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North Node In Signs

North Node in Astrology

The Lunar Nodes in signs- The urge to spiritually evolve!

Core Insights of the Nodes

  • Urge to evolve spiritually.
  • The Soul’s Journey
  • Spiritual Inheritance (south node) & Spiritual Legacy (north node).

South Node: Talents, Skills, Addictions, Attachments

North Node: Destiny, Challenge, Soul’s Longing, Evolutionary Path.

In astrology we have a very insightful interpretation technique that can tune you into your destiny. It’s called the Lunar Nodes. Many beginning astrologers get confused about the nodes of the moon. The nodes are the points along the ecliptic (the sun’s yearly path) that show where eclipses will happen.

The ancients found out real quick how to track the 19-year cycle of the nodes backwards through the zodiac and often built monuments like Stonehenge to watch the mythic movie unfold in the heavens. They thought the moon blacking out the sun was a great dragon. Hence, the north or ascending node of the moon was called the Dragon’s Head. The south or descending node of the moon was called the Dragon’s Tail.

So the nodal axis emerges from the intersection of the lunar and solar paths. But what do they symbolize? The moon symbolizes the soul and the sun symbolizes purpose. So the nodes came to symbolize the arrow of the soul’s purpose.

The south node reveals your karmic inheritance. The sign and house it is in shows the predominant archetypal themes that your soul has participated in down the corridors of time. It indicates your talents and gifts as well as your addictions and attachments. Whereas, the north node symbolizes your karmic legacy, what you need to do in this lifetime to find ultimate fulfillment and balance.

Think of the south node as a repository of memories and imagery experienced through many past lives. You have already mastered the spiritual and archetypal principles of the sign and house it occupies. This lifetime is about going beyond what you know and stretching into a new destiny. It’s very hard to pull away from the known and familiar and to strike out into the unknown. In a way, finding your destiny requires that you step into the darkness of the unknown to make friends with it. You have to use the gifts of the south node in service of fulfilling the potential of the north node to truly evolve.

An example

Here’s an example of two famous people and their nodal axis: Elvis and Einstein. They both had their south node in the sign of Leo and their north node in the sign of Aquarius. The nodes are always in opposite signs.

Elvis and Einstein had past lives as special people. They were treated with great respect and honor wherever they went. They came to earth to get over themselves and to show other people how they were unique and special too.

Elvis stayed focused (addicted) to his gift bestowed by Leo. He performed and he became the King, both images associated with Leo. He did what he loved and inspired others with romance and shocked them with his unusual style. However, he died of a heart attack from overdosing on drugs. He was not personally fulfilled. Although he brought something unique to the world, the focus was always on him and his career ambition. He had to shine!

On the other hand, Einstein (who also performed with the violin) knew he had to utilize his creative imagination to inspire people in a humanitarian way. He threw himself into his life as a scholar and developed a theory of relativity that made people think about the nature of existence, space, and time and launched a revolution in science. He introduced the idea of a cosmic religion, and he became known by the world as the genius and the humanitarian, both Aquarian archetypes. He spent his life either in his study working, traveling to teach and lecture, or working on pacifist peace movements. His focus was contemplating the unified field theory, saying, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

If you want to learn more about your own nodal axis, head to the bookstore and check out Jan Spiller’s book Astrology for the Soul. It’s the best book written to date on the nodes.

Of course, the nodes are just one part of the entire chart. It’s also important to study their house positions and sacred geometry (aspects) in the chart for a full picture. You’ll be amazed at how following the guidance of your north node will empower your life!

The descriptions of the nodal pairs are not complete. They are meant to open up your imagination to the archetypal essences that define the nodal flow. Naturally the principle of polarity is at work. The theory is that to achieve fulfillment in one realm you have to stop being obsessed with it and simply focus on the opposite realm.

We come into life compulsive about our south node imagery. In order to overcome these addictions we need to start focusing on developing the harmonious expressions of the north node’s sign, house, and aspects in our character. At the same time we must banish the shadow expressions of our south node configuration by sign, house, and aspect.


North Node in Aries
North Node in Taurus
North Node in Gemini
North Node in Cancer
North Node in Leo
North Node in Virgo
North Node in Libra
North Node in Scorpio
North Node in Sagittarius
North Node in Capricorn
North Node in Aquarius
North Node in Pisces

The South Node in Libra, The North Node in Aries:

1930 07 07 – 1931 12 29
1949 01 24 – 1950 07 26
1967 08 19 – 1969 04 18
1986 04 07 – 1987 11 30

You are acquainted with the program of Libra. Thus you have an exciting ability to preserve diplomacy and stay away from the sharp corners of relations. You are aware of the behavior that is established as the one corresponding to the existing social norms. You have got what is called a well-developed sense of justice. You treasure the clarity of emotions and peace. You should attempt to preserve these qualities and to avoid negative aspects of Libra: constant doubt, giving too much prominence to form and undervaluing content, ostentation, sophistication, double-dealing, and conformance.

Your North Node (Rachu) is in Aries. This position encourages developing courage, an ability to formulate and defend your opinion and position. Seek not to betray your nature out of cowardice and spiritual opportunism. You should attempt to form your personal scale of values rather than rely on the values accepted by the society. You should seek to rely on your inside, outlook, and heart. Do not be afraid of new things and aim to learn to start everything all over again. You should attempt to develop a bright worldview. Seek to develop a clear and concrete approach to the surrounding world. Avoid opportunism, intrigues, and rumors. Your karmic task is to learn to be true, direct, and unaffected.

Your recreation should be active. It is advisable to go in for sports.

The professions linked with South Node in Libra are as follows: a judge, a social worker, and an official. This position also covers all occupations linked with the beauty nurturance: a barber, a cosmetician, a designer, an artist etc. Aries reflects more active professions: a sportsman, an officer, a policeman, a social figure or a politician who preserves a shining personal position. Aries also covers business spheres related to mechanical devices, cars, and metal as well as fundamental exact sciences (physics, mathematics, astronomy etc).

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The South Node in Scorpio, The North Node is in Taurus:

1928 12 27 – 1930 07 07
1947 08 01 – 1949 01 24
1966 02 19 – 1967 08 19
1984 09 13 – 1986 04 07

Your South Node is in Scorpio. This position evidences risk, suffer, death, challenges, extreme situations, unperceivable occurrences, and maybe even magic you have gone through during your past lives. This experience helped you to develop persistence, inward strength, courage, and an ability to fight, to resist pressure, to perceive the depths of life, to outface difficulties as well as cross the limits of your abilities. You should aim to preserve these qualities, but simultaneously you should keep away from the negative Scorpio’s traits: constant need to challenge your fate, unreasonable risk, looking for dramatic experiences, provoking others, causing chaos around, destroying peace, and encouraging your bellicosity.

Your North Node is in Taurus. This position encourages developing patience and reliance. You should avoid unreasonable risk. You should aim to accumulate values in a peaceful way. You should seek to learn to live out a harmonious earthly love. Attempt to learn to value beauty, tenderness, and femininity as well as love to the Earth. Try to preserve peace and harmony.

Scorpio’s professions are all occupations linked with risk and war: a policeman, a soldier, an officer, and a pilot. Scorpio also covers extrasensorics, mantics, and magic. However, these spheres should neither overwhelm you too much nor you yourself should give too much prominence to them. Seek for the magic, power, and sense of kindness, beauty, peace, and love. Your task is to perceive, nurture, and support the sense of material world, but not to destroy it.

Taurus reflects professions linked with the following spheres: the fine arts, design, fashion, and cosmetology. This position also covers spheres linked with agriculture, horticulture, daily comfort as well as financial activity, cosmetic trade, accessories, outfit, and immovable property. You should enjoy life and allow yourself to trust that the reality of welfare can be stable and long-lasting. You should nurture your trust in love, which can be not only painful, but also supportive, delighting, and lasting. This karmic position also indicates the importance of learning to accumulate and retain wealth.

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The South Node is in Sagittarius, The North Node is in Gemini:

1927 04 16 – 1928 12 27
1945 12 05 – 1947 08 01
1964 08 26 – 1966 02 19
1983 03 17 – 1984 09 13

The position of South Node indicates that you have gone the way of fighting for authority during your past lives. Most likely you were a teacher or a servant of some religion. You know how to respect tradition, you perceive the importance of spiritual values, and you are aware of certain ways to achieve authority. The spirit of constant searching, investigations, eagerness to perceive the world fundamentally, widen your outlook, and travel are in the very nature of yours. Aim to preserve these qualities, but stay away from the negative aspects of Sagittarius: dictatorship, eagerness to teach others when they are not asking for this, and forcing your outlook, belief or dogma.

Usually these persons give too much prominence to scientific (professor’s, doctor’s etc) degrees. They are lured by honor, recognition, worship, and blind submission. The worst case is when these persons become addicted to dictatorial outlook and eagerness to bring good with the help of force.

Your North Node is in Gemini. It encourages to get rid of giving too much prominence to your personality. You should not be hasty to teach others. You should aim to learn from the surrounding world. Gemini’s program is not the program of a teacher. It is the program of a pupil. It seems that you were too overwhelmed by the existing tradition or even dogma during your past lives. Thus this life expects you to refuse from everything old seeking to create your outlook anew, as if facing everything for the first time.

Encourage your curiosity, develop objectivity, humor, and do not be hasty to worship something just because others do so. Aim to analyze and investigate things independently. Seek to develop your mind and mathematical skills. This life expects you to forget the old and heavy baggage of knowledge. You can poke your nose everywhere asking ‘why this or that’. The destiny will help you to find the answers and to acquire necessary knowledge. The main point is to stay away from the resentment that you are not a sufficiently important figure.

Nevertheless you can become an excellent media man if you apply not only your past maturity, but also freshness, easiness of juvenility, and democracy.

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The South Node in Capricorn, The North Node in Cancer:

1944 05 13 – 1945 12 05
1962 12 23 – 1964 08 26
1981 09 20 – 1983 03 17
2000 04 09 – 2001 10 10

The position of South Node tells that you have developed the following qualities during your past lives: seriousness, concentration, discipline, and patience. You are a hard-working person who knows how to strive for a goal. Very often these persons were monks during their past lives. This has helped to develop an ability to concentrate and live in solitude for a long time.

These persons have got an extensive sense of responsibility and devote lots of attention to professional development. You should seek to preserve these qualities simultaneously staying away from the negative aspects of Capricorn: melancholy, sadness, reticence, indifference, insensibility, and involvement in a single life sphere. Most likely you had a chance to experience authority, to work in governmental institutions or to serve as an important figure. You should avoid careerism as well as sacrificing family life for it.

Your North Node is in Cancer. This position encourages you to develop sensitivity, tenderness, and an ability to care for life, family, and home. One more important task is finding a way to agree with your subconsciousness and intuition as well as learning to follow them. You should learn to respect not only concrete material results, but also feelings and relations. In no way allow yourself to despise a woman, her ability to change the world with the help of love, tenderness, and compassion. You need to seek these values, develop or recall them.

It is essential that you had a cozy home, where you could feel safe. You should aim to implement this even if you consider these things to be insignificant. Also it is very advisable to have a piece of land, to grow plants, and to keep pets. In other words it is essential that you came in touch with the surrounding life, learnt to enjoy and value it. It is very important that you had children and perceived the miracle of maternity.

You have to learn to communicate with the help of feelings, to share your experiences with others, and to avoid building the wall of indifference. You could study psychology and the deeper motives of human behavior. You should aim not to suppress your feelings, but to perceive, control, and enjoy them.

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South Node in Aquarius, The North Node in Leo:

1942 11 19 – 1944 05 13
1961 06 09 – 1962 12 23
1980 01 06 – 1981 09 20
1998 10 20 – 2000 04 09

Your South Node, so called Dragon’s head, is in Aquarius. This position indicates that your soul has done a lot developing the following qualities during past lives: nonattachment, easiness, and originality. These persons have acquired a big and intense experience linked with the wanderer’s life. Most likely you have got an insight and you are not afraid to be original, to shine out of the surrounding world, and even cause shock with the help of your outstanding outward appearance and habits.

You communicate easily and treasure friendship. You are especially creative when it comes to various technologies. Usually you are a good driver. Seek to preserve these qualities simultaneously keeping away from the negative aspects of Aquarius: constant relocation, too much prominence given to your personal freedom and no respect to the freedom of others. You should avoid meaningless destruction of relations aiming to experience diversity, rebellion, and vagrancy.

The worst case: ‘I do what I want, I take liberties with anything, and I do not care about others’. Very chaotic but anyway strong program of Aquarius nurtures revolutionists and destroyers who are seeking to build something new by destroying the old just to see what will happen.

Your North Node is in Leo and it tells that you should develop respect to yourself and others, learn to enjoy and cherish life as well as long-lasting and warm human relations. You should also nurture your kindness, charity, and nobility. You should treat new ideas or inventions with adequate approach. In other words you should seek to examine how they fit and if they are not harmful to the surrounding world.

It is necessary that you developed respect to love, beauty, and the entire variety of its forms. You should also aim to nurture love to children, ordinary life delight, and game. Seek to learn to be with others and respect everything the best in the world. It is not so important to invent new things, as it is vital to see the unbelievable miracle, which already exists. Aim to cherish it.

You should practice sports, active recreation as well as visiting theatre performances and various events. You should aim to be in public, to develop your own style, and deserve the respect of others.

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The South Node in Pisces, The North Node in Virgo:

1941 05 21 – 1942 11 19
1959 12 16 – 1961 06 09
1978 07 05 – 1980 01 06
1997 01 25 – 1998 10 20

The most vivid countries of Pisces are Israel and Nepal. The most vivid countries of Virgo are Japan and France.

This position of South Node speaks of the time devoted to spiritual matters and prayer during your past lives. Often these persons are the ones who spent several lives in monasteries and in solitude serving some religion or sometimes – a sect. You have got a developed sense of beauty, sensitivity, poetry, subtlety, compassion, an ability to sacrifice oneself, and idealism. You perceive the world as a whole more than in its fragments. You tend to rely on intuition and inward more than on rational mind. You seek for ideal and divine love as well as harmony.

Aim to preserve these qualities, but stay away from the negative aspects of Pisces: self-pity, reality evasion, too big concentration on mystics as well as secrets or magic, and exaggerated approach towards senses and untraditional capabilities. Seek to avoid fanaticism, sects, alcohol, medicine, drugs, and any other long-lasting addiction. This can imprison you for a long time if you do not remain alert and careful.

Your North Node is in Virgo. This position indicates that you should develop rational mind in this life. This is the way of your evolution. Seek to discover concrete and clear answers to any of your questions, even if they are linked with the untraditional capabilities, secrets or spiritual processes. Do not let yourself be satisfied with the answer that you believe just because it is necessary to believe.

Develop observation and the ability to notice details and integrate them into the whole. Nurture your sense of duty, order, and cleanness. Do not avoid taking care of hygiene and health. You are bored to care for everyday earthly matters, but this has to be done. It is very important that you named what you feel and found an explanation for certain behavior. Do not aim to help everyone asking for help. This way you would encourage toadyism rather then providing help. You find it difficult to say “no” even if it is necessary to do so. Thus aim to develop an ability to distinguish what is your real duty and seek to fulfill it even if it is not a very pleasant thing to do.

You would succeed in the following professions of Pisces: an artist and a priest. Nevertheless these occupations would inhibit your evolution. Virgo’s professions would encourage it and would help to recover balance. These professions are linked with numbers, rational, sober thinking, concrete craft or science, and an ability to recognize details and process them. This is more scientific and practical than mystic trend. The medical profession would also suit you. Huge and rich experience brought from previous lives has to be concretized, “landed” on the ground, substantiated, and organized.

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The South Node in Aries, The North Node in Libra:

1939 09 13 – 1941 05 21
1958 06 16 – 1959 12 16
1977 01 08 – 1978 07 05
1995 08 02 – 1997 01 25

The most vivid country of Aries is Germany. The most vivid country of Libra is Great Britain. The very country that would bring you to the familiar karmic experience, the country where you most likely have had a chance to be during your past lives, is related to South Node. Depending on that experience (was it pleasant or not), this country will arouse pleasant or unpleasant associations.

Possibly your karma was favorable to you there. Nevertheless you would still find yourself successful only initially. Later on you would face an ongoing trend directing you backwards towards degradation. Whereas the country related to The North Node should attract you unconsciously as the place of the most expressed possibilities towards evolution. The destiny itself would support you and disclose lots of new possibilities there.

Those who have their South Node positioned in Aries are the ones whose past reflects the acquisition of valuable lessons of fight for one’s existence as well as sufficiently developed courage, determination, and ability to defend one’s position in spite of the probability of getting involved in a conflict. Quite a big part of their past experience was directly associated with war and fight, which enabled the development of personal skills and abilities necessary for rebuffing aggression.

These persons may respond to life occurrences in a very subjective manner and desire their destiny to give them everything at once. With respect to this life, these persons should make every effort not to lose their determination, courage, and an ability to preserve an independent position. They should also seek to maintain their ability to strive for personal goals and not to lose the brightness of a personality. However, it is highly advisable to avoid aggression, the tendency to solve problems coming into conflict, and immediate withdrawal from freshly started matters.

Your North Node is in Libra, thus your evolution can be initiated by the development of your positive Libra skills. It is essential to learn to remain always objective, observing situations as if from aside, and to develop the sense of justice. Peace, harmony, and the ability to compromise are the very characteristics that have to be nurtured most. Seek to learn how to find a compromise and how to preserve a nice and long-lasting relationship.

The North Node also expects you to maintain the clarity of emotions, an inward balance, and to keep away from extremes. The professions that are directly associated with these enumerated tasks are as follows: a lawyer, a judge, a social character, and other occupations directly linked with beauty, harmony, and maintenance of accepted social norms. It is especially important to learn to observe the agreement as well as to refuse from vulgarity, harshness, familiarity, and to promote subtlety and diplomacy.

Aries reflects the professions linked with the muscle power, mechanical devices and metal, and force structures (a soldier, an officer, a policeman, a fireman). You would find yourself at ease there only at the very beginning; however, later on your evolution would stop and you would face the reverses of fortune.

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The South Node in Taurus, The North Node in Scorpio:

1938 03 04 – 1939 09 13
1956 10 05 – 1958 06 16
1975 07 09 – 1977 01 08
1994 02 04 – 1995 08 02

The most vivid countries of Taurus are Austria, Denmark, and the Ukraine. The most vivid countries of Scorpio are Hungary, Sweden, and Pakistan.

These persons are familiar with the program of Taurus. They are fully conscious of the value of things. They love and cherish being, life, beauty, and seek for peace, for a possibility to work, live, and love in a peaceful way. Your past lives have taught you to accumulate various values, to treasure and take care of them, and to remain alert. However, in case the program of South Node is too expressed, prevailing, it can highlight materialistic attitudes, greed, and extreme attachment to earthly values, feelings, and laziness. You should do your best to preserve the main values that you acquired: simplicity, reliability, an ability to love, to perceive beauty, to work patiently, to safequard peace. You should neither strive too much for wealth or money, nor deify or give too much prominence to earthly love in this life.

Your North Node (Dragon’s head) is in Scorpio. The North Node obviously tells you that if you are willing develop you will have to face lots of challenges and shakes in this life. The Spirit will try this way to wake you up from the stagnation in the material world. You must experience new things, test yourself, and experience transformation in its full light. This life will demand more than just carefulness and development in a peaceful and safe manner. You must learn to take risks and go for daring plans. Even if you are unwilling to live so, the life itself will be constantly forcing you not only to go deeper into it, but also to experience the reality behind it. You should independently try to go deeper into the spiritual reality, including learning not to be overwhelmed by the material values and wealth. Calm, worldly life without any secrets, risks, and challenges is not meant for you. If you remain stubborn and try to preserve a calm and inert way of living you may face shakes or lose your wealth.

Professions of Taurus will allow you to feel at ease only for a certain period of time; however, they will start stimulating your degradation thirty years later. These professions are closely linked with the nurturance of beauty, agriculture, finances, retail, and various minor crafts.

Professions of Scorpio will initiate an ongoing evolution supported by the destiny itself. These professions are linked with quite a big risk (employment in force structures or big business), secret aspects of life (extrasensorics, collective spiritual practice, diverse mantics), insurance and death, psychology, psychiatry, and surgery. Scorpio also covers all other professions, which in their nature bring challenges to society, expand its notion of a human being, and disclose totally new and sometimes even shocking things.

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The South Node in Gemini, North Node in Sagittarius:

1936 09 14 – 1938 03 04
1955 04 02 – 1956 10 05
1973 10 27 – 1975 07 09
1992 08 01 – 1994 02 04

The most vivid countries of Gemini are the United States and Greece. The most vivid countries of Sagittarius are Brazil, Australia, and Mexico.

Your past karmic program is linked with Gemini. Therefore you were busy developing rational mind and logics during your past lives. You are capable of grasping the essence of information. You enjoy communication and eagerly share knowledge. You are interested in everything that is new. The essential parts of your nature are curiosity, an ability to change the trend of development without any difficulties, and openness to entirely new things. You should seek not to lose Gemini’s communicative skills, craving for knowledge, an ability to preserve an easy and non-affectionate outlook, democracy, and eagerness to learn and discover new things. However, you should keep away from the negative Gemini’s qualities: garrulity, intrigues, levity, blind accumulation of any kind of knowledge, and the position of “an eternal pupil”.

Your North Node (Dragon’s head) is in Sagittarius. This position indicates that further evolution requires more than just casual information and involvement in its transmission. You should look for some spiritual tradition, which would organize all scattered information into one united system. It is very important that you found your spiritual teacher, attempted to establish personal authority in society, and aimed for higher education. More mature souls are expected not only to find a teacher and follow the tradition, but also to become teachers forwarding knowledge to others.

You should attempt to formulate an integral, wide, and independent outlook. You should try to perceive the fundamental truths of existence and look for the answer to the question of your mission. This program of evolution discloses the importance of your trust in the higher will of the Absolute, God. Have in mind that not without a reason Sagittarius is associated with religion, philosophy, and distant perspectives. You should devote lots of time to travelling, world acquisition, and discovery of various cultures. You are not expected to remain stuck in your small and cosy world.

Gemini reflects the following professions: school education, trade, mass media, mediation, and service. Typical occupations related to Sagittarius are as follows: a lecturer’s work in the institution providing higher education, positions covering administrative functions, a judge, a diplomat, a politician, a traveler or a researcher as well as a soldier, an officer, and a sportsman.

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The South Node in Cancer, North Node in Capricorn:

1935 03 09 – 1936 09 14
1953 10 09 – 1955 04 02
1972 04 26 – 1973 10 27
1990 11 19 – 1992 08 01

This position of South Node indicates that you have developed sensitivity, emotionality, and tenderness during your past lives. You have also paid a tribute to maternity and developed an ability to care for life, children, and home. Traditionally this position of the Setting node of the Moon reveals too much prominence given to parents, family, traditions, and love to one’s homeland.

You should aim to preserve sensitivity and subtlety. However, do not become too sentimental and compassionate for yourself. Attempt not to give too much prominence to family life and seek not to drown in subjective experiences and emotions. Sticking at home and exaggeration of comfort and coziness will stimulate your regress. Do not allow yourself to become too overwhelmed by everyday tasks, such as food preparation etc. It becomes easy to manipulate you by appealing to your patriotism and faithfulness to family traditions.

Your North Node (Dragon’s head) is in Capricorn. This position strongly encourages you to develop patience, consistency, and an ability to reach goals. You should devote more attention to professional development, spiritual growth, and career than to home and family. Aim to remain objective with respect to your emotions. Learn to observe and control them. Capricorn’s way is the way of an ascetic, yogi, monk or an executive who is able to assume responsibility.

It is very important that you endeavored to identify your central goal and aimed for it. The program of Sagittarius will be highly supported by meditation, yoga exercises, and alpinism. You should preserve the order in your everyday life and develop your skills, which would enable you to treat life objectively, to formulate independent goals and outlook no longer dependent on the “baggage” inherited from your parents.

All Cancer’s professions are linked with maternity, family, home, and women. They also cover spheres related to food preparation, liquids and outfit trade.

The professions of Capricorn are as follows: an executive, a politician, and an official. Capricorn also covers occupations linked with construction, stone and economy. Have in mind that any persistent attempt to develop professionally will embody Capricorn’s program.

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The South Node in Leo, The North Node in Aquarius:

1933 06 25 – 1935 03 09
1952 03 27 – 1953 10 09
1970 11 03 – 1972 04 26
1989 05 23 – 1990 11 19

The main countries of Leo are Italy and some parts of Spain. The main countries of Aquarius are Russia, Norway, and Canada.

Your South Node is in Leo. This position indicates that most likely you have been a ruler during your past lives and you have developed a great number of “ruler’s” qualities such as: nobility, generosity, shining personality, an ability to enjoy life, and a taste for luxury. Usually these persons strive for being in the center of everybody’s attention. Sometimes it is complicated for them to understand that they no longer possess subordinates and dictatorial or nobleman’s ambitions are no longer needed.

Therefore it is important not to give too much prominence to the personality’s brightness. Refuse from craving for power. Also try to avoid egoism, false pride, jealousy, and the tendency to display glitter and theatricality. All these characteristics would drag you back most in your karmic way.

On the other hand it is important that you preserved the qualities of Leo: joyful nature, creativity, an ability to love, to share your inward light, nobility, natural dignity, sense of beauty, love to children, and optimism.

Your North Node (Dragon’s head) is in Aquarius. This position indicates the importance of your efforts to learn to value the world of ideas and the ability to associate more than just cling to your personality and its impact on the surrounding world. Key characteristics that have to be promoted most are freedom, intellectuality, and controlled feelings. Leo’s way reflects enormous passion, affection to people, and worldly values.

The way of Aquarius is linked with the liberation from subjectivity and personal goals. The soul here is expected to make a huge leap from self-centeredness towards the perception of the collective process of humanity’s evolution, its input to it, and collective consciousness. Aquarius reflects the way of insight, clairvoyance, originality, handling of diverse technologies, development, inventions, and an ability to work collectively for the good of society.

An actor/actress and artist in general are typical Leo’s professions, which especially attract young people. Leo’s professions include all fields of activity, which create possibilities to occur in the spotlight. Thus often you tend to dream of “Jupiter’s light”, i.e. the stage. This is the way of a politician who tends to display himself more than aim for the entire state’s goals.

Aquarius covers all professions associated with diverse technology, inventions, intellectual and public activity as well as astrology and exact sciences.

The main differences between Aquarius and Leo’s ways are Leo’s resistance to changes, the tendency to cling too much to everything, and his frequent turns backwards. Whereas Aquarius is unpredictable, adores changes, looks forward, and sometimes foresees more than others.

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The South Node in Virgo, The North Node in Pisces:

1931 12 29 – 1933 06 25
1950 07 26 – 1952 03 27
1969 04 18 – 1970 11 03
1987 11 30 – 1989 05 23

This position of South Node indicates that the Soul was busy developing carefulness, a sense of duty, diligence, rational mind, and thoroughness during its past lives. You have learnt to notice small details and analyze them. You should attempt to preserve these values. Nevertheless be careful and do not give too much prominence to trivial matters and rational mind.

You know how to care for hygiene, health, and order. However, if this starts overwhelming you too much you put a heavy load not only on your shoulders, but on the shoulders of others as well. Those persons whose South Node is in Virgo are often the ones who have had a chance to work in the field of medicine or to master crafts requiring handiness during their past lives. They are excellent accountants, tradespeople, mathematicians or scientists. Nonetheless these occupations would not provide you with necessary new skills and would drag you backwards in your karmic way.

Your North Node (Rachu) is in Pisces. This position indicates that you should seek to widen your outlook and world perception with the help of your senses and intuition. This is more important than just the development of your mind and reliance on its capabilities. You should aim not only to discover the world through analysis and concentration on details, but also to apply a broader perspective and aim for harmony.

You could develop artistic skills (music, art, dance). All spheres that disclose beauty will help you to feel and perceive the world as a harmonious whole. It is essential that you strived for spiritual development and practiced meditation. Aim to develop intuition, insight, encourage tenderness inside yourself as well as compassion and even self-sacrifice. Spend lots of time in nature, admire it, and let it develop your fantasy and imagination. Do not loose your trust in a miracle. Only this way it can come to you.

Very often this position of the Moon node is reflected in the work of doctors who apply not only traditional, but also untraditional ways of healing. Most likely this is the best way of self-expression, because Pisces are associated with spiritual help, subtlety, spiritual reality, and sacrifice. Their help is compassionate help directed first of all towards one’s soul and Spirit. Pisces also reflect the way of a priest or the one working with the disabled and others who especially need help and compassion.

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