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Gemini Through The Houses

Gemini and YOU:

Where Gemini falls in your personal astrology chart can give you deeper insights into how you go about attaining information and knowledge about yourself and the world around you.

It also brings Light to the area of your life which is affected by the acquisition of knowledge – the area from which your choices, ideas, communications and creative energies come forth as result of your learning and gaining information.

The area of your Natal Chart where this sign is shows where you tend to be mentally active and expressive. The higher resonance frequency involves focusing on the positive perspectives and possibilities of all experiences and teaching others how to serve a higher good. You are a teacher, and you can bridge people with important, helpful information.

When you train your mind to understand and share the highest truth, you will accelerate your spiritual evolution and support that of others who receive this information.

Affirmation: “I am a positive thinker. I study and teach knowledge that serves Divine Love and Truth.”

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