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Intercepted Houses

Houses and Interceptions

Houses containing intercepted signs will have predictable problems, with the manner of this problem described by the sign on the cusp and the intercepted sign pair.

House 1 and House 7 intercepted

  • Difficulty in first impressions and partnerships.

House 2 and House 8 intercepted

  • attitude towards money, possessions, personal values, and, more importantly, your sense of self-worth needs to be worked on
  • difficulty with values of others, inheritance, taxes or insurance

House 3 and House 9 intercepted

  • Difficulty in things ruled by House 3 communications, transportation and things nearby. Early education, siblings.
  • House 9 – religion, voyages, foreign things, higher education and learned people.

House 4 and House 10 intercepted

  • Problems dealing with parents, with authority of all kinds. Real estate.

House 5 and House 11 intercepted

  • Blocks in creativity. Difficulty with children. Hard to let lose and have fun.
  • House 11 is house of hopes and wishes. Colleagues and friends.

House 6 and House 12 intercepted

  • Problems when you are in charge of others, health or issues with pets.
  • Difficulties with self-sabotage, secret enemies or institutions.

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