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Interpreting Mercury

Mercury symbolizes your perceptions, the way you think, and what you like to think and learn about, also how you communicate, and what you like to communicate about. Teachers, students, writers, speakers, healers, professionals and sales persons would do well to analyze their Mercury’s to focus attention well and to be most successful.

Where is Mercury by Sign?

Mercury by SIGN shows what kinds of information you seek, how you think and communicate, and some of the subjects you like to think about.

Students would do well to have a complete chart reading with special attention to Mercury when selecting a major in college, or when considering pursuing unconventional or informal studies that could lead to something much bigger down the road.

As in all astrological factors, a spectrum of manifestation is possible – from the most exalted and masterful where the person is an exemplar – to the most perverse and degraded where the finest potential of the archetype becomes reversed through ignorance or abuse.

Here are a few keynotes of the MERCURY SIGNS. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

Mercury in Aries: Likes to pioneer in new ideas, new discoveries, interest in leadership, vitality, likes to be right and to have thought of an idea first. Lots of energy available for learning, study, communcations, promotions, but will tend to take a visionary, essential, inspiring, broad-brush approach. DETOURS: may have fixed ideas, may try to force his ideas on others, be argumentative, angry when disagreed with, something may have to be his own idea before he adopts it.

Mercury in Gemini: Fast mind, interest in many things, perceptive, learns quickly, may forget just as quickly. Interest in communication, data gathering, literacy, and literary pursuits, vehicles, air travel, languages, translation, interpretation, manual dexterity, variety. Learns best when he can go back and forth between two subjects or tasks, giving the mind a rest and chance to assimilate. DETOUR: high strung, too much speed so eventually exhausts self, scatters forces, superficial understanding only, unfocused, mental burnout.

Mercury in Cancer: Good memory, interest in feeling, emotion, psychology, family, history, house and garden, food, farm, geneology. Learns well is an emotionally safe learning space, free of abuse, with lots of positive reinforcement. DETOUR: subject not made meaningful or put in historical context. Emotional trauma or stress sabotages learning.

Mercury in Leo: Dramatic presentation of self and ideas. Learns so he can be on-stage and highly visible in presenting points of view. Exaggerates an idea bigger than life so it can be seen or felt by others. Colorful speech. Lively communicator, lots of stories, fun to listen to, may be hard to get a word in edgewise with this person. Generous with teachings. Needs an audience. DETOUR: may be given to exaggeration, life-drama or “acting out” if no wholesome outlet for theatre or stage, overly attracting attention to self, demanding attention for self, projecting blame onto others.

Mercury in Libra: Interest in the arts, beauty, architecture, relationship dynamics, justice, fairness, diplomacy. Gracious and diplomatic manner of expressing himself. DETOUR: can be lazy, wanting everything to be easy, accepts social superficialities, may go deeply enough to get to the bottom of things.

Mercury in Scorpio: Detective mind, likes to go to the depths, studies life and death matters, big business, metaphysics, psychology, sexuality, power, leadership. Likes intense learning experiences. DETOUR: should avoid creating losses in conversation or bowling people by indulging in power plays — rather, learn to create win-wins instead, which allow others the safety and comfort that you can go deeper together, become more intimate.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Tells stories, prophetic. Interest in philosophy, religion, foreign languages, travel, international studies, nature and the great outdoors, large open spaces, publishing, marketing, future. DETOUR: exaggeration or distortion of truth, lying, mishandling of truth, offending others with bald truth, insults, “big mouth” and “foot in mouth.”

Mercury in Capricorn: Practical mind, needs to see results, high standards of excellence for communications and writing. Interest in building, manufacture, the professions, government, classical arts, finance, law enforcement, administration, management. DETOUR: loses sight of the big picture, won’t take risks, narrow viewpoint, fixed ideas.

Mercury in Aquarius: Futuristic mind, interested in science, arts, culture, diversity, electronics, invention, healing, intuition and prediction, metaphysics, outer space, or unusual subjects. Fast learner when imagination engaged. Learns by leaps and bounds. May be ahead of his time. DETOUR: fixed ideas, won’t listen to reason, only goes so far with reason then shuts down or becomes overly detached.

Mercury in Pisces: Dreamy, imaginative, psychic, artistic, compassionate mind. Interest in art, music, sailing, marine biology, chemistry, photography, psychic development, psychology, imaging technology, virtual reality, liturgy, poetry and literature, shamanic journeying, pharmacy, uses of creative imagination. DETOUR: lack of structure or schedule, always in dreamtime. Needs to some structure, schedule, or program to keep projects on track and avoid drifting.

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