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Aries Through The Houses

The House where Aries falls in your personal astrology chart can give you deeper insights to where you are inspired to take action or be active in your life.

It also brings Light to the area of your life where you easily and assertively take initiative in your life.

The higher frequency expresses leadership for the higher good for all concerned and creates new beginnings with divine inspiration. Where Aries expresses in your natal chart shows where you are a warrior and a natural leader with a fresh and original way of expressing yourself. When you direct your warrior spirit in service to the evolution of humanity, you will originate new directions and creations that empower divine good. You will be an inspiration to others, who may naturally want to follow and/or support your lead. It is important to express from innocence — be childlike and spontaneous.

On a darker note, it can also reveal the area(s) of your life and/or the ways in which you tend to express your anger and frustration, as Aries can be aggressive and combative at times. The less evolved vibrational resonance is self-centered, demanding, controlling, impatient, impulsive and rash.

Affirmation: “I am a spiritual warrior. I initiate actions that serve the highest good for all concerned”.

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