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Ascendant Aspects


Venus: usually very charming and attractive.

Mars: May be anywhere from feisty to truly obnoxious. – Richard Idemon tells the story of a tiny little old lady he read for who was a Pisces and just as sweet as could be. One day someone tried to mug her in Central Park and she beat him over the head with her umbrella and tried to sit on him while she called for the police. She had Mars in aspect to her Ascendant.

Jupiter: a great person or a great big person.

Saturn: authority figure; also you may get positions of authority just because you “look the part” (big, tall, white hair : think Nicholaisha of the Romanovs or Charleton Heston before he went off the deep end).

Uranus: may enjoy shocking people, may look a bit strange, like they are from another planet (Peter Lorre) or may enjoy looking like they are from another planet such as teenagers with purple hair and nose rings who look so disappointed when you don’t react to them; can also be an indication of nervous disorders such as MS, other things being equal, or paralysis, viruses, etc.. It is very difficult to have Uranus on the Ascendant. I mean people find it very difficult to warm up to you because it’s like you take their finger and stick it in an electrical socket.

Neptune: may be all things to all people, ephemeral (but remember the Ascendant is just upon first meeting), anima type women, or no identity at all (Marilyn Monroe was a classic example).

Pluto: although you may not talk much, you sure can’t slip quietly into a room. You are noticed! Also if someone is hiding something they will become paranoid about you because they think you can see right through them. As with Scorpio Rising, there is the tendency for others to project their dirty little business onto you .

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