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Cancer Through The Houses

Cancer and YOU:

Where Cancer falls in your personal astrology chart can give you deeper insights into where your emotional identity finds its origin. It may help you distinguish the areas of your life in which your emotional identity were formed in your early childhood and throughout our formative years.

It also indicates where your mother or other strong feminine influence(s) in your life made the strongest impression upon you at an earlier age.

Cancer’s placement in your chart brings Light to the area(s) of your life in which those early feminine influences (or the absence of them) affect your emotional identity, beliefs and behaviors now as an adult, and where you feel the most powerful need to experience emotional warmth, nurturing, and protection in your life.

The area where this sign is in your Natal Chart also shows where you are very sensitive, changeable, and nurturing. The higher frequency creates a sense of family with others through nurturing a heart connection – for indeed they are a part of your human family. Divine Mother emulates the higher resonance of Cancer energies.

Affirmation: “I nurture the Divine in all beings and embrace all people as members of my human family”.

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