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What Is Your Biggest Weaknesses According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Biggest Weaknesses According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Struggles Each Sun Sign Face

Did you ever wonder what weaknesses your star-sign has to overcome? Then search no more! Here are the cold, hard facts about each sign and the struggles they have to face under their sign.

Aries  Weaknesses

ariesStarting with Aries the head of the zodiac, we can understand right of the bat how and why an Aries struggles with their negative traits. Arians will constantly struggle with their temper and their mind-set of dominance. By nature they are head of the zodiac with big ram horns, which cause these negative traits to rule an Arian. They are always in competition with themselves, because Arians are so impulsive and quick-witted they face an increasing struggle because their tempers get the better of them. They tend to speak and act before they think – which in turn, causes them a great deal of trouble.

Taurus Weaknesses

taurusSecondly, we have Taurus! For a Taurian life can be a very angry place for them. The green-eyed monster shows its ugly head more than once a day in the case of a Taurian. They can be very possessive, jealous and stubborn individuals. Their biggest struggle is with their own demons that cause them to act out in their romantic relationships, friendships and in their working relationships. They often push people away because of their struggles with their negative traits.

Gemini Weaknesses

geminiGemini’s are known as the twin sign, which are known for their prominent inconsistency and their many personalities. Due to the nature of a Gemini having such versatility they struggle greatly with most aspects of their lives. For a Gem their lives get very boring, very fast. They thrive on constant entertainment in all aspects of their life. The biggest struggle a Gemini encounters is their ability to concentrate on just one thing or even anything at all – it’s virtually impossible for a Gemini.

Cancer Weaknesses

cancerFor a Cancer they are consistently fighting their hard shell and inner crabby-like personality. They are full of emotions and can be quite unstable with them. As the crab sign they have a very hard shell and they struggle to let people inside their shell as they are sensitive individuals, they often retreat when they feel attacked by emotions, people and stress especially if you insult their mother!

Leo Weaknesses

leoNext we have the aggressive Lion of Leo! It doesn’t take a genius to work out a Leo has A LOT of aggression this is probably the single most important trait that a Leo will struggle with. As natural leaders, Leos will always butt heads with anyone who tries to make them follow instead of lead. They will put anyone in their place regardless of who you are because they struggle to accept that other signs to are born leaders such as an Arian. A Leo will also struggle with their own ego, not as much as say a Sagittarian, but a Leo does believe they really are the best.

Virgo Weaknesses

virgoAt the mid-way point we have Virgo! They are at the center of the zodiac. The biggest struggle that a Virgo has is to overcome the boring life they usually lead. This is a result of the perfectionist trait that Virgos have. They are so busy in their lives trying to make everything perfect that they forget to really live their lives and have fun!

Libra Weaknesses

libraStarting of the second half of the zodiac is Libra. For a Libra they struggle so much with their emotions and feelings. Often enough they struggle with their words when trying to express their feelings to a lover. They like to guard just about everything and are very successful in doing so.

Scorpio Weaknesses

scorpioThe eighth sign of the zodiac – Scorpio. Scorpions are normally known as a passionate sign. They have high sex-drives and are full of passion towards their lovers. However, with these traits come their negative ones of jealousy, obsession and a possessive nature. They constantly struggle to find a balance between being jealous in the safe zone to being the green-eyed monster. They can often take their negative traits too far and thus struggling greatly in this area.

Sagittarius Weaknesses

sagittariusSagittarius is a rare sign for struggling as they really only struggle on their ego. Apart from Leo they are really the only sign who suffer from this negative trait. To a Sagittarian they are the most amazing and beautiful individual to walk on planet earth. To say they struggle with this trait is an understatement!

Capricorn Weaknesses

capricornAs we approach the final quarter of the zodiac we have Capricorn! Capricorn is an unlucky sign with their struggles as they lack creativity, which normally comes natural to most people. Capricorn is the only sign in the zodiac who struggle with lack of creativity. As a result of this they lack real direction in their lives and find themselves in a state of confusion because they don’t know in which direction they should be headed.

Aquarius Weaknesses

aquariusSecond to last is Aquarius. Life as an Aquarian can be hard as they struggle to express themselves. They are closed of people that lead quite lonely lives. They struggle to let in their family and friends in all areas of their life, therefore, an Aquarian mainly struggles with overcoming their closed of nature.

Pisces Weaknesses

piscesLastly, at the end of the zodiac is Pisces. Being the last sign in the zodiac is quite fitting for a Piscean as they are by far the laziest sign in the zodiac. A combination of this and their over-sensitivity is what causes struggles for them on a daily basis. Simple tasks such as cleaning the house can become overbearing for a Piscean and they often run away from their daily chores. They are in constant battle with their emotions and feelings in order to stop themselves being too sensitive causing them to struggle a great deal.

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