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Neptune by SIGN is significant as a generational marker, as all persons born for a 10+-year span had Neptune in the same sign. Neptune by sign references generational ideals, what a person idealizes and seeks to experience as heaven on earth.

As in all astrological factors, a spectrum of manifestation is possible – from the most exalted and masterful where the person is an exemplar – to the most perverse and degraded where the finest potential of the archetype becomes reversed through ignorance or abuse.

Here are a few keynotes of NEPTUNE IN THE SIGNS. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

NEPTUNE IN ARIES: Idealizes and inflates expectations about independence, will, the power of thought. Spiritual blessings: firey creation using essences/archetypes.

NEPTUNE IN TAURUS: Idealizes and inflates expectations about stability, arts and crafts, living in nature. Spiritual blessings: steadfastness, manifestation.

NEPTUNE IN GEMINI: Idealizes and inflates expectations about learning, variety, vehicles, ideas. Spiritual blessings: languaging spiritual impressions, amusement.

NEPTUNE IN CANCER: Idealizes and inflates expectations about family, children, emotional nurturing, sentimentality. Spiritual blessings: unconditional love, empathy, compassion, easy psychic impressions.

NEPTUNE IN VIRGO: Idealizes and inflates expectations about work, purity, loyalty, health. Spiritual blessings: devotion and dedication, service-minded.

NEPTUNE IN SCORPIO: Idealizes and inflates expectations about sexuality, intensity of life experience, blissful states of consciousness. Spiritual blessings: psychological awareness, tremendous “havingness” on bliss.

NEPTUNE IN CAPRICORN: Idealizes and inflates expectations of practical business results, what is constructive, workability, preserving the environment. Spiritual blessings: pragmatism, mystical experiences of spirit in nature.

NEPTUNE IN AQUARIUS: Idealizes and inflates expectations of spiritual connections to all humanity, groups, extended family, intuition used in scientific discovery. Spiritual blessings: world fusion arts, brotherly love, greatly expanded intuition.

NEPTUNE IN PISCES: Idealizes and inflates expectations of mystical experience, spiritual love, fine arts, altered states of consciousness, completing karmic threads. Spiritual blessings: communion of saints, abundant love, ecstatic and dreamtime states.

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