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Ceres in the Signs

Ceres in the Signs

In astrology, asteroid Ceres defines how you nurture and how you receive nurturance. This is your own connection to the Earth-Mother consciousness and explains the personal nuances of your ability to embrace self love and also how you receive love and nourishment from those in your life. It can also help you understand where you reject parts and facets of self and teach you how to accept your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

Ceres in Aries:

If Ceres is in Aries, you are the Warrior-Earth-Goddess. You are unlikely to simply ‘accept’ being taken care of by anyone in your life and need to feel that you have won the right to it. Your way to give nurturance is in your drive to fight for them, to do war for their rights, their needs and their desires. You are a goddess who is not afraid to be out with the troops on the frontlines if you have a cause and conviction behind you. You are likely to take losses and defeats on personally and deprive yourself of inner peace as a result. You are someone that others call on when they really need help and heavy support.

Ceres in Taurus

If Ceres is in Taurus, you are the Mother-Earth-Goddess in her full power. You nurture by protecting and keeping safe and building strong supportive shelters around the people and things you love. You are nature minded and in tune with the world of life that exists around you in all forms. You experience self love attached to how strongly and securely you’ve built your world and also what you have brought into your life in the way of people and objects. You grow when supported by loyalty, sensuality and love.

Ceres in Gemini:

If Ceres is in Gemini, you are the Butterfly-Earth Mother and nurture thoughts, minds and our ability to communicate with one other. The joy and smiles you give to those in your life are your form of nourishment and care. You are a stimulating breeze which plants new seeds that become new life. You thrive when your imagination is stimulated and your ideas are encouraged and promoted. You need to be constantly learning, exploring and investigating the world and her treasures. You are the goddess people come to when their spirits need uplifting and their souls need laughter.

Ceres in Cancer

If Ceres is in Cancer, you are the Lunar-Earth-Mother. You support and nurture with your love, compassion and protectiveness. You care about people and things as if each were one of your children. You boost egos and grow souls. You are supported by traditions, loyalty and consistency. You take on the wounds and scars of those you love and heal them. You are in tune with the emotional currents of life and understand by experiencing things through your heart and feelings. Your caring and love is genuine…and eternal.

Ceres in Leo

If Ceres is in Leo, you are the Sun-Earth-Goddess and it is your light and your joy for life that inspires others and nurtures them to believe in themselves and their potentials. You hold and build healthy egos, dreams and inner faith. You lead others forward and teach them how to stand in their own radiant beauty. You adore being taken care of and appreciated. You receive nurturance with grace and ease and radiate your joy back to those who give to you. You teach others leadership and self guidance and help them embrace their own abilities to create their lives.

Ceres in Virgo:

If Ceres is in Virgo, you are the Healer-Earth Goddess. You reach out and care and nurture the wounded and the hurt. You protect and make whole, you inspect and strengthen those you love and care about. You shelter the things most of us overlook and ignore in our rush through life. Your power is focused towards the health and well being of people, things, animals and nature. You possess self sacrifice and humility. You bring a purity of focused attention to areas that draw and attract you. You need to feel useful, helpful and giving.

Ceres in Libra:

If Ceres is in Libra, you are the Peace-Earth-Goddess who nurtures by bringing harmony and peace into the lives of those you love. You embrace and portray fairness, equality and bring beauty and gentleness into your world. You are soothed and nourished by beauty, by serenity, by feeling balanced and even. You can reject and ignore any feelings of inner conflict and your own need for self assertion as it brings the potential of creating disharmony and imbalance into your environment.

Ceres in Scorpio:

If Ceres is in Scorpio, you are the Priestess-Earth Goddess. You nurture with your protectiveness, your loyalties and your passion. You seek out the darkest piece of any situation and take it into the light. You are adept at self nourishing and replenishing and seldom let anyone else take over the job. You become the bridge which allows others to cross over their fears to reach their healing and renewal. You protect the shadows and the harmless creatures it holds.You embrace sexuality and sensuality as part of the gifts of this world and bring that awareness into the lives of those you love.

Ceres in Sagittarius:

If Ceres is in Sagittarius, you are the Philosophical/Joyful Earth Goddess. You nurture the dreams, the horizons and the beliefs of the people that you love. You harbor and embrace what the world has to offer and explore it for those around you. You give self love when you take yourself into mind adventures and journeys and allow your intellect and your imagination to discover what life has planted on the horizon. You protect and nourish the future, spiritualities and joy.

Ceres in Capricorn:

If Ceres is in Capricorn, you nurture and protect aspirations, material needs, prosperity consciousness and the application of discipline and a sense of responsibility. You help those in your world tackle their own issues by teaching them to pull in their resources, their will power and their faith. You are nurtured by those who can support your goals and your visions and who are unafraid to commit and follow through with their emotional and physical investments. You can be one of the most self denying Ceres placements and can often rebuff or reject offers of help or support.

Ceres in Aquarius:

If Ceres is in Aquarius, you are the Earth Goddess of the Future: You nurture personal freedom, independence of thought and the pursuit of liberal dreams in those you care about. You’re love is altruistic and concerned more with the whole rather than the individual pieces. You comfort through your friendship and your ability to set souls free from their needless repressions and restraints. You are nourished by those who allow you your freedom but remain as allies, by those who provide you with intellectual stimulation and ideals. You are comforted and nurtured by valuable friendships and camaraderie.

Ceres in Pisces:

If Ceres is in Pisces, you are the Earth Goddess of Enchantment. You support and nurture by giving the people around you permission to embrace their dreams, by loving unconditionally and by bringing new visions and new thoughts gently into the world. You encourage artistic talents an creativity. You support and harbor eternal and universal love and sacrifice. You receive nourishment by those who can help you gently believe in your own thoughts, beliefs and dreams. You are healed by romance and enchantment, by reveries and hope.

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