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Balance of Elements

As human beings we all exude a certain amount of energy, which in the birth chart is symbolized by four elements: earth, air, water and fire.

Two of these elements, fire and air, and representative of the Chinese principle of Yang and usually are more dynamic, active, self-expresive, and can always be seen in social interaction, verbal expression, and physical activity.

The other two, water and earth, represent the Chinese principle of Yin and show the passive, receptive qualities of life, often unconsciously and instinctively. These types of people live more within themselves and don’t show much action without thinking about it first, and without using a lot of caution and intensity.

Everyone has a certain amount of energy or life flow, which when manifested in an astrological birth chart can be seen as predominantly one of four elements: air, fire, earth or water. The ancient Greeks believed these four ingredients made up all of matter, and many other cultures and mythologies have also developed a reality based upon this belief. Though nowadays we tend to shy away from such simplicities and instead marvel in our scientific and technological miracles, you will undoubtedly find that one of these qualities make up your personality, your way of being, and your most natural expression in the world.

Some people actually show a lack of an element, in which case there is a side to their personality which is undeveloped, or something which they are not consciously in contact with and which needs to be cultivated in order to achieve a fully developed and well-rounded life.

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