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Juno in the Signs

Juno in the Signs

Juno defines where you seek commitment, harmony and balance. It helps understand where you balance the need for commitment and intimacy with personal freedom and can help you identify the kind of marriage partner you attract or how you perceive their qualities. In many ways it explains your own behavior within committed relationships and the path you walk to bring physical expression towards spiritual understanding within the union.

Juno in Aries:

If Juno is in Aries, you need to express your strength and your independence within a commitment and you are likely to experience a form of competition with mates and partners. You see your partners as viable opponents, comrades and fellow pioneers and need to feel their enthusiasm for your quests and adventures. You tend to be the dominant one within relationships and work on expressing your creative power and imagination through role playing and the balance of harmony. You work through your intimate expressions with a dedication to surmounting new plateaus of understanding, physical experience and vibrancy. You often grapple with the concepts of commitment-independence wanting one and then the other until you are comfortable both in purusing your own needs and experiences and allowing your partner to venture their own path.

Juno in Taurus:

If Juno is in Taurus, your ideal of commitment is steady, dedicated, grounded and loyal. You want a solid and harmonious union that can stand the test of time. You are not particularly adventuress as a partner but enjoy sensual pleasures that are created by true bonds and shared goals. You see your partners as supplying the strength and the support to your life. You are dedicated and faithful when you invest your heart and expect the same of your lover. You can be possessive and controlling and/or attract those qualities in a mate. The thought of independence can often scare you as it applies to both commitment and freedom and is an area that you will tend to focus on as you share your life with a partner.You hold a very solid and unmovable ideals around commitments and are willing to stand for them.

Juno in Gemini:

If Juno is in Gemini, your ideal commitment is versatile, active and involves a heavy exchange of ideals, thoughts and camaraderie. You are likely to use a platform of friendship to cement bonds and see your partner as an independent spirit capable of pursuing their own needs and ideas likewise you have a need to be able to follow your thoughts and dreams and pursue them through various activities and friendships. You can suddenly grow nervous and high strung when aspects of partnerships seem unclear or lose their ‘fit’. Communication on both sides is an important component to work at and allows misunderstandings to be cleared before they can cause trouble.

Juno in Cancer:

If Juno is in Cancer, your ideal partnership is one of safety, traditions and nurturing. You like to care for and be cared for. You tend to attach emotionally and/or attract the same from partners. You commit with body, heart and soul to unions and very much take on the wounds and needs of your partner often to their dismay. You can need a lot of attention and are prone to feeling invalid or unfulfilled if you are not supplying your own emotional needs and independence. Personal independence (either your own or your partners) can leave you feeling insecure and is an area that needs to be fortified. Your love is unending and protective and usually eternal.

Juno in Leo:

If Juno is in Leo, you need an emotional, dramatic and fulfilling partner who can express himself with style and genuine feeling. You create a regal setting for commitments and are generous, generally devoted and loving. You enjoy feeling special and being treated with care and dignity and return the efforts without second thought. Your attachment to a partnership is secure as long as you feel appreciated and not taken for granted. You like being seen and letting others know your commitments and your partners. You see your mate as the ‘king’….strong and protective with high ideals and vision. If he falls short you can feel abandoned or disillusioned. You seldom turn back once you have made an emotional decision regarding a partnership.

Juno in Virgo:

If Juno is in Virgo, you need a commitment that is structured, steady and supportive. You expect a mate to help you heal both personal wounds and their own wounds through the interactions and through the union itself. You have high ideals of virtue and loyalty and hold them for yourself as well as for your partner. You need to feel appreciated in your efforts to keep the bond vibrant and you are not afraid to invest the work that makes a commitment long lasting and viable. You are supportive and expect to be supportive. You balance intimacy with freedom by focusing on your job, work or career goals and do not tolerate being pulled from your sense of duty and obligation. You expect your partner to hold his own responsibilities up first and foremost.

Juno in Libra:

If Juno is in Libra, your ideal partnership is refined, romantic and physically and verbally expressive. You need a mate who is balanced, artistic and even tempered. You tend to see your partner as being the centering factor of your world and learn to balance your own needs, desires and thoughts with your love of outer harmony and peace. You learn to honor your strong spirit without repressing your style while embracing and enjoying the differences you share and the spark of life that creates both friction and ease between you and your partner. You want and will seek out a certain equality within your relationships and you cannot tolerate injustice or unfairness. Your mate will also tend to be poetic and noble, with intelligence and gentleness.

Juno in Scorpio:

If Juno is in Scorpio, you require a mate who is passionate, loyal, attentive and strong. Your greatest work is done in the area of independence and possessiveness learning that personal freedom does not weaken the bond nor the level of trust that grows through time and faith. Your long terms partners will tend to be both penetrating and controlling, sensual and magnetic and will usually be quiet and secretive rather than overtly mysterious or powerful. Partners can tend to be demanding and high maintenance and loyalty and trustworthiness are ongoing issues and growing fields. Sexuality is an important playing field for relationship growth and understanding and must never be used as a tool of battle but rather as a committed way to explore the unions of hearts and bodies.

Juno in Sagittarius:

If Juno is in Sagittarius, your mate will tend to be liberal and outspoken, philosophical and competitive. You see your relationships as joyful Mecca’s to explore the delights of the world and both demand and give personal freedom and independence. You balance a need to experience life on your own terms with sharing your ideals and visions with your life partner. Spiritual horizons are areas to explore together and provide a sense of competition and shared camaraderie that can strengthen your commitment to one another. Your mate is likely to have an avid interest in sports, competitions, law, philosophy, spirituality or the outdoors. This is shared ground that can help you build towards the future and keeps the relationship lively and renewed.

Juno in Capricorn:

If Juno is in Capricorn, your ideal partner will be somewhat conservative, with an ability to uphold responsibilities and obligations. You have strong beliefs and principals attached to unions and committed relationships and will believe in loyalty, trust and security. Your partner may be somewhat reserved and find it hard to express emotions or you may play that role yourself in your partnerships. You tend to wait before committing but generally have long lasting unions that grow stronger as time passes. You are likely to experience ‘young love’ later in life and may marry relatively late. You have an earthy and grounded sexuality that is exciting and captivating to your mate.

Juno in Aquarius:

If Juno is in Aquarius, your mate will tend to be freedom oriented, progressive, friendly rather than passionate, insecure in personal and romantic expressions and concerned with ideals and progress. Likewise you tend to react with spontaneity and impulsiveness within your committed relationships and are distressed at the thought of losing personal independence and freedom. You need a friend, a comrade and someone who can at least understand your need for constant new ideas, mental challenges and altruistic goals. Equality is an important word to you and is an area that will capture your focus and your attention as you learn to adjust to working together towards shared causes. Your relationships will tend to be trend setters and unique in some obvious way setting them apart from the traditional forms of commitments.

Juno in Pisces:

If Juno is in Pisces, your partners will tend to be imaginative and poetic dreamers. They are feeling and emotional beings who are likely to have difficulties adjusting to what feel like the harsh realities of the world. In the same manner you can be emotional and attached to your partners and use your commitments as safe haven that shelters you from the environment. You need to balance your ability to love unconditionally with self love and self faith. Commitments are spiritual fields that allow you to tap into both your inner resources of visions, feelings and intuitions. You seek security and inner peace through your intimate interactions.

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