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A Better Use of Mercury

MercuryThis article has been inspired by Barbara Watter’s early pages of her “Sex and the Outer Planets” book, in which she talks about the Mercurian invasions, particularly as an American lifestyle. The book is an extremely valuable read (it is mostly about sexuality, this Mercury part is a small early segment).

This is my take on the subject, of course her view is much more refined, but I feel like I have some insight to share about this issue.

Our current life is surrounded by Mercurian energies.

We are overwhelmed by INSANE amounts of IMs, text messages, phone calls, un-important news, ads, gossip at work, emails, one pop song after another playing non-stop on our mp3s, TV, and I can go on forever.

Focusing on one thing is becoming more and more difficult, because there are so many distractions everywhere!!! You open youtube to check out a particular video, and the next thing you know it you’re saying (what video!?) as you’re drowning in the recommended videos! You have probably checked your facebook a couple of times already and you’re listening to non stop music WHILE you’re reading this:)

Population increases and more people = more chatter, and more difficulty avoiding them. While a chat and some friendly texting can prevent you from feeling lonely, it can get very annoying, particularly for introverts. Even as a chatty Gemini rising and a super extrovert myself, I do feel violated with all of this 24/7 contact sometimes.

Most of these little pieces of info are rather unneccessary and overwhelming our mind. Over time is builds up in our heads creating an unfocused, restless, and cluttered mind. No wonder many of us can’t sleep well at night, with cluttery nightmares that consist of repeating the same daily tasks and worries over and over again (3rd/6th house and Mercury ruled dreams). This blocks the ability to transcend through dreams; dreams that are truly important and help us see more of ourselves.

Thinking about nothing, meditating and clearing one’s mind seems like a hilariously impossible concept. Ask anyone who’s hanging around you now and you’ll see, I dare you! (or just ask yourself if you could do it). It is no wonder that chatterbox Gemini is followed by hoarding cancer in the zodiac, they are symbolizing this process of receiving information (important and unimportant) and having this residual build up, with gemini providing lots of information, trivia and chatter, while cancer is the perceiver that lets EVERYTHING into its system.

I think that America is one of the biggest influences to this Mercurian lifestyle, as it has considerable Gemini energy and it is one of the strongest countries out there. Facebook and Twitter are All American inventions. Nothing beats American advertising and media. Those American TV shows have made it into millions of homes all over the world. Don’t get me wrong, I actually wish to live in the USA sometime, but I do believe that some of it’s Mercury energy got out of control. Shallow obsession with celebrities and “reality” TV shows, unneccessary chatter, tricky advertising floods are all downsides of that energy. At the same time, Americans are the easiest people to talk to (!) and have fun with.

What to do?

Well, it’s really not that hard. Barbara Watters suggests that we don’t have to expose ourselves to all this massive flood of info. You don’t have to keep up with every album of every band you like. You don’t have to watch all worldwide news, perhaps the headlines will do (or nothing at all if it doesnt matter to you, thats even better LOL). Who needs that american obsession with celebrity lives and gossip? That’s a very negative use of Mercury energy. You will not get anything substantial done if you keep checking your friend’s statuses and watch one youtube video after another.

A better use of Mercury would be trying to really articulate and put your thoughts into words by writing or speaking up, which is a lifetime lesson incase you have a Gemini north node. Mercury is also a great catalyst for music (makes you a fast player) and the arts. With a gemini rising (also virgo and a strong Mercury aspect to the ascendant) you can look much younger than your age and have a real fast metabolism, just be careful of unhealthy snacks!!

Be selective in what you receive and watch, try to focus from time to time, and you should be fine.

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