and climb Mount Sinai for a spectacular sunrise.

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