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Best Travel Destinations for Pisces

Best Travel Destinations for Pisces

Pisces are symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, which some may interrupt as dual personalities, but in reality, they are compassionate individuals that have a deep romantic side.

One of the best travel destinations for a Pisces would be Paris, France (also known as the City of Romance). In addition, for the romantic atmosphere, Paris is filled with art galleries that will fuel this passion of the Pisces.

Being a water sign, the “Fish” would usually be very comfortable and find the greatest peace when near a body of water. Hawaii offers Pisces magnificent beaches, tranquil and warm waters and resorts with spa services.

Even though Pisces like to find a vacation spot where they can relax and unwind, these charitable individuals are drawn to areas that their talents are needed most, such as Third World countries, and where an emergency organization, like the Red Cross, is sent to an area that has been destroyed by natural disaster.

There is so much to see and do in Thailand, that no one, especially individuals born under the horoscope sign of Pisces, can ever become bored. The natural beauty of Thailand is one of the main reasons that many visitors flock to this area, the waterfalls, caves, mountains and hot springs are just a few of the spots to visit.

There are many museums that reflect the artistic talents of present and past artists. Of course the shrines, temples and monuments in Thailand are a must see, and don’t forget to make time to see a boxing match and visit the floating market.

Overall, Thailand leaves a positive impression on anyone who is willing to visit an interesting place, and experience some unforgettable sights and adventures.

The beautiful city of San Francisco, CA is where Pisces can cruise the Bay, take a ride on a cable car and enjoy the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Santa Barbara, CA is also a great travel destination for Pisces, as it offers great culture, amazing architecture, tasty food/wine and a unique shopping experience. Santa Barbara is a balance of big city culture and outdoor enjoyment (such as horseback riding).

There are close to 50 public park and miles of beaches in Santa Barbara, CA, to walk and enjoy the sunsets every night.

The Maldives Islands offer tranquility to the Pisces, and they would love the food that is made with unique and rare spices. It is said that these islands are sinking into the Indian Ocean, so you don’t want to wait too long before visiting this amazing location.

San Antonio, Texas is a fun place to enjoy the holiday season, as they have parades, theme parks, lights, festivals and some of the best shopping around.

The story of the Alamo is interesting to everyone. Specifically for the Pisces, San Antonio has been named one of the top ten romantic locations in the entire nation, as they decorate the entire city with yellow roses every Valentines Day.

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