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Rules – Aries/ corules Scorpio
Exaltation – Capricorn
Exaltation – Capricorn
Fall – Cancer
Represents – Action, assertion
Keyword – Energy

The Planet Mars, God of War, represents passion, anger and drive. This “Red Planet” is fiery, and indicates sexual energy and aggressive tendencies. It is a Planet that instills initiation, risk taking and a “go for it attitude.” Ambition and competition share comradeship within the Mars domain as Mars values courage and fearless drive.

If there is a willingness to accept our Mars, then we attract courageous and independent people into our lives who handle anger well. However, when we attract angry people into our lives this demonstrates that we are repressing our anger, and lack the skills to handle anger constructively.

The healthiest manner to integrate Mars into one’s life is to cooperate with the power: take turns sharing power with others. Allow relationships to have space in order to encourage independence within the context of relationships. Also, promote healthy competition where winning and losing is fairly balanced.

How Do You Handle Your Natal Mars in Sign?

Mars in an Air Sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): There is a bias to be in your head about anger, almost intellectualizing your anger. There is a tendency to disconnect with anger. Writing and creating dialogue about anger helps to connect with anger and let it go.

Mars in an Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): These energies promote a slow, simmering anger. Anger builds up; yet when approached methodically anger can be constructive by taking a step-by-step approach to finding resolutions and setting goals.

Mars in a Water Sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): Anger is emotional with hurtful outbursts via explosions, brooding or tears. Since feelings get hurt easily it is healthy to practice constructive methods to channel “feelings” about anger. Keeping a journal, meditation and using statements that begin with “I” rather than “You” are helpful.

Mars in a Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Anger is quick and fiery. The fire signs are also quick to get over anger, as they are action-oriented people. Practicing physical ways to channel anger may include sports and all forms of exercise.

Mars In SignsMars in the Signs

mars-iconMars in Ariesaries

If Mars is in Aries in your natal chart, you are usually a very dynamic person who is strong and shows lots of vitality and independence. You always go after what you want in honest and direct manner. When new challenges come your way you tackle them with courage and passion. You have a powerful physique and are generally athletic and muscular. Your sexual style is energetic.

sun-iconMars in Taurustaurus

Mars in Taurus is actually not at easy in this earth sign. But this position does makes you very determined and strong minded. You may come across as lazy but what you are really doing is waiting for the right time to act. With Mars in this placement you usually have a sturdy and muscular body but can gain weight later in life. The way you demonstrate you approach to sexuality is in a sensual way.

sun-iconMars in the gemini Housegemini

With Mars in Gemini you are inclined to be very impulsive and act hastily when you get excited. As it is the sign of communication you tend to talk too much and often fast because you are constantly tuning in on new ideas. You are often on the move and very observant by what you see. Physical, your body burns energy quickly and you may be inclined to nervousness. When it comes to sexuality you like variety.

mars-iconMars in Cancercancer

This position of Mars in Cancer ties your passions and emotion nicely together. It provides creativeness and emotion to your imagination in the way you express yourself. You may have swinging moods that cause your energy level to go up and down. You are clever in regards to getting what you want. You have a keenness for sports and enjoy some competition. Physically, this position bestows your body with soft rounded curves. Your sexuality is aroused by your feelings.

mars-iconMars in Leoleo

Mars in Leo are both of the same fiery element which un-doubtfully creates an extremely passionate energy. You set out to reach your goal in a confident manner that tells that you know that you will win. You are a courageous and proud dynamic person. Physically, you are energetic and usually participate in some form of sport where you most probably are the team leader. Sexually, you are a giving and passionate lover.

mars-iconMars in Virgovirgo

With Mars in Virgo you enjoy your work and especially if it involve giving service to other people. You are practical and resourceful and because of the discipline you put in to your work it makes you a highly efficient worker. Many self-made business people have this position which gives you technical skills and inspire your need for independence. Physically, you enjoy sports involving accuracy, timing and co-ordination. Your sexuality is physical but sensual in an earthy way.

mars iconMars in Libralibra

This placement of Mars may not be the best but it does give you the capacity to consider other people’s needs as well as your own. Other people are important to you so your communication with them is always pleasant and polite. Physical, this position creates a refined and stylish body style. In the sexual area the atmosphere has to be a gentle harmony mood.

mars-iconMars in Scorpioscorpio

Mars in Scorpio is a powerful position as it uses to be the traditional ruler of Scorpio. You are a deep thinker with a strong will and a persistent and self-controlled nature. Your intense feelings often rule you because you seem to recognise the hidden things at work under the surface and can therefore plan well. Physically, you have a powerful physic and posse’s muscular frames that may be stronger than it appear. Your type of sexuality is emotional and physical intense.

mars-iconMars in Sagittariussagittarius

In this fire sign of Sagittarius Mars feels very much at home. It function with confidence in an enthusiastic and spontaneously way. The happy-go-lucky manner that Sagittarius put forward is sure to pave the way to get what you want in your life. When an opportunity presents itself you are quick to take advantage of the situation in a honest way and benefit from it. Physically, you will probably have an athletic body and enjoy having fun. When it comes to your sexuality then you are adventurous.

mars-iconMars in Capricorncapricorn

Mars in Capricorn is similar to Virgo but there is much more ambition at play here. You are continuously driven until you reach the goal you have in mind. You go after what you want with a strong determination but you are careful and watchful of every step you take. Physically, your body will most probably be thin but muscular in build with enough energy supply for your needs. You may seem reserved sexually but intimacy arouses your sensual side.

mars-iconMars in Aquariusaquarius

With Mars in Aquarius you are usually a very creative person with an original streak about you. In this position Mars seem to be sociable but at the same time it is in a detached way and not hot or passionate. Aquarius is an air sign so Mars here is more into thinking than feeling. You are an inventive person who can come up with some pretty original ideas. Physically, your body is of a wiry frame and with tendency to nervousness. Varity in their sexually is important but friendship seems to be vital here.

mars-iconMars in Piscespisces-icon

Mars in Pisces gives energy to the compassionate nature of Pisces. This is a highly sensitive and emotional sign and Mars here will add to the awareness of other people’s feelings. You are usually a pretty relaxed person with a strong developed intuitive sense. Your passion will surface when your emotions are stimulated. Physically, you may be small to medium of stature. Sexually, you like to be romanced and are a very passionate lover.

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