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Jupiter In The Houses

Jupiter In The Houses

Rules – Sagittarius/Pisces
Detriment – Gemini
Exaltation – Cancer
Fall – Capricorn
Represents – benevolent, protective
Keyword – expansion

The planet Jupiter‘s position in the zodiac shows how you express your need to grow. It shows your interests in the higher values of life and how you share those interests with others. Jupiter rules wealth, leisure time, big business, the higher mind, optimism, higher, growth, morality, prosperity and indulgence. Also higher education, philosophic reasoning, aspirations, sports, luck, long distance travel hunting and fondness for animals. Jupiter is the judge, lawmaker, helper. In earlier times was know as the Greater benefic. It’s actions is orderly, promotes health and growth. The Jupiter in the house shows where you often have good fortune and like to spend your leisure time.

Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter in the 1st House
Jupiter in the 2nd House
Jupiter in the 3rd House
Jupiter in the 4th House
Jupiter in the 5th House
Jupiter in the 6th House
Jupiter in the 7th House
Jupiter in the 8th House
Jupiter in the 9th House
Jupiter in the 10th House
Jupiter in the 11th House
Jupiter in the 12th House

The following 12 houses in Jupiter are chronologically laid out for you to gain a better understanding of how you can benefit from life by fundamentally bettering yourself chiefly.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 1st HOUSE1st house

If Jupiter is in the First House in your chart, you are vivacious, optimistic, generous. You usually do everything in a big way, particularly if your Jupiter is in Leo. An inclination for travel and adventure are usually apparent with this placement, but the way this is expressed depends on the nature of the sign. A Jupiter in Scorpio, for example, might travel into the hidden nature of reality. This placement is fortunate and you don’t have to work very hard for its benefits.

This individual that is born in the 1st house of Jupiter represents strength, leadership, and a clear morality. These people are suggested to make their own luck, as they have a lot of say of what happens in their lives. When they take action, they have control over it, usually. This generates a powerful individual capable of nearly anything with the precise, affirmative mindset.

With Jupiter in the first house you enjoy delving into the questions of philosophy. You approach life with optimism anticipating what will happen. This can inspire people who see you as a bearer of hope. Keeping up on the latest trends is important to you. Financial success comes from your feel for development.

If Jupiter has challenging aspects, you can become dogmatic and therefore unable to appreciate the pleasant side of life. You try to force your convictions on others and your intolerance causes you to look down on other belief systems. Do not let your arrogance drive you into isolation and learn to accept the human shortcomings in others.

In general, you should not have any problems getting along with your friends because you seem to generate something which is best described by the word benevolence. You see life as an adventure or as a long journey. Actually, you can spend more time on foreign continents than at home. If you manage to avoid the risk of overestimating yourself, you could be lucky and look back on a very fulfilling life.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 2nd HOUSE2nd house

If Jupiter is in the Second House in your chart, this placement increases the opportunities for great wealth. Supported by other aspects in the chart, in can indicate the Midas touch; prosperity is drawn to you. On the downside, there may be an inclination to spend beyond your means. Since Jupiter’s expansiveness works both ways, overspending may result in huge debt.

A person born in the 2nd house of Jupiter symbolizes essentially productive and useful individuals. At work, you will always be needed and appreciated. You also desire lavish lifestyles that are convenient for you to live in. Having your self-confidence on a high will propel you into success and guarantee all of life’s greatest gifts.

Probably you have fun acquiring and keeping things, this may make your house seem like it is about to burst its seams. Your drive and energy steadily contributes to your wealth, which makes you happy because your sense of security is very important and is dependent on cash flow. Still, you usually manage to use your resources for sensible things and also share with others.

You should take care not to turn into a materialist thinker, except in numbers. Maybe you will believe in a connection between religious belief and economic success like the Calvinists, such that the level of your bank account measures how you please God. You like to make your own rules and should avoid letting that harm other people.

In finances, you should actually possess a substantial nest egg and probably simply luck out regularly. You could also suffer from compulsive wastefulness and throw everything you have earned out the window. You can almost always rely on your ability, even in such situations, to come up with an appropriate idea.

Professionally, you could work in the travel industry, in law or in commerce.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 3rd HOUSE3rd house

If Jupiter is in the Third House in your natal chart, you are a mental sponge, soaking up knowledge from a wide variety of sources to feed your broad intellectual interests. You travel frequently, visiting museums and other cultural niches that expand your knowledge. Your relationships with siblings, relatives, and neighbors are apt to be close unless Jupiter is afflicted.

These individuals strive for communicating with others. This enhances an overall understanding of life for you. The Jupiter in the 3rd house enjoys gathering tidbits of information and applying it endlessly to anything your mind finds plausible for research. In addition, you are a master of planning for events.

You want to expand your horizons through constant exchanges with a lot of different people. You are always up for a conversation and find it easy to meet people and listen to other opinions. You appreciate the diversity of opinions and let yourself be convinced by good arguments. You recount your experiences without embellishments. The views presented to you in conversations often inspire you to begin new projects. You love both the spoken and the written word and most likely have a well-stocked library. Intellectual progress is important to you, whereby you appreciate the developments in the media that have brought the world closer together and enable constant, unlimited access to information. You probably have a large circle of friends and keep in touch with your brothers and sisters.

You may be talkative and have a weakness for gossip. You may approach every topic superficially because your various activities wear you out and you want to avoid taking a stand whenever possible.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 1st HOUSE4th house

If Jupiter is in the Fourth House in your chart, this is about as good as it gets for a secure childhood and a good relationship with your parents. The domestic situation is generally peaceful and joyful, with a focus on pursuits unique to Jupiter .. spiritual or religious ideals, foreign travel. The latter part of life is probably as secure as the first part.

People born into Jupiter 4th house represents a need to live within a secure-based lifestyle. Finance and ownership of land and property appeal to you and through these events you will gain contentment and security. Ultimately, you will become a professional person, suit and tie kind of girl or guy. This specific lifestyle gets you noticed and creates a powerful version of you.

You will decorate your home stylishly and extravagantly. You would be capable of turning a hut into a small palace. A tasteful environment is important to you, but you should be wary of an inclination to overdo it.

You brought your values along from childhood when your family shaped your intellectual development. Your childhood provided you with a positive outlook on life. You were impressed by your mother and probably still follow her example. She may have first brought you into contact with a foreign culture. Hopefully, your childhood home was not too restricting. If you were not given enough freedom to think and live the way you wanted to, your fear of restrictions may cause you to hesitate to start a family.

Friends are attracted to your house and you are known for your hospitality. You like hosting parties and even let people stay overnight on occasion. This is why you value a lot of space and maybe even have already moved out of the city. If not, your love of nature makes it an interesting alternative for you.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 5th HOUSE5th house

If Jupiter is in the Fifth House in your natal chart, this placement is naturally lucky. You expand tremendously through creative endeavors, romance, and children. Usually, Jupiter here indicates a number of children, who remain helpful to you throughout your life. You also benefit through speculation and investments. On the downside, there is an inclination for excessiveness in these areas.

This person lives to learn something new every day. You take your creative abilities and translate them into your many talents for the world to see and learn from. The Jupiter born in the 5th house respects routine and through this, you are able to teach the younger generation valuable information. Your temperament is extremely childlike, so much so that you enjoy playing games and building on fantasies.

The fifth house is a suitable stage for Jupiter’s performance. It can tear around and turn life into one big adventure. It is constantly in search of anything new, which will inspire creativity and expand its horizons. It takes on every challenge and does not let failure bring it down for very long.

You keep yourself active, without taking life seriously. Your playful nature will engage your creativity and imagination to creatively stage countless love affairs. You do not live by the dry, serious and philosophical Jupiter principle, but prefer to give in to all the pleasures which life has to offer. Your art reveals signs of openness and joy, which is why good-humored people show appreciation for your works. Naturally, you are in danger of becoming decadent, but you could deal with dying from a heart attack at 40 for a satisfying life up until then.

At sports, you give everything and you like to compete. You are good with children and are more than prepared for all sorts of childish nonsense that they are likely to think up.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 6th HOUSE6th house

If Jupiter is in the Sixth House in your chart, you have an instinctive understanding that your physical health is connected to your mental and emotional health. This may lead you into the study of spiritual or psychic healing, massage, therapeutic touch, homeopathy, or other facets of alternative medicine.

These people are quite workaholics, but it appeals to your liking. For Jupiter in the 6th house, work is as easy as breathing. It is just something you need to do to feel fulfilled. Health is a big deal for you and once you feel good, you will do good to others. This creates a rewarding contribution that you consider to be immense.

The sixth house is devoted to health and the daily routine. You can find your purpose in life by giving service to humanity or at least in the attempt. Regardless of what you come up with, you always want to find a purpose in what you are doing. When you fine-tune your capacities, you will live a satisfactory and pleasant life.

It is important to you to really take pleasure in your work. You would not take on a job below your capacity. Because Jupiter symbolizes the principle of expansion, you could have a tendency to take on too much or work especially pedantically. If you feel used or wait in vain for recognition of your achievements, the negative energy in your body could manifest itself as illness. Illness may be the only legitimization for you to rest or allow yourself to be cared for. Do not set your standards for yourself too high, but enjoy your free time. You should also learn to recognize the achievements of others. You should give up your arrogant dismissal of other people’s reliability along with your belief that only you know how everything should be done. Delegate a few tasks and give yourself a break.

In general, you have a good relationship with your body and have a talent for giving appropriate suggestions and helping people onto their feet.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 7th HOUSE7th house

If Jupiter is in the Seventh House in your natal chart, if well-aspected, this is a fortunate placement for Jupiter. You benefit financially and spiritually from all partnerships and from marriage in particular. Foreign travel or cultures are highlighted; you may meet your significant other in another country.

Close interaction interests you. Ultimately, you admire partnerships and working with teams to gain success. The personal relationships you endure mean a lot to you and ultimately define how you live your life. You enjoy relating to your close friends and family. This gives you comfort and appreciation out of life.

You are looking for happiness in your relationships and get into the dilemma of having to sacrifice a piece of your precious freedom. However, you are not immune to jealousy, either. You need a partner who accepts you as you are and appreciates your positive side. Your creativity enriches your relationships and you have a large selection of unusual seduction techniques at your disposal. You want to enjoy love without having to take on responsibility. You may be looking for the perfect partner, who will never be in need of your help, and are denying reality. You may refuse to make a move toward a monogamous relationship out of fear that you could be missing something.

In spite of this, Jupiter in the seventh house tells us of personal happiness in relationships. If you find a partner who is independent and gives you freedom, you are capable of a longer relationship. This will certainly not get boring because you will provide the excitement.

Even on the social level, you should be prepared for all kinds of contacts. It should not be difficult for you to get to know people, because you are open and friendly and make a self-confident impression.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 8th HOUSE8th house

If Jupiter is in the Eighth House in your chart, you benefit from all affairs of the 8th house, particularly through partnerships and marriage. You are interested in religious issues, life after death, reincarnation. Your death is likely to be peaceful and natural. Jupiter in the 8th inclines towards long life.

A Jupiter in the 8th house relishes in the mystery aspect of life. All of the hidden agendas and meanings of life will appeal to you. Therefore, you will likely find yourself taking various adventures to find out things and more importantly, find yourself.

Jupiter in the eighth house describes personal expansion through the exchange of resources with others. Jupiter will place a protecting hand over you by making contact to other people’s wealth. You may find yourself in a financially profitable partnership, either of a romantic or business nature, or you may come into an inheritance. You can sense financial and political developments and can trust your instinct to invest well.

In your personal relationships, you do not hesitate to place everything you have at everyone’s disposal. This is how you find fulfillment and develop. You have an eye for human qualities and can even transform negative qualities into positive.

Getting a grip on your sexual needs could pose a problem for you. Possibly, you have an inclination for extreme behavior; at least you have a strong desire to constantly have new erotic experiences, which in fact do impart insights. Never forget to be considerate of the feelings of your partner.

Any kind of limits present you with a challenge. Jupiter embodies the principle of expansion, and the eighth house tries to overcome and use natural limitations. You may be interested in existential questions, which arouse so much fear in other people that they are commonly suppressed. The depth of your thoughts gives you a mysterious aura.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 9th HOUSE9th house

If Jupiter is in the Ninth House in your chart, you gain through higher education, the pursuit of your ideals, and the affairs of the 9th house. You may be a university professor or lead workshops and seminars on esoteric topics. You may even lead spiritually oriented trips to sacred power spots abroad. Your relationship with your in-laws is excellent.

These people were born to gather all sorts of knowledge and compartmentalize them in categories to later explain them to the world. These individuals search for meaning, search for truth, and search for answers. They were born to inspire and teach.

You are constantly looking for insights in answer to your questions about the meaning of life. You think of life as a long journey, which you want to make as interesting as possible. You are always open to new things but never know what is going to come of it. Your optimism should make you popular.

If Jupiter has challenging aspects, you may tend to lecture people and have trouble accepting other opinions. You could lose yourself in complicated theoretical considerations that no one can follow or would even want to. At worst, your behavior could take on a fanatical character and prevent you from seeing reality the way it is. If you are of the opinion that yours is the only valid truth, you will soon find yourself in isolation.

Generally you should be appreciated for your tolerance and openness. Take a look at the world and do not hesitate to spend a longer period of time in a foreign country, it would have a positive effect on your development. It may be in a foreign culture that you find the missing piece of mosaic of your philosophy of life. Never stop learning, which would probably be like brain death to you.

Your ideal profession could be in law, in the travel industry, in education or in publishing.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 10th HOUSE10th house

If Jupiter is in the Tenth House in your chart, this is about as good as it gets! Jupiter’s placement in the 10th indicates success in your career, with few if any set-backs. This is particularly true if Jupiter is the highest point in your chart. This placement attracts recognition and awards like a magnet.

If you were born in the 10th house of Jupiter, your life thrives on your level of optimism. Once you realize your goals are rectifiable and possible, you can truly excel and become a master of success. Your established rank in the workplace will thus define you in life.

You want to make a good impression in public. You may make a spectacle about your entrance or sulk if you are not noticed and disappear into the mass. Generally that will not happen because you have an aura of authority, which could almost be considered majestic. Status symbols and other signs of power are very important to you. You require a certain standard of living.

You approach professional challenges with enthusiasm. Somehow you are always sure that you will find a solution to any problem. That may be your secret to success. You should really start a career and climb to a respectable position. You find fulfillment by accepting responsibility for larger endeavors, which further your individuality. You may have a profession which lets you travel, you may be in law or banking. Do not let the key to personal happiness depend on your social position and do not secretly hold people who are not as successful as you in contempt.

In the tenth house you will meet your father. Probably you found him charming and tried to imitate him and may even have taken over his convictions. He may have first brought you into contact with foreign cultures.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 11th HOUSE11th house

If Jupiter is in the Eleventh House in your natal chart, you have truly sincere and honest friends who support you in all your endeavors. If you run for political office, your friends are the ones who work on your campaign. If you write a novel or a screenplay, your friends are the first to critique it and offer their opinions. Your connections are among prominent individuals .. judges, attorneys, etc.

Being born in the 11th house provides you with an outlet of opportunity with people. The energy of involving yourself around fellow humans will enlighten your spirit and makes you self fulfilled. The sort of connection enhances your understanding of life. Teamwork guarantees you happiness and a feeling of warmth and appreciation of life.

In the eleventh house Jupiter will feel at home because it has enough room to spread its ideas. This constellation means that you will approach people without reservations. You will look for a group with similar convictions with whom you can realize your concept of charity work. You may even end up leading the group. You spend a lot of time worrying about the future and want to do your part towards solving a couple of problems and working to make the future brighter. You could have colorful visions of the future that will convince your friends. Even with your optimism, you should not make the mistake of expecting too much, setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration. Do not lose your grip on reality and do not take slip ups too personally.

Your colorful, diverse group of friends and everything you do together helps you to understand larger contexts and prevents you from getting embittered about life in general. Isolation would probably kill you; you need the exchange of ideas with people who think the way you do. Watch that you do not take on more than you can handle. If you follow this you should always have a feeling for important social and technological developments.

jupiter-iconJUPITER IN THE 12th HOUSE12th house

If Jupiter is in the Twelfth House in your chart, this placement (unless poorly aspected) gives you a built-in protection from all affairs of the 12th house. You have a profound interest in spiritual issues. You find success in any behind-the-scenes setting and success usually comes around midlife.

Being born in the last Jupiter house presents you with an already formed sense of wisdom. Your duties revolve around spiritual guidance, firs and foremost focusing on your greatness. You will succeed as soon as you center your mind and yourself. Meditating and combing dual mind/body practices will enhance your goodness and aid in your purpose in life considerably.

With Jupiter in the twelfth house you look for the meaning of life deep within you as opposed to out in the world. You do not judge people by their exterior, but direct your gaze to their inner qualities. Your deep belief and unending faith in God will always protect you and guide you in life like an invisible hand. Sometimes you have wondrous insights which people around you are not able to see. Metaphorically, you carry the whole world within you. Hard hits of fate which knock other people off their bearings serve you as a challenge to expand your horizons and deepen your faith. You look for the meaning in everything that happens to you and therefore will never give up.

Your strengths provide you with healing qualities that can guide people with problems to the right path. You may do your charity work behind the scenes or in institutions. You could have the potential to help a lot of people just by being with them.

If you have not developed far enough and are still fighting your way through life, you should definitely avoid every kind of drug. If Jupiter has difficult aspects in the twelfth house, you could have a tendency to make yourself a martyr, because you do not know another way to break out of your isolation.

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