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Mercury Signs

Mercury Signs

Interpreting Mercury In The Zodiac Signs

Rules – Gemini/Virgo
Detriment – Sagittarius/Pisces
Exaltation – Aquarius
Fall – Leo
Represents – intellect, expression
Keyword reasoning – ability

Mercury symbolizes your perceptions, the way you think, and what you like to think and learn about, also how you communicate, and what you like to communicate about. Teachers, students, writers, speakers, healers, professionals and sales persons would do well to analyze their Mercury’s to focus attention well and to be most successful.


Mercury by SIGN shows what kinds of information you seek, how you think and communicate, and some of the subjects you like to think about.

Students would do well to have a complete chart reading with special attention to Mercury when selecting a major in college, or when considering pursuing unconventional or informal studies that could lead to something much bigger down the road.

As in all astrological factors, a spectrum of manifestation is possible – from the most exalted and masterful where the person is an exemplar – to the most perverse and degraded where the finest potential of the archetype becomes reversed through ignorance or abuse.

Having Mercury in a given zodiac sign implies a better understanding of the way in which you are able to communicate. In essence, this provides you with a unique technique of your overall communicating ability and effectiveness to others.

Here are the following 12 signs of Mercury organized chronologically in order to indicate your given astrological perception and utilization of communication. This helps define us as individuals in how we acquire and supply information to others around us.

This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.


Mercury in Aries
Mercury in Taurus
Mercury in Gemini
Mercury in Cancer
Mercury in Leo
Mercury in Virgo
Mercury in Libra
Mercury in Scorpio
Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury in Capricorn
Mercury in Aquarius
Mercury in Pisces

mercuryMERCURY IN ARIESaries

Aries are generally speaking quick in living their fast paced lifestyles. To them, communication must be prompt, precise, and persuaded in order to be affective. Theses Mercury in Aries are essentially quick witted and might lose the important details of a presentation because of their impatience streak. These people are rushing through everything, that details cold easily be lost in their speeches, leaving the crowd puzzled. It would be wise for these fellow Aries to take some time in focusing just a little before making an informative, public speech.

Mercury in Aries likes to pioneer in new ideas, new discoveries, interest in leadership, vitality, likes to be right and to have thought of an idea first. Lots of energy available for learning, study, communcations, promotions, but will tend to take a visionary, essential, inspiring, broad-brush approach.

DETOURS: may have fixed ideas, may try to force his ideas on others, be argumentative, angry when disagreed with, something may have to be his own idea before he adopts it.

mercuryMERCURY IN TAURUStaurus

Mercury in Taurus individuals are reliably efficient. In essence, these stubborn guys are great at keeping up with their plans, but someone would have to ultimately inspire them to start it. Their pace is the complete opposite of a typical Aries, who is daring. On the contrary, Taurus souls are much slower and calculative in their undertakings. They require thought processes in order to succeed in communication. In addition, this gives people more opportunity o actually be able to listen to these fellow Taurus.

Because Taurus is slow and consistent with their words, people appreciate their clarity and honesty. This enhances people’s utmost appreciation for the Taurus souls.

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mercuryMERCURY IN GEMINIgemini

Being born into the Gemini sign of Mercury provides you with communication genius. This seems like a simple math equation as we include Gemini times 10, as Mercury + Gemini equal constant change. These people like to scatter around their environments, never fully finishing any tasks, unfortunately.

These fellow chameleons excitedly transfer their energies from one place to another, with their communicative talents, nonetheless. While their intuitive capabilities are on the high, they tend to ignore their consciousness, as they are so busy finding something new and extraordinary. This generally intensifies their emotional instabilities.

Mercury in Gemini give fast mind, interest in many things, perceptive, learns quickly, may forget just as quickly. Interest in communication, data gathering, literacy, and literary pursuits, vehicles, air travel, languages, translation, interpretation, manual dexterity, variety. Learns best when he can go back and forth between two subjects or tasks, giving the mind a rest and chance to assimilate.

DETOUR: high strung, too much speed so eventually exhausts self, scatters forces, superficial understanding only, unfocused, mental burnout.

mercuryMERCURY IN CANCERcancer

As a person is born into the Cancer sign of Mercury, these individuals are rather great communicators. They are able to interact with people at a certain ease, as their unique nature drives their sense of reflection. These fellow Cancer people are able to listen to others efficiently, gaining the most out of any given conversation. In addition, their minds are always working even when they may appear to be withdrawn.

Their memories are magnificent and they can remember things based on their prior moods.Cancer in Mercury are able to be sensitive and internalize their true feelings about any situation they are placed in. This will inevitably enhance their appreciation and understanding of life.

Mercury in Cancer provides with good memory, interest in feeling, emotion, psychology, family, history, house and garden, food, farm, geneology. Learns well is an emotionally safe learning space, free of abuse, with lots of positive reinforcement.

DETOUR: subject not made meaningful or put in historical context. Emotional trauma or stress sabotages learning.

mercuryMERCURY IN LEOleo

Having been born with a Leo sign in Mercury possess you with a strategic mind. Thus, you are able to be authoritative to all of your fellow peers. Your internal power stems from your overall confidence, and you have quite a lot of it inside of you. You may initially be seen as a person who talks the talk but doesn’t know how to walk the walk. This is because you speak with such a vast and pungent attitude; others are intimidated by your knowledge about communication. So, you, Leo, will need to tone it down and focus on the minor issues or details every now and again.

Mercury in Leo provides you with dramatic presentation of self and ideas. Learns so he can be on-stage and highly visible in presenting points of view. Exaggerates an idea bigger than life so it can be seen or felt by others. Colorful speech. Lively communicator, lots of stories, fun to listen to, may be hard to get a word in edgewise with this person. Generous with teachings. Needs an audience.

DETOUR: may be given to exaggeration, life-drama or “acting out” if no wholesome outlet for theatre or stage, overly attracting attention to self, demanding attention for self, projecting blame onto others.

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mercuryMERCURY IN VIRGOvirgo

Mercury in Virgo people are straight and simple in their way of communicating. However, these people will be noticed on account of how they present themselves with. They are thorough with their information, and people will see this and ultimately appreciate the former’s overall intelligence. These people love to keep track of everything.

Mercury in Virgo individuals are usually skillful at organizing and doing simple errands. They are able to transfer all of their energies into a hard works day. This is highly appealing to any successful employer. Thus, these Virgo would be credible attributes to any prestigious advanced company. Once they are given a set of rules and regulations to follow, they will efficiently carry them out.

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mercuryMERCURY IN LIBRAlibra

Being born in the Libra sign of Mercury presents you with an easy path of communication. Since Libra is essentially represented by the Scales, you will constantly be in a balancing act, conveniently so. This is an easy task for you to be a part of. You are diplomatically efficient and commendable among most of your associates. Thus, you are able to succeed intellectually with your ability to judge and compare anything in a given form.

If anyone needs a reason for something, anything, you will have it pulled out in hindsight from right under your sleeve. You are clever like that and can easily come up with excessive provisions for any opinion targeted to you. Therefore, you are liable to become quite inequitable at times.

Mercury in Libra provides with interest in the arts, beauty, architecture, relationship dynamics, justice, fairness, diplomacy. Gracious and diplomatic manner of expressing himself.

DETOUR: can be lazy, wanting everything to be easy, accepts social superficialities, may go deeply enough to get to the bottom of things.

mercuryMERCURY IN SCORPIOscorpio

These individuals are basically on a journey to communicate to everyone and anyone. Fundamentally, they appreciate learning things and facts around them and thus internalize it all in order to produce interjectional results utilizing their skills. As these individuals are curious by nature, others might perceive this quality as being a bit suspicious; to avoid this, a fellow Scorpio should just be a little lighter and practice meditation.

Mercury in Scorpio provides with a detective mind, likes to go to the depths, studies life and death matters, big business, metaphysics, psychology, sexuality, power, leadership. Likes intense learning experiences.

DETOUR: should avoid creating losses in conversation or bowling people by indulging in power plays – rather, learn to create win-wins instead, which allow others the safety and comfort that you can go deeper together, become more intimate.

mercuryMERCURY IN SAGITTARIUSsagittarius

These Mercury In Sagittarius people are able to communicate with their independent attitudes. In essence, these individuals are sporadic in their undertakings and are constantly looking for new adventures for their minds. However, because these folks are inconsistent with their behaviors, they are liable to miss certain details while transitioning to new environments.

Mercury in Sagittarius tells stories, and are prophetic. Interest in philosophy, religion, foreign languages, travel, international studies, nature and the great outdoors, large open spaces, publishing, marketing, future.

DETOUR: exaggeration or distortion of truth, lying, mishandling of truth, offending others with bald truth, insults, “big mouth” and “foot in mouth.”

mercuryMERCURY IN CAPRICORNcapricorn

A fellow Mercury in Capricorn sign represents a person who is always organizing. This can be done through physical measures like managing a planner or through intern planning by interpreting the mind accordingly. These people know how to be on top of things throughout their lives.

However, when taken off guard, they become frazzled and behave like a deer caught by the headlights. These folks need to remain calm even under stressful conditions, in order to live life peacefully and contently.

Mercury in Capricorn: Practical mind, needs to see results, high standards of excellence for communications and writing. Interest in building, manufacture, the professions, government, classical arts, finance, law enforcement, administration, management.

DETOUR: loses sight of the big picture, won’t take risks, narrow viewpoint, fixed ideas.

mercuryMERCURY IN AQUARIUSaquarius

Having an Aquarius sign of Mercury encompasses you with a zest for life. These people are all about freedom, spiritually and physically speaking. They require their minds to be at peace in order to be functioning properly. Their nontraditional articulateness ultimately enhances their quiet yet rebellious nature.

These folks encourage are liable at revealing what they truly think about you. This honest form of communication may be harsh, but it is highly respectable long term.

Mercury in Aquarius provides witha futuristic mind, interested in science, arts, culture, diversity, electronics, invention, healing, intuition and prediction, metaphysics, outer space, or unusual subjects. Fast learner when imagination engaged. Learns by leaps and bounds. May be ahead of his time.

DETOUR: fixed ideas, won’t listen to reason, only goes so far with reason then shuts down or becomes overly detached.

mercuryMERCURY IN PISCESpisces

Being born into the Pisces, the last sign of Mercury, you possess a unique communicative character. Overall, your fragile way of expressing yourself makes others swoon for you. People easily appeal to your liking. In essence, your warmth and innocence enhances people’s appreciation for listening to you.

It is a breath of fresh air for the public to be in your presence and hear your feelings on a given matter. In addition, these fellow Pisces are able to embody mood swings through their interaction. They might either seem calm or on the contrary, ultimately exasperating.

Mercury in Pisces is dreamy, imaginative, psychic, artistic, compassionate mind. Interest in art, music, sailing, marine biology, chemistry, photography, psychic development, psychology, imaging technology, virtual reality, liturgy, poetry and literature, shamanic journeying, pharmacy, uses of creative imagination.

DETOUR: lack of structure or schedule, always in dreamtime. Needs to some structure, schedule, or program to keep projects on track and avoid drifting.

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