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Discover your Moon sign and how it influences your personality… What is your Moon sign and how do you find out what it is? You probably know what your Sun sign is – it is the Zodiac sign that the Sun was travelling through when you were born. So you probably know yourself as a Taurus, Gemini or Sagittarius. However, there is much more to you than just your Sun sign.

Interpreting the Moon

The Moon symbolizes your receptive nature, your feelings, emotions, your instinctive reaction to life circumstances. The Moon shows how you tend to act when nurtured, as well as how you tend to act when upset, threatened, or otherwise stressed.

It’s so important for us to take a look at our Moon sign to figure out how we need to take care of ourselves. The Moon — our emotions, the unconscious, the watery depths, the Mother — represents such a basic tenet of our nature. Artists, perhaps because of their penchant on making connections in some shape or form, are greatly abetted by attuning with their Moon energy.

Familiarizing yourself with the particular ebb and flow of your Moon sign would help hone an artistic discipline that would capitalize on your natural rhythms and emotional inclinations. For a fruitful harvesting of your artistic gifts it’s important to know what feeds you on a day-to-day basis and how your art can be a reciprocal part of that natural flow.

Because the Moon reflects our unconscious drives and motivations, it could be argued that it has an even stronger grip on the steering wheel of our life, as that which is unconscious manifests in ways not subject to our conscious attempts at controlling. The Moon creates no light of its own but is actually just a giant reflector of our environment, particularly sensitive to the “mood” in which we were reared as kids.

Where is the Moon by Sign?

The Moon governs the emotional, sympathetic, compassionate part of ourselves. The Zodiac sign it is found in shows how we care for others, how our intuition works best and what we need to feel emotionally whole and complete. Since time began civilisations have given emphasis to the Moon sign. The Egyptians and the ancient Greeks were experts in astrology; they worshipped the Moon and gave its Zodiac sign placing special emphasis in the understanding of the personality.

The Moon was also travelling through one of the twelve Zodiac signs as you were being born into this world. The Moon moves much faster than the Sun, (which changes sign only once a month), passing from one Zodiac sign to another every few days. It is more than likely that your Moon sign is different from your Sun sign. When we find out what our Moon sign is we understand our needs and feelings so much more than before. If we calculate the Moon sign of a loved one or friend, who they truly are becomes clear to us and our connection with them is so much stronger because we understand the real, inner, them.

What is the mood of your creative work? What needs to be nurtured to bring about a greater emotional connection to your work? How is your art trying to heal you in some way? To get in touch with your Moon is to get in touch with something so primal and really, simple and natural.

It’s important to study the characteristics of the sign your Moon is in and examine how you’re taking care of it. For those who are struggling to create consistently, it may be that your Moon is struggling to find a touchstone where it can go and get filled up before sharing a vision to the outside world.

The Moon by Sign shows how you want to be supported, what you need to feel emotionally secure. The Moon also indicates parenting styles, how the person relates to children, and fertility.

As in all astrological factors, a spectrum of manifestation is possible – from the most exalted and masterful where the person is an exemplar – to the most perverse and degraded where the finest potential of the archetype becomes reversed through ignorance or abuse.

Here are a few keynotes of the MOON SIGNS. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

Moon in Aries:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: freedom, ability to take initiative, innovate, create, express his will, feel alive.

DETOURS: frustration, anger (can be loud and explosive) when he can’t have his own way (feels his ideas are best), may try to force his own way or ideas on others – then deny he’s doing this.

Aries Moons need to get comfortable with taking more risks. They need to show their courage and colors even if it feels like they are the first person on earth to attempt such a feat.

Moon in Taurus:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: steadfastness, loyalty, comfortable clothes and furnishings, routine, values, good music (many Taurus Moon people are musicians).

DETOURS: frustration, anger (can be passive-aggressive), stubborn, resistant, digs in his heels and refuses to understand the other’s point of view.

Taurus Moons need consistent and practical applications for their work. They may benefit from creating in a familiar space which feels comforting and reflects a home environment of simplicity. Taurus Moons also need to work when the time feels right; don’t push.

Moon in Gemini:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: safe place to communicate and ask questions, needs access to information and variety, ways to satisfy his curiosity.

DETOUR: dissipates energy through overtalking, scatters forces, may hesitate to go to the depths in relationship, but keeps things light, surface, intellectually interesting.

Gemini Moons worst enemy is boredom. Seek a wide variety of inspirations — check out what’s new and trendy, and immerse yourself in the classics. Creativity for Gemini Moons springs from making connections between diverse ideas. Follow the winds where they lead you.

Moon in Cancer:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: taking the time to feel, validating feeling and the importance of feeling, a deeply caring attitude, family harmony, sentimental or meaningful objects in an orderly environment.

DETOUR: too much emphasis on feeling at the expense of logic and practicality, overwhelmed by feeling to the point of speechlessness, oversensitive or overinvolved in family dyanmics due to lack of healthy boundaries, sentimental, may manipulate others into giving him sympathy.

Cancer Moons may be protective about their work. Show what you create to your peeps first. Those you trust, your family and friends, can give you the confidence to open up to the creative process and share your pearls with others.

Moon in Leo:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: needs lots of wholesome attention, an outlet for creative self-expression, to be bigger, more colorful and louder than life, to be able to express overflowing affections freely.

DETOUR: creates life-dramas [soap operas], and gets unhealthy attention because he doesn’t know how to create healthy attention, doesn’t give self permission to get a lot of healthy attention for self, and for favorite projects and causes.

They need to express themselves in order to thrive. But they can also be sensitive to the whims of their audience. Learn to be your own biggest fan first, and you may not crave the praise of others so intensely.

Virgo Moons feel at home working tirelessly to achieve perfection. The quest to achieve the ideal is a great motivator, but this Moon may also need to learn to embrace the beauty of imperfection.

Moon in Libra:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: peaceful and pleasant relationships and environment, absence of conflict and disagreement, harmony, mutual helpfulness, justice, fairness, beauty.

DETOUR: low confront level, ignores interpersonal conflicts until too late, won’t make waves, may be dishonest in personal relations to avoid stirring up conflict, or may not speak up about personal needs for fear of conflict, fear of heated or loud conversation, things getting [temporarily] “ugly.”

Libra Moons? They feel at home amongst an atmosphere of conviviality. They seek balance and are dependent on a certain emotional equilibrium. They are inspired by a steady diet of beauty.

Moon in Scorpio:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: safe spaces to experience and talk about intense feeling and emotion, encouragement to go to the depths of feeling, to see depth of feeling as a source of wealth, to see power dynamics in relationships, intense emotional and sexual intimacy.

DETOUR: not willing or able to express feeling, inability to create safe spaces where he can express feeling, holding it all in, doesn’t tell others what’s going on with him, secretive, in withhold, so becomes alienated from others and does not have the level of intense intimacy and understanding he craves.

Scorpio Moons crave what’s beneath the surface. They need to confront their brand of truth with their eyes open. Like an Aries Moon, it takes courage, but in the case of Scorpio it’s emotional courage whereas with Aries it’s a willingness to jump into the uncharted.

Moon in Sagittarius:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: sense of freedom and space, adventure, freedom to tell the truth, ability to experiment, be lively, be humorous, tell stories, ability to see the future. A very resilient Moon sign.

DETOUR: no freedom, no time, no space, no adventure, no truth, no energy, no future.

Sagittarius Moons feel life is an endless adventure. Staying open to new possibilities brings an endless stream of new ideas. Bring your workshop on the road with you, or at least insist on a room with a view.

Moon in Capricorn:

NEEDED FOR EMOTIONAL SECURITY: respect and acceptance for him as a person, his character, his accomplishments, his contributions. Encouragement for his ambitions, safe spaces to express his professional competence, and to be appreciated for that competence. Cap Moons are natural time-travelers.

DETOUR: cold, uncaring, selfish, superior attitude, inferior feelings, haughty, condescending, aloof, competitive attitude, one-upsmanship, others’ invalidation or ignoring his ideas, professional competence, contributions, and accomplishments – especially by those he respects, admires, loves and trusts.

Capricorn Moons need to feed themselves with a certain environment of austerity from time to time — secure but more so because of their commitment to principals than the superfluousness of connection for the sake of it.

Aquarius Moons need to feed themselves with emotional space, an openness to surprising themselves in their work – a willingness to not conform to fit in with the herd.

For Pisces Moons, it may be more about disciplining the imagination — allowing oneself to receive messages through the veil and being comfortable with revealing these gauzy wonderments.

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