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The Best Way to De-Stress, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Way to De-Stress, According to Your Zodiac Sign

How to Manage Your Stress

One of the beautiful things about knowing your chart is that you can use it as a tool for healing and growth. Engaging with the qualities of your Sun sign can help you to negotiate your relationships and the cycles of your life in general. You may not have considered it, but one of the best ways to use your personal astrology is for stress-management. All 12 signs manage stress in their own way. Where do you fit in?


ariesGet physical. The very best way for an Aries to deal with stress is to move his or her body. Aries are ruled by Mars, the action planet — kickboxing, running or dancing help relieve tension.


taurusIndulge in sensuality and beauty. Take off your shoes and walk through the grass. Go to the window and take a long sniff of the outdoor air. If you have time, go for a walk in a natural setting; lie by a lake or in a meadow. Smell those flowers — they will melt away your stress.


geminiTake a deep, cleansing breath (Gemini rules the lungs) then write in your journal. Spill it all. Your ruling planet is Mercury, planet of mental endeavors. You must process your feelings, and your stress, through your extremely active mind.


cancerStep away from the crowd. The most healing, de-stressing step you can take is to retire to your preferred sanctuary. The Crab is your symbol, and you cannot really feel calm and centered unless you withdraw into your shell for a little while. Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom stall at work, retreat for a while.


leoPlay and/or perform. You release stress by stopping the relentless assault of being an adult for just one moment. Let go of all that — the responsibilities, the rules, the obligations — and have at least 20 minutes of fun. Another option: put on red lipstick. It really helps.


virgoTurn off your inner critic, just for five minutes. Take a deep breath and meditate, but don’t let yourself get frustrated. If you feel yourself slipping, repeat, these words “I am perfect just as I am.”


libraExperience beauty. You’re ruled by Venus, the planet in charge of art. Even if you have to simply scroll through pages from your favorite museum online, or keep a small art book in your desk — make sure you have some stress-reducing beauty on hand at all times.


scorpioGet off the ledge. Not everything is as much of an emergency as you think it is. You tend to live in a state of constant crisis, so try to remind yourself that it’s not nearly as bad as it seems. Your mantra in times of stress should be, “I am safe.”


sagittariusFind some freedom. In moments of stress, your feeling of confinement can be overwhelming – you just want to escape. Instead of running away, preempt the need to totally break free by briefly walking away from the object of stress, preferably to an outdoor location. Another option: eat an ethnic meal. Experiencing foreign cultures is your medicine.


capricornStop being mean to yourself. In moments of stress, your inner Saturn (your ruling planet) will turn into the ultimate taskmaster — relentlessly attacking you about what you’ve not accomplished yet. You will get there, Capricorn — you always do. Just remember all the times you’ve fallen, and then gotten up.


aquariusWave your freak flag. In moments of stress, you can feel cowed by societys rules and less inclined to let your native non-conformist views out in public. Thats nonsense. Embrace your inner rebel and let it yell! You’ll feel instantly better.


piscesGet a pedicure, a foot massage or go dancing. Your feet are your most sensitive spot, and you can release overwhelming emotions by paying special attention to your piggly wigglies.

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