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The Moon In The Houses

The Moon In The Houses

Rules – Cancer
Detriment – Capricorn
Exaltation – Taurus
Fall – Scorpio
Keyword – emotions

The Moon‘s position in the horoscope shows your unconscious emotional reactions to situations based on your early experiences and family training. The Moon represents the female principle: mother, wife, women, instincts, moods, tides, phases, receptivity, fluctuations, feelings habit patterns, reflex actions. Its action fluctuations and changes. It governs personal interest, desires, needs, magnetism, growth, fertility, the need to touch, impressionability and consciousness. Rules liquids, commodities, sailing, brewing, nursing, trades people, and the public. The House where you find the Moon shows where you are subject to emotional ups and downs.

The Moon in the houses

Moon in the 1st House
Moon in the 2nd House
Moon in the 3rd House
Moon in the 4th House
Moon in the 5th House
Moon in the 6th House
Moon in the 7th House
Moon in the 8th House
Moon in the 9th House
Moon in the 10th House
Moon in the 11th House
Moon in the 12th House

Moon in the 1st House

If the Moon is in the First House in your chart, you are intuitive, emotional, and have a moody disposition. You are sensitive to your environment, feel social pressure, and usually have a strong need to be appreciated by others. You may go on eating binges when you are stressed out; your weight fluctuates considerably. If the Moon is in a water sign, intuition may be highly developed and moodiness more pronounced. In a fixed sign, the nature is more stable. This placement of the Moon is important in a woman’s horoscope because the Moon governs monthly periods.

Lunar energies influence you more than other people, so much more so that it will be noticeable to others. The essence of your being is characterized by your strong intuition and deep feelings. If the Moon is free from challenging aspects you should be sensitive and open to impulses from your surroundings. Sometimes your way of approaching things is somewhat naive, but your intuitive intelligence lets you do the right thing at the right time. You can recognize opportunity and your extraordinary ability to feel and respond to vibrations lets you know when it is better to hold back.

The Moon as the principle of conception and motherhood expresses itself in the first house by a desire to melt into the surroundings. This makes it necessary to counter by choosing to remain distant. It is important to you not to concentrate your energies on reacting to your environment out of fear of being alone, but to clearly define yourself and become an independent individual. Do not believe that simply by screaming loud enough someone will come running to fulfill your wishes. You should have already reached a point where you learned to sort out and interpret impulses from others. All in all, the Moon in the first house presents you with the task of maturing and overcoming childish behavior.

Be careful not to be too subjective and use your analytical reason. You can get so caught up in what is happening to you, your emotions, and hang- ups that you are incapable of perceiving life and those around you objectively. For this reason humanistic Astrology calls the first house, the test of isolation. The way out is to learn to give and take.

Moon in the 2nd House

If the Moon is in the Second House in your chart, your finances go through phases, like the moon. Despite the ups and downs, your emotional security is tied to your financial security. Your common sense is well-balanced, and you have an intuitive sense about finances in general. You spend freely on your home and family. You benefit from and through women.

The Moon in the second house is not responsible for increasing material wealth, but concerns itself with emotional stability or the resulting instability. This gives you an emotional relationship to the physical world.

The Moon induces taking in and accepting, which leaves you with the tendency to believe everything you hear. Your family may have influenced you in this respect. Maybe you are known for your sentimentality in identifying with memorabilia and your inability to separate useful artifacts from useless junk. Your fascination for family heirlooms, antiques as well as for all sorts of mementos could expand because the Moon also establishes a link to the past.

In addition, the Moon is the fastest moving body in the heavens. This can be expressed in the second house by fluctuating economics.

You probably work in a profession that has some relation to the Moon, for example in public service, nutrition, education or something related to real estate. Your colleagues appreciate your flexibility and the way you respond sensitively to the needs of all your co-workers.

Moon in the 3rd House

If the Moon is in the Third House in your chart, your reasoning left brain is constantly influenced by your intuition and imagination. Your memory is good, particularly when strong emotions back up your experiences. You have a tendency to daydream and benefit from frequent changes in your environment.

You are so receptive to the thoughts of the people around you that you have had difficulties distinguishing between your own convictions and the ones you hear from others. It is also difficult for you to maintain distance in some situations and to discipline your rational thought processes because you spontaneously react emotionally. Everyone agrees that you let yourself be swayed by emotion. It would be best for you to concede, accepting your way of dealing with reality. Your feelings determine how you are going to perceive a given situation. Your moods can be as inconsistent as the phases of the moon. The positive aspect of this is that you can relate to nearly everyone you talk to on a personal level and express your sympathy sincerely.

If the Moon is in the Third House, you are very imaginative and have a phenomenal memory. If you approach a science such as archeology or ancient history you should be prepared to stick with it even if you let yourself be distracted and give up easily.

When communicating you express your emotions with every utterance. You could probably write expressive poetry or heart-wrenching stories. In any case, people will love to listen to you once you get your stories structured.

The relationships to your siblings are probably very important to you. Especially your female relations will have influenced you, because you felt safe with them and experienced compassion which you were then able to pass on to your brothers and sisters.

Moon in the 4th House

If the Moon is in the Fourth House in your chart, you either stick close to your birthplace or leave it when you are young. Many changes in residence are indicated, but you retain good memories and strong feelings for your birthplace. You benefit through your parents and from the opposite sex. Close emotional bonds exist with your parents. The latter part of life tends to be more stable.

The fourth house is the Moon’s natural home. This explains why you cherish your family as a source of peace and security. You want to be sheltered and cannot understand how some people are impatient to free themselves from the constraints of their parent’s home.

You will remember where you came from your whole life and your parents will always play an important role in your life. You are looking for harmony that is seldom found in the world. If you got little attention or were never sure of your parent’s trust, it will have more devastating effect on the course of your life than it would for others. You will be more determined to start a family and provide the emotional security that you were denied. Unfortunately, it is a difficult problem to solve because in such a situation it is all too easy to repeat our parents’ mistakes.

You have an especially close relationship to your mother, which you should loosen a little if you want to avoid neglecting your own family. It is important for you to achieve independence and toughen yourself up for life out in the world.

It is possible that you may start a long and drawn out search for a place where you would like to settle down. You may find peace near a body of water.

Moon in the 5th House

If the Moon is in the Fifth House in your chart, unless the Moon is in a fixed sign, your affections go through phases. You are romantic and get along well with women. Your creative life fluctuates. When you are younger you may vacillate about having children, but at some point, the issue of children becomes more important. The Moon here inclines toward public success.

With the Moon in the fifth house you are looking for companionship, protection and recuperation in your romantic relationships and are content once you have found it. Your creative endeavors are unrestrained in a way which few can accomplish. You should encourage this talent in yourself; the resulting feeling of individuality makes you pleased and content because you do not have to fight for it. The people around you would love to finally come into contact with you.

You probably want to have children. The moon stands for motherhood which everyone wants to experience in her own way, independently of its house position. It is important to remember that raising children is an invitation to repeat the mistakes of your parents or to fall into the opposite extreme. The fifth house represents the child in us. Because the Moon keeps the past alive, you could be harboring the same feelings for your children that your parents held for you. This problem can surface in a romantic relationship as well.

You are like a magnet to the people around you; meeting people is spontaneous and natural. Use your creative potential and your playful nature for art and music.

Moon in the 6th House

If the Moon is in the Sixth House in your chart, your physical health is directly connected to your emotional health. Once you are aware of this you can make sure that you vent your emotions when they need to be vented and that you don’t block what you feel, positive or negative. Diet is important to you. You may feel a need to work with the public in a service capacity. Pets nurture you.

With this Moon position you will have fun organizing your daily routines. Repetitious activities, like preparing meals, give you a sense of satisfaction and constancy. The sixth house concerns itself with health and with prophylactic measures to stay healthy. This explains why you are sensitive to signals from your body. It may go so far as to cause physical sensations upon entering a new situation or when meeting new people. You have a special talent to transform these perceptions into useful information. Your health and fitness depend on whether your mood swings hinder your capacity to organize your daily affairs.

The Moon’s aspects in this house will tell how you go about solving your everyday problems. There may be a relation to how your mother managed her daily chores. Pay attention to diseases that occur often in your family. Watch what you eat and drink, you have a tendency to compensate for emotional conflicts by uncontrolled consumption. For you it is especially important to live in harmony with your physical needs.

You want to include your emotions in your professional life. You would rather prefer to work in a field with people every day, than standing alone in a laboratory. Your colleagues will not overlook your emotional nature, but you should guard against prying too deeply into their personal lives.

Moon in the 7th House

If the Moon is in the Seventh House in your chart, you are strongly intuitive about people you love, particularly marriage partners and significant others. Your own emotional health depends on the stability and happiness of your most intimate relationships. Marriage often happens early to someone who enjoys travel and who may be publicly prominent in some way.

The Moon in the seventh house increases your sensitivity allowing you to adapt to your partner’s needs. It may become a problem if you try to conform to their perceptions and get it all wrong.

Take a closer look at your relationship to see if you are not actually looking for your mother; the Moon represents the mother. You may catch yourself repeating childlike behavior in your relationship and can then see the problem in a more realistic context. Do not let yourself be molded into a mother role and avoid doing the same to your lover. The goal should be self-reliance and independence. In spite of this, you naturally crave for a stable relationship and the feeling of security and participation.

The ever-changing nature of the Moon can express itself in your quiet moments in which you sense a deep conflict between your individuality and your desire to melt with your lover. This can annoy you and cause you to question the relationship.

Moon in the 8th House

If the Moon is in the Eighth House in your natal chart, your joint finances go through many fluctuations and changes. You may inherit money, possibly from your mother or her side of the family, and gain in general through the affairs of the dead. Afflicted, this Moon placement mitigates all of the above.

The eighth house is devoted to the occult and spiritual topics. With the Moon in this house, you are naturally open to the hidden powers of the universe, which come into play in your personal life or in the open. On the other hand, economic factors are brought up, for example other people’s material resources. You may have the ability to foresee societal and economic developments.

As a child you were probably receptive to signals and nonverbal communication, especially to your mother’s subliminal emotions. You should liberate yourself from these feelings, if you have not already done so. Make sure to guard your current relationships from this kind of complication. If you want to definitively solve these problems, do not go digging up your past.

You probably started thinking about death and sexuality in your childhood, which had a strong influence on your character. Your primary requirement in a relationship is a dependable compensation for your daily battles. You can be very generous and sympathetic to your partner. These capacities are not only helpful in romance but also in dealing with people in other situations.

If the Moon receives challenging aspects in the eighth house, the end of your relationship could take a dramatic turn. Do not forget that a collapse is always unpleasant at first and causes a lot of pain, but that these crises allow us to grow.

Moon in the 9th House

If the Moon is in the Ninth House in your chart, you enjoy travel, particularly to foreign countries, and benefit through all kinds of changes that travel abroad brings you. The ethical and religious values you learned as a child give you a sense of security. Your intuition is highly developed; sometimes you are outright psychic. Good relations with in-laws.

The Moon in the ninth house makes your emotions an inroad to the world of philosophy and ethics. Intuitively, you sense the spirit of the age guiding morality and can even foresee future events. You can interpret symbols or old ornaments with understanding and imagination. Even if your rational thoughts do not get you anywhere, you are able to feel the solution and rely on your instinct. You will take on your family values, but do not be timid about questioning these values from time to time and reforming them when necessary.

If you should feel a strong urge to live in a foreign country for a while, you should go for it. The Moon in the ninth house will provide you with ample opportunity. When you have finally gotten on your way it was probably due to a strongly emotional decision or from fantasizing about foreign cultures. Be careful that you do not use travel, dreams, or the occult as an escape from reality. Meditation in a Buddhist monastery may not remove all of your worries.

The nurturing principle of the Moon expresses itself in your capacity to share your knowledge with others. Beware of seeing yourself as a guru, who inspires his followers and gives them insights and hope, but does not place enough emphasis on maintaining self-reliance.

People of the male persuasion may have a special fascination for foreign women, or be drawn to women from whom they can learn a lot without having to submit to matriarchal structures. You will never willingly give up your freedom.

Moon in the 10th House

If the Moon is in the Tenth House in your natal chart, you experience fluctuations in your career, business, and employment. You are able to read the tide of public opinion, which gives you a terrific advantage in your work. Women and family are supportive of what you do and helpful in attaining what you desire.

Since the Moon in your chart is in the tenth house, you probably adored your father above everything. The trained eye will not overlook that your facial expressions and gestures are similar to your fathers. As a child you were dependent on his affection and may be susceptible to sacrificing your ambitions to care for him. Certainly, this is nothing terrible, but you should eventually distance yourself from your father in order to lead an independent life.

You have been taught to believe that feeling secure is dependent on what you do for a living. Furthermore, you will make sure that you are respected by those around you, because within you there is a small child craving love and attention. Challenging aspects from other planets to the Moon in the tenth house could call attention to other aspects of your personality, which reinforce the desire for approval.

You are able to perceive communal vibrations, so that the emotions of large gatherings of people can manipulate you. You may choose a profession in which you need the tender, beneficent Moon qualities to care for people. In any case, you will always remain true to your profession.

Moon in the 11th House

If the Moon is in the Eleventh House in your natal chart, you have a large circle of acquaintances, but only a few deep friendships with people whom you trust implicitly. Many of your friends may be unreliable. Possibly more female friends, than male and some may be celebrities or public figures. Groups are tied to family.

With the Moon in the eleventh house you fulfill your need for security and protection in activities with groups of volunteers. You like the feeling of being a part of a group, an organization or a circle of friends. You should be careful which groups you join because you are inclined to be too open and be too uncritical of your friends.

You like to take care of your friends and also expect to be taken care of on occasion. You have managed to maintain some friendships since childhood or adolescence. Try to remember if they involved frustrations, which may have resulted in the development of strategic behavior that may disturb your interaction today.

You use your free time to tank up on energy and receive emotional approval outside the family and the office. You especially like to help out with charity work and feel at home with the organizations. You need to feel that you are reaching a lot of people with your activities and therefore are prepared to sacrifice.

If the Moon receives challenging aspects in the eleventh house, you could have problems with relations to women. The cause may be unresolved conflicts with your mother, which resurface with your female friends. On the other hand a Moon with harmonious aspects points to friendly relations with your mother which allows you to get along well with women.

Pay attention to two things: Do not let mood swings cause you to change your life ambitions too quickly and listen carefully for signals about your own personal needs and do not ignore them.

Moon in the 12th House

If the Moon is in the Twelfth House in your natal chart, your emotional expression is stymied. You are very psychic and through the development of this talent are able to reach out to others in a way that eludes you emotionally. Problems may concern early childhood experiences with your mother. You benefit through solitary or behind-the-scenes work.

This Moon position gives you a reputation for being mysterious and exotic. Your sensitivity enables you to absorb the atmosphere, causing your feelings to flow into those of the people near to you. Dreams and visions play a large role in your life. Reality may slip by you unnoticed on occasion leaving the impression that you are not all there. Unfortunately you are easily influenced. Your challenge is to use your sensitivity wisely without opening yourself and becoming too vulnerable. It may help you to withdraw from outside influences and take time for introspection. You could also confide in a friend. This may help since you take in a lot but seldom express yourself clearly.

You may have an intensive but unconventional relationship to your mother. As a child you were emotionally attached to her and still are in a way, even though you are becoming increasingly independent. Your dreams may tell you more about the bond you had with your mother even after her death.

This Moon position endows you with the capacity of compassion for the downtrodden. You may choose a profession that takes you to places where you have the opportunity to help the socially disadvantaged.

In spite of your sincerity, you have your secrets, which you share with no one. It may be a romance that is not supposed to be discovered. In any case it makes you even more interesting.


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