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Best Travel Destinations for Virgo

Best Travel Destinations for Virgo

Virgos are usually prepared and organized travelers and they do like to stick to a schedule, but they can also be flexible while traveling.

One of the best travel destinations for Virgo would be in Mexico to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, as they enjoy a working holiday, and they like to share their experiences with friends and family, and pass on all they have learned during this valuable time.

A culinary vacation that teaches specific cooking techniques would also be an attractive vacation (as would a walking tour in London or a vacation that teaches photographs) for Virgos, as it will cater to their practical nature.

Peru is considered to be a great vacation spot for Virgos. The city of Machu Picchu is a wonderful attraction for tourists, and has been declared as one the new Seven Wonders of the World. Peru is also recommended for exploring the rainforest and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

For adventurous Virgos, enjoy a hike through the Colca Canyon (deeper than the United States Grand Canyon) or try sand boarding in Huacachina.

Berlin offers the inquisitive Virgos a learning experience of a lifetime. Neues Museum (one of many) houses Nefertiti’s’ bust and other historically rich artifacts. Besides the remains of the Berlin Wall, Berlin also offers shopping for designer brands or options to browse second hand shops and independent quaint boutiques.

A trip to the oldest zoo in Germany is an entertaining day for Virgos, and the entire family, as children of all ages can visit more than 14,000 animals, including endangered and rare species.

There is plenty to do in Amsterdam, including a visit to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum or a walk through the Amsterdam Dungeon. The Science Center is a perfect combination of education and entertainment. Besides indoor museums, Amsterdam’s’ streets are full of art displays from sculptures to graffiti. Virgos would also love to visit the home and learn about the tragic history of the diarist Anne Frank.

The Sea Turtle Conservation in Georgia offers young and old the opportunity to help protect these wonderful creatures and their offspring. Primitive cabins are provided for sleeping accommodations, and helpers are also expected to assist with the preparing of meals and house cleaning. This may be too rustic for some individuals, but it is certainly a rewarding experience to anyone who decides to participate.

Many Virgos would enjoy hunting for truffles in Northern Italy, and learn how to cook with them and enjoying the fruits of their labor by dinning on culinary delights.

The Mamma Agata Cooking School located in beautiful Ravello, Italy, is one of the best travel destinations for Virgos. Not only will you learn to cook breads, antipasti and pastas from the chef that prepared meals for Elizabeth Taylor, Humphrey Bogart and Jacqueline Kennedy, but you will pick fresh vegetables and herbs each morning to use in the meal preparation. If lucky you may have a taste of Mama Agata’s homemade liqueur.

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