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Interpreting the Moon

The Moon symbolizes your receptive nature, your feelings, emotions, your instinctive reaction to life circumstances. The Moon shows how you tend to act when nurtured, as well as how you tend to act when upset, threatened, or otherwise stressed.

Where is the Moon by Sign?

The Moon by SIGN shows how you want to be supported, what you need to feel emotionally secure. The Moon also indicates parenting styles, how the person relates to children, and fertility.

As in all astrological factors, a spectrum of manifestation is possible – from the most exalted and masterful where the person is an exemplar – to the most perverse and degraded where the finest potential of the archetype becomes reversed through ignorance or abuse.

Here are a few keynotes of the MOON SIGNS. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

Moon in Aries: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: freedom, ability to take initiative, innovate, create, express his will, feel alive. DETOURS: frustration, anger (can be loud and explosive) when he can’t have his own way (feels his ideas are best), may try to force his own way or ideas on others – then deny he’s doing this.

Moon in Taurus: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: steadfastness, loyalty, comfortable clothes and furnishings, routine, values, good music (many Taurus Moon people are musicians). DETOURS: frustration, anger (can be passive-aggressive), stubborn, resistant, digs in his heels and refuses to understand the other’s point of view.

Moon in Gemini: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: safe place to communicate and ask questions, needs access to information and variety, ways to satisfy his curiosity. DETOUR: dissipates energy through overtalking, scatters forces, may hesitate to go to the depths in relationship, but keeps things light, surface, intellectually interesting.

Moon in Cancer: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: taking the time to feel, validating feeling and the importance of feeling, a deeply caring attitude, family harmony, sentimental or meaningful objects in an orderly environment. DETOUR: too much emphasis on feeling at the expense of logic and practicality, overwhelmed by feeling to the point of speechlessness, oversensitive or overinvolved in family dyanmics due to lack of healthy boundaries, sentimental, may manipulate others into giving him sympathy.

Moon in Leo: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: needs lots of wholesome attention, an outlet for creative self-expression, to be bigger, more colorful and louder than life, to be able to express overflowing affections freely. DETOUR: creates life-dramas [soap operas], and gets unhealthy attention because he doesn’t know how to create healthy attention, doesn’t give self permission to get a lot of healthy attention for self, and for favorite projects and causes.

Moon in Libra: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: peaceful and pleasant relationships and environment, absence of conflict and disagreement, harmony, mutual helpfulness, justice, fairness, beauty. DETOUR: low confront level, ignores interpersonal conflicts until too late, won’t make waves, may be dishonest in personal relations to avoid stirring up conflict, or may not speak up about personal needs for fear of conflict, fear of heated or loud conversation, things getting [temporarily] “ugly.”

Moon in Scorpio: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: safe spaces to experience and talk about intense feeling and emotion, encouragement to go to the depths of feeling, to see depth of feeling as a source of wealth, to see power dynamics in relationships, intense emotional and sexual intimacy. DETOUR: not willing or able to express feeling, inability to create safe spaces where he can express feeling, holding it all in, doesn’t tell others what’s going on with him, secretive, in withhold, so becomes alienated from others and does not have the level of intense intimacy and understanding he craves.

Moon in Sagittarius: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: sense of freedom and space, adventure, freedom to tell the truth, ability to experiment, be lively, be humorous, tell stories, ability to see the future. A very resilient Moon sign. DETOUR: no freedom, no time, no space, no adventure, no truth, no energy, no future.

Moon in Capricorn: NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: respect and acceptance for him as a person, his character, his accomplishments, his contributions. Encouragement for his ambitions, safe spaces to express his professional competence, and to be appreciated for that competence. Cap Moons are natural time-travelers. DETOUR: cold, uncaring, selfish, superior attitude, inferior feelings, haughty, condescending, aloof, competitive attitude, one-upsmanship, others’ invalidation or ignoring his ideas, professional competence, contributions, and accomplishments – especially by those he respects, admires, loves and trusts.

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