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Mercury In The Houses

Mercury In The Houses

Rules – Gemini/Virgo
Detriment – Sagittarius/Pisces
Exaltation – Aquarius
Fall – Leo
Represents – intellect, expression
Keyword reasoning – ability

The planet Mercury‘s position in the zodiac shows how you think things out and then communicate your ideas and decisions to others. It also reveals how you make decisions and what you consider before making a decision. Mercury rules reason, ability to communicate, intellect, awareness, dexterity, rationalization, transmission, words, opinion and sensory perceptions. Its action is quick, uncertain, lively. Deals with travel (especially short trips) brothers and sisters, children, office work, transportation, emotional capacity and technique. The house where Mercury is shows where and how you communicate best.

Mercury in the Houses

Mercury in the 1st House
Mercury in the 2nd House
Mercury in the 3rd House
Mercury in the 4th House
Mercury in the 5th House
Mercury in the 6th House
Mercury in the 7th House
Mercury in the 8th House
Mercury in the 9th House
Mercury in the 10th House
Mercury in the 11th House
Mercury in the 12th House

Mercury in the 1st House

If Mercury is in the First House in your chart, you have an intellectual approach to life. Experiences are filtered through the mind. You are versatile, quick, and enjoy talking about your personal interests and ideas. Your restless nature keeps you on the go. You enjoy literature, books, and the culling of information. You are likely to be found in chat rooms on the Web.

With this Mercury position you can get to know both yourself and life better by asking questions and demanding answers. You can lead discussions wonderfully and expand people’s horizons by presenting them with new ideas and information. Your goal is to overcome all limits through reason. Analytical thought is one of your strong points, but try not to criticize yourself and others too much.

Observe the planets which have a close aspects to Mercury and its associated sign. It is precisely there that Mercury is known to be an imitator taking on the characteristics of the planets tied to it.

Your reflection is designed to find the meaning of life, and to let the world be created in your mind. You run the risk of recognizing where reform is necessary and then refuse to change your behavior. On the other hand, you may retain your youth for a long time because you are openhearted and feel compelled to participate in the developments in your area.

Mercury in the 2nd House

If Mercury is in the Second House in your natal chart, you are spilling over with money making ideas, and seek out higher education as a means to increase your earning power. You keep detailed financial records and make shrewd investments. Your approach to money and finances is primarily mental and logical.

If the planet Mercury receives harmonious aspects in the second house, then you will be talented with finances, find workable solutions for any seemingly impossible situation and be good at making deals.

You may be employed in retail or shipping or in the development of new methods of production. You would also be successful in physics research. In any case, you should put your innovative talent, your dexterity and flexibility to use.

You want to use your rational faculties to help you to comprehend the material world because it gives you a feeling of stability. Do not become impatient if it takes a while until your observations become insights.

Mercury in the 3rd House

If Mercury is in the Third House in your chart, your intellectual curiosity and hunger for knowledge give you an acute desire to learn and to communicate what you learn. You are so mentally restless, however, that you dart from one topic to another, rarely studying one particular thing in depth. Travel is highlighted in your life, perhaps commuting for your work or carpooling with neighbors. You maintain contact with siblings and neighbors.

Mercury feels at home in the third house because it is the house of Gemini with which it is associated (together with the sign, Virgo). You should take a look at its aspects to the other planets to find out more about your intellectual habits and your ability to learn. In addition, you could tell how you cope with experiences.

If Mercury receives challenging aspects, you will probably reject the ruling definition of intelligence, because you believe that there are forms of thought other then logic. Possibly you had a hard time in school because your manner of thinking did not conform to the lesson plans. You really should work on relieving some of the tension between you and your siblings.

If Mercury’s aspects in the third house are not too challenging, you will have a forceful, sharp mind that makes you quick witted. In addition, you are a lover of details. You can be especially clever when it comes to presenting your convictions believably. Your eloquence and interest in everything makes you able to talk on every conceivable subject.

Mercury in the 4th House

If Mercury is in the Fourth House in your natal chart, a lot of intellectual activity goes on in your home and you have probably got a tremendous library that reflects your varied intellectual interests. You move frequently, perhaps in connection with business. Communication with your family is good and domestic disputes are settled through discussion.

Mercury in the fourth house can mean that you come from an intellectual family, in which the need for love was suppressed by the concepts of reason and logic. Your mother may have encouraged this and seemed to be eloquent and sure of herself or outwitted and irresponsible. Therefore your mother may have strongly influenced your convictions.

You may have had to move during your early childhood. If you moved often, this probably gave you flexibility. If Mercury has challenging aspects in the fourth house, your life may be plagued with conflicts and mockery.

Your interest for education probably stems from your family background. You can greatly expand your horizons by continuing your education.

Mercury in the 5th House

If Mercury is in the Fifth House in your chart, you seek romantic partners who are mentally agile and as excited intellectually about the things that excite you. Your artistic talents may find expression in writing, the theater, or in entertainment. You may start things that you don’t finish.

Your creativity and erotic relationships help you to find yourself and to understand what is happening around you. Art can deepen your perception and teach you to reflect and in addition be entertaining. You love to play games that involve strategy and logic such as chess and Stratego.

You can expand your intellectual horizons by continuing your education and developing your ability to communicate and your talent for rhetorical argumentation. Sometimes you get hectic, because of your desire to constantly experience something new. This could express itself in countless love affairs.

As a father or mother you can encourage your children to develop their intellectual capacities, which will also teach you a lot. Your relationship to your children will intensify as they grow up and are able to carry on discussions. You are familiar with pedagogical concepts and good at working with youth.

Mercury in the 6th House

If Mercury is in the Sixth House in your chart, routine work doesn’t fit this placement and can result in many job changes. Your approach to work is practical and detailed. Your mind plays an important role in your health. By assimilating information and using it to consciously change your belief system, you can deal with or vanquish nagging physical ailments.

You develop your intellect by contemplating everyday life. The planet Mercury in the sixth house, the area where it is at home, leaves you open for disturbances in your environment and causes you to worry excessively and unnecessarily. Begin practicing various relaxation techniques. They will help to compensate for overexertion. Developing a positive attitude toward yourself will improve your health and help you to avoid illness.

The planetary positions in the sixth house can tell a lot about the way you use time and plan your day. Mercury in this house may indicate that you expect too much of yourself because you try to be a part of everything.

It would be good if your profession included a higher intellectual level or accommodated your need to move freely, this can also protect you from your colleague’s mobbing, which may arise if Mercury should have challenging aspects. You will probably react to them the same way you respond to your brothers and sisters.

Mercury in the 7th House

If Mercury is in the Seventh House in your chart, you either marry early in life or marry someone younger. Communication with your mate or significant other is of prime importance to you; you may meet this person while traveling, in connection with writing or education. You are at ease with people socially.

If Mercury is found in the seventh house of your horoscope, the most effective way to expand your knowledge is through contact to others. We can learn a lot from each other. You sense a need to get to know a lot of people and talk to them. You invest a lot of time finding out about other opinions and also what others think about you.

You are looking for a partner for intense discussions. Usually you are interested in a lot of different people and have trouble deciding on one; you never know who else might show up. Maybe you expect your partner to make decisions or organize things for you. You may also run into people who are completely unreliable.

Do not be overly critical of the imperfections that your potential partner will have. You can smooth things out with consultation and understanding, but a good dose of humor should definitely be not left out.

Take care not to intellectualize your relationship. It would be better to listen to your inner voice. Be more relaxed and avoid putting your partner under pressure. This may help the relationship to remain stable over a period of time; which is what you always wanted.

Mercury in the 8th House

If Mercury is in the Eighth House in your chart, you may expend a lot of mental energy worrying about joint finances, inheritances, and matters pertaining to the dead. There is a strong possibility you inherit money from a brother or sister or someone who is like kin to you. Metaphysical topics intrigue you.

You feel compelled to uncover the world’s secrets and press on into unexplored regions. The more mysterious the puzzle, the more it fascinates you and will leave you no peace until you solved it. Your observational powers and remarkable vision, which also allow you to see in the dark, are especially remarkable. You have the ability to see through all kinds of human relationships, regardless of where you run into them. You may be in the finance or business world or in the field of psychology. In that case, you will be most interested in working on topics like sex and death.

You approach people open and easily. It never takes long for you to trust someone and then share your thoughts with them. You live in your own world which others find very strange. In spite of this you are capable of deep insights. You can remove yourself and analyze problems objectively, especially those which usually arouse fear or emotional outbreaks. You should reexamine the details of every contract you sign as well as every verbal agreement to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

People who have Mercury in the sign Gemini or Virgo and in the eighth house are adept at the sciences.

Mercury in the 9th House

If Mercury is in the Ninth House in your natal chart, you have a quick, keen mind that easily grasps abstract concepts in philosophy, spirituality, law, and education. You enjoy lively intellectual discussions and debates. Your wanderlust may be temporarily sated by studying about foreign places and cultures. At some point the need to get out and travel overpowers you. You may live in a foreign country for a while.

With the planet Mercury in the ninth house you see things from a distant and sober perspective. Your conviction that everything on Earth and in the universe can be rationally understood and explained brings you to a deeper comprehension of the fundamental regularities. You should give in to your need to travel and study, but pay special attention to alternatives to the dogmatic, traditional forms and institutions. You may be inclined to take in everything that fits in with your way of thinking and to ignore everything else.

You want to tell others about your experiences and arouse interest in the things that impressed you the most. Your profession is probably publishing, advertising or in the travel industry. You may have friends who live in other countries. A trip to farthest reaches of the Earth will fundamentally influence your concept of the world.

Mercury in the 10th House

If Mercury is in the Tenth House in your chart, this is a good position for novelists, reporters, teachers, and metaphysical professions in general. Your diverse interests can turn into several separate and distinct careers. You can communicate with virtually anyone, so you tend to get along with employers and bosses.

Mercury’s qualities of communication and intellectual consideration will not do you any good alone in your room. They should be put to use among people. You may be able to incorporate your capabilities in this area into your profession. You could work in publishing or in retail for media and telecommunications products. You could also distinguish yourself by solving logistical problems. Your profession is very important because you sharpen your intellect and judgment. You want to be recognized for your rational faculties. You feel flattered when your intellectual capacity is praised.

The tenth house is associated with the father and will influence your image of him. If he made an intelligent and cosmopolitan impression, you may have tried to imitate him as a child. He pointed out the advantages of a good education and made sure that you had good teachers and were taught to articulate well.

If Mercury would receive challenging aspects in the tenth house, it could lead to conflicts with your parents, especially with your father, which you should clear up in the coming years.

Mercury in the 11th House

If Mercury is in the Eleventh House in your chart, your circle of friends is quite large and always lively. Friends help you achieve whatever it is your are seeking, and through them you make valuable professional contacts. You may travel with groups.

Friends and activities within organizations have helped you to see yourself and the world in its larger context. You do not like to work on problems in solitude, but prefer to join people with similar convictions who can expand your horizons. You appreciate other people’s suggestions and work on finding ways to improve social conditions.

Possibly you will join a group based on a common belief or a similar view of the world because you are convinced that people actively committed to change can achieve more when they band together. Your commitment to the members of your group has created an intimacy that makes you want to represent the group’s interests in public. Just watch out that you do not ignore the interests of individual group members, this could provoke conflicts.

If the planet Mercury receives challenging aspects in the eleventh house, you may be inclined to burden your friends with the responsibility you should carry yourself; either that or you continually give your right arm for your friends and wind up feeling used. Stay in touch with your siblings, they could become your best friends.

Mercury in the 12th House

If Mercury is in the Twelfth House in your natal chart, you enjoy investigating hidden or esoteric topics and your intuition allows you to probe deeply into these matters. Your verbal and written expression, however, may be repressed in some way. There can be difficulties with close relatives.

Mercury in the twelfth house of your birth chart evokes unusual thoughts. The sooner you confront everything you run into the sooner you will understand. In the twelfth house, Mercury is trying to establish a connection between the subconscious and the conscious. You should start to explore the depths of your soul. But do not lose yourself in it to the point of neglecting your daily responsibilities. You could try to get through to your subconscious using meditation techniques and find out what kind of powers can be drawn from it. It may be worthwhile to dig up what is hidden there and put it to use. There may be other things that are best removed from your life.

Your mind will run into difficulties recognizing its limits. The twelfth house is the house where the ego melts. Your thoughts could get mixed up with your surroundings, which will probably be confusing.

You could make positive use of the energies of the twelfth house. If you have the possibility to support others, then you should not hesitate to do that; you may find that you are more relaxed and may be able to earn a living at it.

Protect yourself from negative thoughts, for they are the root of many problems. If you succeed in organizing your thoughts and imagination without losing contact to your friends, you may find that what you thought was a barrier is a blessing.

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