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Chiron In The Houses

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Chiron is called “the wounded healer”. Chiron is an asteroid, which was discovered in 1977 between Saturn and Uranus. However, the amount of time it spends in a sign is erratic. There is no set time for how long Chiron stays in a sign, like Pluto. However Chiron comes to full circle every 50 years or so.

Chiron symbolIn Greek mythology, Chiron was was a centaur (half man/half horse) who was abandoned by his mother at birth. He was also painfully wounded due to a poisoned arrow that was accidentally shot towards his direction. However, he was determined to heal and to get back onto his feet even though all odds were against him to live. He found a way to rise above his own pain and sure enough he did. Then he went onto teach others about how he got through his suffering and how he healed.

Where Chiron is in our charts, it is an indicator of where we are suffering the most, but have the opportunity to rise above it AND to teach others to rise above their pain too. In past life astrology, Chiron definitely shows how it plays an important role.

In past life astrology, much of your current life suffering is indicated by Chiron’s placement in your chart.

Whenever a past life astrology reading is done, Chiron’s placement in one’s chart is a keen indicator on the area of your life which requires the most healing due to issues related to where Chiron is was from events that happened in multiple past lives- to the point of you being faced with the pain so much- that you not only rise above it but help others overcome their pain by teaching them what you have learned. The only way that happens is if you have before your current incarnation agreed to experience pain that will trigger painful past life memories in order to deal with it.

Chiron in the Houses

sun-iconChiron in the 1st House

When you have Chiron in Aries/1st House, you are on a powerful journey to discover who you really are. You will be faced with many restrictions in your childhood, either through parents forcing you to go towards a direction that your soul is not meant to (not that it happened to me, but in cases like this, that will create a lot of trauma), or being told over and over again that you are not worth it or good enough (that definitely happened to me).

In past life astrology, Chiron in the 1st House indicates that you have had many past lives where you never had a life that had real direction- and you never were able to get to know who you were. You may have never fallen into a path that you wanted to, and only lived for the sake of others. This may have been due to having past lives during heavy political periods where you were not able to use your own mind and will. You may have been controlled by others as well in general. But not in this life. Today this is something that you must master. And you will, and it will show by you teaching others about what you have learned about yourself- and to help them go along a journey to self discovery.


sun-iconChiron in the 2nd House1st house

If Chiron is in the Second House in your chart, you will have a rough time feeling secure within yourself if you do not have financial wealth or comfortable possessions. Addiction to food especially will apply to this placement. You may have been overindulged as a child without true affection from your parents. And then suddenly during a critical transit, you ended up going through financial crisis or something to cause you to lose your belongings which would be traumatizing.

Chiron is in the 2nd House to teach to find your self worth in other ways than finances or anything material. In past life astrology, you may have lived many lives that revolved around material wealth, as well as lack of it. In one life you may have been financially wealthy and that is ALL you got out of that life.

In another life, you may have been poverty stricken and again that is ALL you knew about that life that you had to work extra hard for very little. In this life, the cycle is meant to be broken. And once you heal from this, you will be there to help others realize that their self worth comes from within, and not from how much you have in your bank account.

sun-iconChiron in the 3rd House3rd house

If Chiron is in the Third House in your chart, Chiron is in the placement of communication. You likely grew up in an environment where you were either condemned, criticized or made fun of whenever you expressed yourself. Perhaps you had a speech disorder or a learning disability and were called “stupid” by your classmates, or even family. Well if you have Chiron the 3rd House, you are meant to talk!! And you are meant to blow people’s minds away with how well you talk!

You will likely even find healing in writing. How about writing to inspire those who have had speech disorders, or their kids that talking is possible. In past life astrology, you may have lived many lives where you did not speak up when necessary, as well as speaking to the point that you drowned out what others had to say.

sun-iconChiron in the 4th House4th house

If Chiron is in the Fourth House in your natal chart, Growing up, you felt insecure around your family and you definitely were believed to be “the black sheep”. The odd one out. You also believed that your needs were never meant to be acknowledged.

You believe that your soul purpose is to be there to take care of everyone else, while living your own life is just a waste. Well the way you can heal from this is to learn to put your needs first, and to shine with your differences- as well as teaching others to do the same who feel like you. In past life astrology, you lived many lives playing the role of a martyr. The cycle needs to end.

sun-iconChiron in the 5th House5th house

If Chiron is in the Fifth House in your natal chart, you likely had grown up in an environment where you were terribly restricted and anything you had created for fun was not allowed. In this life, you need to recognize that it is okay to be creative and experience joy, and the challenge is to find activities that are truly enjoyable to you.

You will learn to find a way to let your creativity shine, and get to a point to help others in your situation allow their creativity to shine as well. In past life astrology, you likely lived lives where you either worked 24/7 and never experienced fun, as well as had too much fun and never took work seriously.

sun-iconChiron in the 6th House6th house

If Chiron is in the Sixth House in your chart, you will be painfully obsessed with anything related to health and hygiene. Perhaps you had many illnesses and accidents as a child, and understandably you have a fear of poor health.

You will be motivated to look for ways to remain healthy, whether it is through natural remedies or medical. You may even get into the medical field or go into natural medicine to help others stay in good health.

In past life astrology, if Chiron is in the Sixth House, it is an indicator that you had lived many lives dealing with sickness and dirty environments. Quite common for reincarnated Holocaust victims to have Chiron in Virgo or the 6th house for obvious reasons.

sun-iconChiron in the 7th House7th house

If Chiron is in the Seventh House in your natal chart, you may have either grown up in a broken home, or watching one of your parents having affairs. Forming relationships is a challenge for you as well (from what you have learned at home while growing up). You may even have an issue with being too dependent on your partner, or marry early for the sake of it and that inevitably ends up in a mess.

The challenge is to not base your self worth on whether or not you are married or in a relationship. You will learn it, and may even go into relationship counseling once you do, to help others who are in a similar situation.

In past life astrology, Chiron the 7th House represents prior lives where you had been either separated from your lover due to tragic circumstances, or you may have had affairs, or your lover did. The list can go on as far as possibilities as to why past life relationships went sour. This time you can learn to maintain a successful relationship, while finding who you are, and helping others achieve the same.

sun-iconChiron in the 8th House8th house

Chiron in the Eighth House in your birth chart, this placement can mean several things. You may have experienced devastating loss of a loved one at a young age that it traumatized you. You could have also been sexually assaulted which created a fear of anything sexual later on. You could have faced anything that could have messed you up psychologically to the point where you are after what you want, without being ethical about getting it.

Perhaps you are dealing with it all with this placement, as Scorpio is the most intense sign. But at some point you are faced to deal with early childhood trauma by delving into your psychic side (or finding a therapist.. or anyone with great intuition to help you cope with your intense past), and once you get a handle on your demons, you can help others in mysterious ways, such as through your own psychic abilities.

As far as past life astrology goes, Chiron in the Eighth House can be an indication that you had many past lives that dealt with a lot of death and even sexual issues. Perhaps you had a life where a loved one was murdered to the point that you could not grieve properly and went insane. You may have lived another life where you murdered someone. Maybe you were also sexually assaulted, and raped in another life.

sun-iconChiron in the 9th House9th house

If Chiron is in the Ninth House in your birth chart, you may have grown up in an environment where you were restricted or even abused due to your parents’ religious beliefs. You were never allowed to express any different views politically, as well as spiritually or else you could have been severely punished. It is quite easy to see what needs to be done to heal. You will get to a point where you will have no choice but to rely on your own spiritual/and or political views.

Perhaps one way to heal is to get involved in a spiritual community of your own liking, that would be the opposite of what your family believed in. You will find much healing and peace this way, and encourage others in your own way to do the same.

When it comes to past life astrology, Chiron in the Ninth House can be a keen indicator that you have had many past lives where you were never allowed to practice your own religious traditions due to fear of persecution (like in Nazi occupied countries when it came to Jews). You may have lived other lives where you could have tormented others for not following your religious and/or political beliefs. Whatever it may have been, this is the incarnation when the cycle must end.

sun-iconChiron in the 10th House10th house

If Chiron is in the Tenth House in your chart, you likely were rejected a lot when you were growing up. You wanted to play with a group of kids and they rejected you because “you were not good enough”. You also may have had trouble in school, and may have even been told by teachers that you would never make it in life. This fed your obsession to be a leader in something, or building your career to the point of forgetting everything else.

The lesson is to only strive to build yourself up for non-ego reasons. This is a difficult one, because when you have been beaten down and rejected a lot during your childhood, you will have a tough time accepting yourself for who you are. But that is why Chiron’s placement in the Tenth House- so you do accept yourself for who you are, even if you are not meant to be a leader or the career type.

In past life astrology, Chiron’s placement in the 10th house indicates that you may have either abused authority in different lifetimes believing you were “better” than others, you may have only been focused on building your career up and forgetting about your families, and in other lives you may have been exceptionally lazy and could have lived up to your potential but never chose to. Be the best you can be, but not for the sake of “looking good”. And you never know, if you master this lesson well and heal, you could become an exceptional coach AND a leader for the right reasons.

sun-iconChiron in the 11th House11th house

If Chiron is in the Eleventh House in your chart, you also faced a lot of rejection in your childhood from peers and groups of people because of being “different”. And being “different” made you also believe you were not worthy of any hopes and dreams you have. There is a risk of you becoming a loner and not trusting anyone, due to the belief that they will never accept you- even though that is likely far from the truth.

You need to find it within you to believe you are meant to achieve your hopes and dreams AND to join a group of people who share the same interests as you.

In past life astrology, Chiron in the 11th house indicates you have lived many past lives where you may have been a bully, or never accepted anyone who was not part of your clique, or may have been the odd one out in a community, or known as the village idiot. The issue here has to do with groups and peers. And once you heal from this, you may even run your OWN organization having to do with something that interests you- and will be comfortable with those who are part of YOUR group.

sun-iconChiron in the 12th House12th-house-icon

If Chiron is in the Twelfth House in your birth chart, this is a tricky one to have. All your life you may have been physically and emotionally affected by others due to your very strong empathetic abilities. You may be dealing with mental illness as well.

You are highly psychic and will have a hard time accepting this part of you. But once you can accept it and trust your abilities, and be comfortable with it, you will be helping others with your mystical abilities.

In past life astrology, you had lived many lives either ignoring your intuition when you should have tapped into it, or may have abused your psychic abilities that you once had acknowledged on others. But in this life, you are meant to tap into it for the good!

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