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Libra Through The Houses

Libra Through The Houses

Libra and YOU:

Where Libra falls in your personal astrology chart can give you deeper insights into how you approach one-on-one relationships and partnerships of all kinds. It also gives insights into what your motivations are in your relationships. Libra’s placement also reveals the areas of your life that are most likely to be affected by your relationship and partnership choices.

Libra addresses matters of peace, beauty, harmony, and fairness. It is associated with the scales of justice, implying that balance and equality are of utmost importance. Because of its dual nature, Libra is also often associated with relationships and partnerships of all kinds.

However, often overlooked is the fact that Libra is an air element sign, and what often makes the best relationships and partnerships is the ability to remain objective and emotionally detached when the challenging choices to determine or establish fairness and equality are needing to be made.

The area of your chart where this sign is also shows where you tend to be artistic and where you do best in partnership with others. The higher frequency recognizes the value of relationships as mirrors for personal mastery. You find your perfect balance through a committed relationship with your Higher Self.

Affirmation: “I create beauty, balance and harmony in all my relations”.

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