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Best Travel Destinations for Scorpio

Best Travel Destinations for Scorpio

Being a water sign, Scorpios would find Prince Edward Island, Hawaii, and the Florida Keys to be perfect vacation destinations, for the sheer fact that water is nearby.

An exclusive and luxurious cruise to the Caribbean or the Greek Islands will meet all your needs and desires.

A Scorpio does not have to have a cell phone in their possession at all times, checking emails and/or social media status; however they can’t be without music, to help their minds drift, from the reality and responsibility of the “real world”.

Scorpios are private individuals, and they would be very happy to avoid crowds, as they enjoy shoreline walks at dawn. They are deep thinking people, and you will rarely find a Scorpio engaging in idle chit chat.

New Orleans would also be a perfect travel destination for Scorpios that are looking for a “city” to visit, as they will be captivated by the many sites, sounds and spicy foods that are streaming from every corner of this fun and interesting destination.

They are solo travelers, and prefer seclusion over crowds. An example would be that they may choose to stay in a hotel deep in the Chilean desert that could be a minimum five hour drive from the nearest airport.

Galapagos Island, in Ecuador is another one of the best travel destinations for a Scorpio, as they have some of the best snorkeling in the world (where you may be joined by a penguin or two), and the evening star gazing is a magical experience and not to be missed. Keep your camera at the ready, for capturing the wildlife that call the Galapagos Islands their home, which include exotic birds, sea lions, turtles, iguanas and flamingos that will be a delight to the eyes.

Mumbai, India is also a great place that Scorpio individuals would enjoy visiting, as this exotic location is filled with interesting attractions, and spectacular architecture that will certainly add to your memorable trip.

If you have an appreciation for art, then a visit to the Jehangir Art Gallery is not to be missed, and also the Asiatic Society is filled with many rare artifacts. Also, a drive through Beach Candy (also known as Bhulabhal Desal Road), which is appropriately named, as the attractions along this path will leave you in awe, as will a tour of the majestic Taj Mahal Palace.

Although Scorpios prefer quiet areas, they may make an exception to experience the Banganga Tank, as they may to drawn to the beauty and legends surrounding this pool of water.

Since Scorpios love to travel to unusual places that are off the beaten path, then Mongolia may also be a destination of interest. For anyone who is willing to forsake the luxuries of home, and spend some time on this rugged and “untouched” landscape, perhaps spending the night with a nomadic family will be rewarded with a one of a kind travel experience, that will be talked about for generations.

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