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Neptune In The Houses

neptune in the houses

Rules – Pisces
Detriment – Virgo Exaltation – (none yet)
Fall – (None yet)
Represents – spiritual, escapist
Keyword – intuition

The planet Neptune‘s position in the zodiac influences the collective outlook of all those born within the same thirteen year period during which Neptune remains in one sign, showing the mystical and inspirational influences felt by each generation.

Rules maritime matters liquids, music, movies, stage, TV, glamour, dreams, illusion, spirituality, ideals, mystique, hunches and things we take deeply for granted in life without questioning. Neptune rules fog, petroleum, Mystery, Anesthetics (gases), flattery, intangibles, fragrances, second sight, love of poetry, color and dancing. Governs drugs, drug addiction, alcoholism, hypochondria, sleepwalking, trances, hypnosis, immateriality, abnormality. It action is subtle, gradual, sometimes deceptive. It is the higher octave of Venus and the second transcendental planet.
The Neptune in the house shows where you tend to deceive yourself and/or others; it is also where you seek the ideal.

Neptune in the Houses

Neptune in the 1st House
Neptune in the 2nd House
Neptune in the 3rd House
Neptune in the 4th House
Neptune in the 5th House
Neptune in the 6th House
Neptune in the 7th House
Neptune in the 8th House
Neptune in the 9th House
Neptune in the 10th House
Neptune in the 11th House
Neptune in the 12th House

sun-iconNeptune in the 1st House

If Neptune is in the First House in your natal chart, you are mysterious, mystical, deeply compassionate, and have musical ability. Consciously or unconsciously you are physically attuned to your immediate environment; you are a psychic sponge. You have a Greta Garbo allure and may even possess a Garbo beauty, but because Neptune is the planet of illusion .. you can be blind to your own shortcomings.

With Neptune in the first house you do not exactly have an easy time bringing two seemingly contradictory principles into harmony. The emphasis of the first house is the development of individuality, to become an independent personality with individual needs, whereas Neptune stands for the dissolution of the structures of the ego and striving to become part of a greater, all-encompassing self.

If you still have not found the way to transform this conflict into positive energy, you could run the risk of deceiving yourself with convenient illusions. It will be difficult to develop your identity; your lack of self-awareness brings you to constantly reflect on what others are thinking and feeling. In search of perspective and orientation, you run the risk of being used. Eventually, you may turn to drug abuse and sink into the depths of self-pity.

On the other side, your great sensitivity could be of use in your endeavors to express your internal processes artistically. Others may be inspired by you to learn how sincerity and true sympathy can make a difference. Maybe you have prophetic abilities and access to dimensions which remain out of reach to others. The ability to sense what is bothering others is due largely to your healing powers.

sun-iconNeptune in the 2nd House1st house

If Neptune is in the Second House in your chart, illusions can work two ways. You are either blind to your faults concerning finances or you are able to draw on deep intuitive resources to make money. On the negative side, you may be attracted to get-rich-quick schemes. The challenge with this placement is to develop a conscious awareness of your own weaknesses and strengths.

Reaching a comfortable relationship with material possessions will be extremely difficult for you. In financial transactions you may proceed naively, because you cannot fathom money’s importance for some people. Maybe you frequently miscalculate, or unanticipated events absorb your financial security. Compulsive spending or the belief that other people are responsible for taking care of you and helping you stay on your feet, is typical of you.

In any case, you must make an effort to develop a realistic attitude about money and do not put off the issue. Your insecurity may be stilled by material values; however, you must make yourself aware that your spiritual attributes are much more reliable. Do not believe that a well-endowed bank account can protect you from the evils of the world.

If you learned your lesson, you will allow others to share in your material resources or will use them for creative activities.

sun-iconNeptune in the 3rd House3rd house

If Neptune is in the Third House in your chart, if you are a poet or a filmmaker, this is a terrific placement. It confers a mystical, highly intuitive mindset capable of delving deeply into the creative well. Photographic memory, as well as a profound interest in the occult. Contact with relatives is erratic.

Use your intellect and reason for greater goals. The challenge for you is to integrate your limitless imagination into your thought processes and still come up with clear, logical conclusions. If you manage to avoid getting caught up in clouded thought patterns, you will develop an intuitive understanding for latent changes in your environment.

Expressing yourself by means of conventional information transfer has proven itself to be problematic for you. Artistic expression better lends itself to your impressions and inner turmoil, as you find the apparatus of language too restrictive. Maybe you have already had enough problems stemming from disturbances in communication. Accept the fact that language is the number one means of communication and you have no other choice but to work on alleviating any deficits you may have in this area.

Poetry should make you capable of beautiful expression, because it allows you to describe your dreams and fantasies without being restrained by closed structures. Possibly psychotherapy would be a good profession for you, or work with learning disabled children because you intuitively grasp the meaning of a word and are sensitive enough to understand body language.

sun-iconNeptune in the 4th House4th house

If Neptune is in the Fourth House in your natal chart, your family life may not be the neighborhood ideal, but it doesn’t affect you adversely because you don’t see it as it really exists. You idealize your parents and early childhood. You are very psychic when it comes to your home and family; your emotional bonds with them can be spiritual in nature. Could be secrets about your home life.

Perhaps you have unrealistic expectations of your family and cannot accept the fact that you are an adult now and have to take the responsibility for your own life. The feeling of security you experienced in the bosom of your family will always be a part of you, even if the circumstances were not as ideal as your memories. Do not hold fast to the values you were taught but place them in question. Let go of your romantic attachment to family traditions and its unity and solidarity. Only then will you have a chance to experience these ideals.

There may have been a lot of misunderstandings between you and your mother, which left you feeling confused and disappointed. She could have represented the qualities of Neptune by living removed from the world, maybe she used drugs too much, or maybe she shut out the world to devote herself completely to caring for you.

As a woman, you could run the risk of smothering your children with affection causing them to develop guilt complexes. It is important to maintain distance, a sober outlook and to be able to differentiate between people. Sometimes you take care of people you would be better off avoiding.

sun-iconNeptune in the 5th House5th house

If Neptune is in the Fifth House in your natal chart, the traditional meaning is disillusionment through romance and children and a penchant for secret intrigues and affairs. While this may be true, Neptune here can also bring deep psychic insight into the complexities of relationships and into the spiritual essence inherent in children. Your compassion extends to all living things.

With your creativity, fantasy and your deep emotions, you are capable of extraordinary artistic expression. Unfortunately, either you are oblivious to your talents or circumstances prevent you from creating. Possibly self- expression is sacrificed to a deep-rooted guilt complex or you simply do not have enough confidence in yourself to experiment. Regardless of the cause, it would do you good to experiment in this area. It is not necessary to risk your steady income to find out how much joy artistic expression can bring.

You are a romantic lover like no other. Love has to be about romance and pain or you do not see any point in it. Watch out that you do not spend too much time in the clouds or your fall could be a hard one. First consider carefully what you really expect from a partner and do not chase after ill-conceived ideals.

The relationship between you and your children could be similar. Maybe you will not recognize the true personality of your children until after the passing of many years, and than wonder how you could have been so blind. On the other hand, you will support the sensitive and creative side of your children.

sun-iconNeptune in the 6th House6th house

If Neptune is in the Sixth House in your chart,  you draw on intuitive resources in your work and have a deep interest in metaphysical matters. Neptune here makes you receptive to psychic energies, so try to associate with upbeat, positive people in your work environment and in health matters. There may be some self-deception with this placement concerning health, work or both. A diet of fresh foods with little or no animal fat, or vegetarian diet would benefit you.

The challenge of getting your day organized and all your obligations fulfilled satisfactorily often makes you doubt your abilities. Possibly you feel over whelmed by obligations of keeping your household in order, the demands of professional success and taking your mother to the dentist between all this. It may also be the case, that you reject all responsibility and are oblivious to the fact that your constant daydreaming and irresponsibility are a burden to others.

Somehow you do not feel adequately prepared for the cruel world outside and actually do react very sensitively and have even been known to have “allergic” reactions to unpleasant experiences. You should take care to interpret your body’s reactions realistically. Ignoring its signals could cause you to lose touch; if you are unable to solve your problems it could affect your health, for example in the form of eating disorders.

On the other hand, you have healing powers and sensitivity for solving problems at work. Once you have gotten your feet firmly on the Earth, which may be unpleasant at times, you go about your work with inspiration and attain deep satisfaction through serving others.

sun-iconNeptune in the 7th House7th house

If Neptune is in the Seventh House in your natal chart, marriage and partnerships are your blind spot. Your idealism in this area can lead to a marriage or partnerships that are either spiritual and psychic in nature or which ultimately disappoint and hurt.

It never ceases to amaze you that your partner can still manage to disappoint you although in the beginning everything was so beautiful. Your problem is that your image of your partner was never realistic and you do not see your role in the relationship clearly. This can have various consequences. Perhaps you are looking for bliss and salvation in the relationship and believe yourself incapable of surviving on your own. This is a dangerous attitude and can lead to submissive behavior and tolerance of abuse in relationships.

On the other hand, an unattainable romantic ideal could make you wait for the perfect partner, secretly believing that a relationship has nothing to do with day-to-day life. Maybe you are attracted to people with drug problems or to criminals and are determined to help them. You will feel like a martyr and will be disappointed if you do not get the recognition you feel you deserve. Take time to analyze your motivation, which repeatedly guides you to the same experiences.

In spite of all these problems, you are still capable of unlimited, sincere and selfless love. You can truly melt together with the one you love and draw all of your life energy and courage from a relationship. If you keep your eyes open and do not evade problems and conflicts, the relationship will allow you to give a lot and receive even more in return.

sun-iconNeptune in the 8th House8th house

If Neptune is in the Eighth House in your birth chart, you have the innate ability to enter higher realms through the harnessing of psychic energy. This placement can indicate precognitive dreams, astral experiences, a deep interest in spiritualism, and an attunement with metaphysical and mystical energy. Your partners may handle your finances in a deceptive or fraudulent way. Mysterious death circumstances.

Death should not instill you with fear, but fascinate you and arouse your curiosity about what is to follow. Also what the French call the “small death” attracts you hypnotically: Through physical union with another person you try to transgress limitations and attain a deeper understanding of human nature.

Wherever Neptune is found, dangers are lurking. Neptune clouds reality and often makes us victims of our own deceptions. For this reason, avoid using sex as a means of escape or believe that it can alleviate spiritual wounds for very long. You will always be an individual as long as you lead a human existence. Intoxication will help you overcome the barrier represented by your body in a relation to another person. You are capable of tremendous sacrifice, but guard against giving up control and meeting your demise in your passion.

If Neptune has difficult aspects, it could be that you change partners often, maybe because you subconsciously want to unite with all of humanity. Also, you could use people and live at their cost. Be assured that what you are looking for in other people has been within you all along.

sun-iconNeptune in the 9th House9th house

If Neptune is in the Ninth House in your birth chart, this is a very psychic placement for Neptune. You probably have a deep interest in Eastern thought and belief systems, as well as spiritualism, reincarnation, and mysticism. Higher education probably isn’t high on your list of priorities. You travel in connection with spiritual beliefs, but you should take time to plan whatever trips you take.

Becoming a part of a higher order and recognizing an all-encompassing truth with the help of your intuition is your greatest desire. Completely opening yourself to a religion, a philosophy or system of values is what you really aim for. However, Neptune will often guide you in the wrong direction. Whether you are seduced by false prophets or believe that only you have the spiritual greatness and maturity to differentiate truth from falsehood: you court the danger of losing yourself in self-deception and mysterious thoughts. Do not be too easily impressed by whatever gurus happen to be around, consider that a beautiful aura can be deceiving and that salvation can be found nowhere but within yourself.

If you do not turn yourself into a martyr leading spiritual crusades, you will actually have the potential to develop your spirit to the station where you can recognize interdependencies and let yourself be guided by the feeling that everything in life has a purpose. You are capable of extraordinary faith and can serve others as spiritual guide. Maybe you will find the source of your inspiration in a foreign country or in a place that appears to you in a dream.

sun-iconNeptune in the 10th House10th house

If Neptune is in the Tenth House in your chart, you are capable of winning recognition for some unique achievement. The knowledge that allows you to do this comes through the higher self, almost as if you channel the material. An illusion of some sort surrounds your career, some element of self-deception. Good for mediums, poets, musicians, artists.

Probably you will have to search a long time for an appropriate profession, because it is not easy to recognize your talents and find appropriate release for them. You are a little unsure of your place in society and you often perceive your role incorrectly. This may be why you feel uneasy at your job, and do not realize that you are in need of a completely different kind of challenge. Creative work, where imagination plays a large role and where you are granted a lot of freedom, would be perfect for you.

Perhaps you have strange ideas about your future prospects and are dissatisfied because everything seems trivial when you are looking for something special. On the other hand, you could attain a high position once you have found fulfillment. You have a capacity to make a good impression at public appearances. You may be capable of mesmerizing masses and being successful in politics. Neptune may be able to confuse, but cannot sharpen instinct so let your intuition guide you up the corporate ladder.

The tenth house is associated with the father; he probably had the qualities that Neptune represents to you. Seen negatively, he may have been somewhat irresponsible, seldom available, prone to escaping reality and may have had a drug problem. He may have also lived on the positive side of Neptune and was very loving, sensitive and artistically talented.

sun-iconNeptune in the 11th House11th house

If Neptune is in the Eleventh House in your chart, there is a terrific capacity with this placement to attract highly evolved friends and associates. Poets, musicians, mystics, and artists may be part of your social circles. You find inspiration and develop and grow spiritually through them. You prefer psychic or secret organizations.

You should be able to divorce yourself from your identity and completely dissipate into a large community. With your sensitivity you pick up on vibrations people are sending and often instinctively do the right thing. You were born to connect to every living being in the world and feel encompassing love. Brotherly love is not an empty expression for you; you feel the meaning of this concept and want to live it. Maybe you are actively helping the poor and are involved in charity work. Because you are helpful, you can count on the support of your friends.

Still, you have trouble judging your goals. Motivation is not the problem, but it may well be that you have set goals that no one can reach. You also have to choose your friends and group activities carefully to avoid being used and one day awaking from a bad dream. Especially religious or spiritual contacts will attract you. It is also important to be careful in this area. Although you can find fulfillment in a group, you should never give up responsibility and let yourself become a mindless tool.

sun-iconNeptune in the 12th House12th-house-icon

If Neptune is in the Twelfth House in your birth chart, you possess deep spiritual compassion and may find success in any facet of metaphysics. You gain through mediumship, psychical research, and any type of solitary work. This placement is great for the development of psychic ability. Great for writing, acting .. or a flair for the theater.

In the twelfth house, Neptune is in its natural habitat, which will intensify the expression of its qualities. In extreme cases, you may long to return to the womb, where it was warm and you could dream away in a sea of sensations. The material world is more difficult for you to grasp than your world of feelings, sacrifice, dreams and inspiration.

Maybe you are afraid of reality and believe that you could not survive there, preferring to withdraw and escape into illusions. Dimensions could open up to you that are unattainable to others. Beware of taking too many drugs along on trips through your subconscious, you may lose sight of your limits and become trapped in vicious circles.

You are over sensitive and open for mystical experiences, which can drive you to self-annihilation. It is important for you to never give up control over your emotions or the resulting action because you suffer from depression and cannot always differentiate harmful conduct from what is good for you. If you make an effort to understand the external world and try to find a way out of the isolation that is sometimes necessary, you will delight others with your inspiration and be able to draw from a large reservoir of spiritual experiences.

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