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Capricorn Through The Houses

Capricorn Through The Houses

Capricorn and YOU:

Where Capricorn falls in your personal astrology chart can give you deeper insights into how you approach the pursuit and achievement of goals, ambitions, and tangible results. It gives insights into which specific areas of your life those goals and ambitions tend to be associated with. Capricorn’s placement may also reveal the area(s) of your life in which you want to experience a sense of fulfillment and/or be an authority figure -by experience and achievement.

Capricorn is the “father” energy of the Zodiac, and it is very intentional and goal-driven. For those reasons, Capricorn has quite a reputation for being a focused disciplinarian. As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn has an inherent initiative energy style – it takes the initiative in order to get things done – it strives to get practical and/or results and move things forward to completion.

Like the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, and Libra), Capricorn does have an initiative energy and will fight for what it wants (if necessary). But unlike its cardinal counterparts, it takes initiative to stake its public reputation and image. Capricorn strives to define and make its place tangibly known in humanity – in a profession, in society, and in the world.

The area of your Natal Chart where this sign is shows were you tend to be focused, serious, cautious, pragmatic, grounded, organized and authoritative. The higher frequency expresses when you use your experiences, organizational talent and practicality to serve Divine good with integrity.

Affirmation: “I create structures that serve the Higher Good. I focus on and express Divine Wisdom with practicality, integrity and perseverance.”

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