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Leo Through The Houses

Leo Through The Houses

Leo and YOU:

Where Leo falls in your personal astrology chart can give you deeper insights into where you shine your unique expression of Light most brightly and easily, where you tend to receive the most attention and acknowledgment in your life, and how you can best benefit from your awareness of your own Light and the Light within others.

The area of your Natal Chart that Leo rules is where you exude a warm-hearted nature that inspires others. Your creativity, willpower, loyalty and leadership combined with natural charm and playfulness is your strength. The higher frequency express naturally through warm-hearted leadership for Divine Will and service to the inner child of all beings.

Affirmation: “I am a playful, warm-hearted leader. I am a radiant, enthusiastic and courageous son (and sun) of God. I inspire courage in others to be all that they can be.”

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