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Best Travel Destinations for Leo

Best Travel Destinations for Leo

Leos are adventurous and lean toward the flamboyant and dramatic. Milan or Paris are a couple of great travel destinations for a Leo, as they are considered to be high profile areas that treat all visitors with high class luxury and respect.

While Leos travel anywhere in Europe, they will surely love to stay in one of the many castle-like accommodations to get the total feeling of feeling of royalty.

London, England is one of the best travel destinations for Leos, because they will enjoy everything from the grandeur and royalty of Buckingham Palace, the West End Theatres and all the royal history that this land has to offer.

Due to the fact that Leos love luxury and expect service that is high quality – Dubai would make the list of top travel spots for Leos to visit. Besides the gourmet restaurants and the luxury accommodations, there are also shopping centers to be enjoyed.

Shopping is a huge pastime for Leos, and they can fulfill their “prowling” instincts by shopping, browsing and comparing prices for hours. Large shopping centers/malls – such as the Mall of America located in Bloomington, Minnesota, which houses over 520 stores and 50 restaurants in one central location, will give many Leos a wide variety of options to experience.

Besides large, luxury shopping environments, Leos can also be found in flea markets, like the one offered every summer in Shipshewana, Indiana, where over 900 vendors await you to experience the Largest Flea Market in the Midwest.

Many Leos are music lovers, and they would not think twice about planning an entire vacation around a musical concert that they desire. Leos will also be found in Jazz clubs and if given the choice, they would prefer to stay in hotels that have an after hour dance club available for its guests.

Leos appreciate a city rich in history and culture, as well as an exciting and thriving nightlife, such as Monte Carlo, San Francisco (CA) and the British Isles. The Lion loves being in the center of the action, and they love the glitz, glamour and endless nightlife of a big city. Besides New York City – Las Vegas also has everything that will appeal to individuals born under the horoscope sign of Leo, including trying their luck at the craps table or the slot machines.

In addition to luxury and expensive things – Leos like to hunt and fish – either literally or figuratively, as this satisfies the predator instincts of the King of the Jungle. Africa, which offers both extra ordinary city living with natural wildlife, is the perfect combination for a travel destination for even the most hard to please Leos.

Being a fire sign, it is no surprise that where the sun is, so will be a Leo – whether they are soaking in the rays of the sun while lying on a beach or hiking in the desert heat, just for the fun of it.

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