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Pallas Athene Aspects

Pallas Athene Aspects


The Goddess of Applied Intelligence


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In astrology, the asteroid Pallas represents applied intelligence: the intersection between intellect and action; the ability to apprehend cause-and-effect and karma. To the mind she grants intellectual rigor, impartiality, and the ability to employ the mind in the manifest world. To the field of action she grants ethics, strategy, and methodology. In her full splendor she is the fierce protector of truth, logic, freedom, and peace; when she is compromised, soon follow deception, violence, tyranny, and war.

As the go-between between thought and action, Pallas is an integral part of conscience: the capacity to translate into action what one knows to be true. Mercury without Pallas is an ineffectual intellectual without the capacity to apply his thought to real life. Mars without Pallas is a dumb brute.

Pallas rules wit and weapons, the art of war and the wisdom of nonviolence, the consensual anarchy of the market and the crushing centralized order of the gulag. Pallas brings illumination and clarity to the world of the mind and competence to the world of action.

Wisdom herself, the startling power of Pallas in the astrological chart is seldom looked-for but unmistakable once understood.


The placement of Pallas on the natal chart can indicate with precision the native’s attitude with regard to the use of force or violence. She is a very reliable indicator for a native’s inclination towards non-violence or violence, cooperation or force, peace or war. For this reason, she is both an indicator for political ideology as well as for pacifist or criminal tendencies.

pallas iconPALLAS AND THE SUNsun icon

Pallas in aspect to the Sun tends to create “crusaders” or “warriors” for a cause. For example, all these persons have Sun conjunct Pallas: Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Percy Bysse Shelley, Aaron Russo, Joseph Dejacque, John Lennon, Christopher Monckton, Paul Craig Roberts, Clint Eastwood, Joseph McCarthy, Napoleon Bonaparte, Milton Friedman, Abbie Hoffman, Bruce Springsteen, Bill O’Reilly, Gloria Steinem, Bill Maher, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, Abraham Lincoln, Ban Ki-Moon, Rahm Emanuel, Anderson Cooper, Julia Child, Madonna, and Al Gore. Some of these individuals actively oppose each other: the nature of the cause fought for can often be found by examining what other energies aspect Pallas. Pallas-Sun and its preoccupation with ethics and the mentality of force and violence also appear in the charts of war journalists.

Pallas is often noted for bringing an androgynous quality to her natives, perhaps a by-product of her ability to weave disparate elements together. Of the list above, Percy Shelley, John Lennon, Julia Child and a few others might display some transgender qualities. Ron Paul is not particularly feminine but was a gynecologist before his political career. This quality may be more visible when Pallas is angular, as with David Bowie and Amelia Earhart (who do not have the conjunction with the Sun, though Earhart has a square).

Pallas in aspect to the Sun without mitigating factors produces a libertarian (anti-violence, anti-authoritarian) ethical outlook. Ron Paul and John Lennon, both with Sun and Pallas conjunct and no mitigating factors, are perhaps the clearest examples of this in recent history. Both men are public and uncompromising representatives of peace, non-aggression, and resistance to tyranny.

pallas iconPALLAS AND THE MOONmoon icon

Among other things, Pallas with the Moon can represent the martial artist, or someone who has turned the body (Moon) into a weapon (Pallas, here as the enabler of combat).

For example:

  • Bruce Lee — Pallas conjunct Moon
  • Evander Holyfield — Pallas conjunct Moon
  • Joe Frazier — Pallas opposite Moon
  • Sugar Ray Leonard — Pallas opposite Moon, square ruler of the Moon
  • Mike Tyson — Pallas trine Moon
  • Royce Gracie — Pallas square Moon
  • Roger Zelazny — Pallas quincunx Moon (the sci-fi author was an expert martial artist)
  • Rocky Marciano — Pallas sesquiquadrate Moon, trine ruler of the Moon
  • Jesse Ventura — Pallas sextile Moon, quincunx Fourth House ruler
  • Peter McNeely — Pallas quindecile Moon
  • Muhammand Ali — Pallas trine rulers of the Moon
  • Chuck Norris — Pallas in Cancer sextile ruler of the Moon
  • Joe Louis — Pallas wide trine on ruler of the Moon, sesquiquadate h4
  • Jackie Chan — Pallas quincunx ruler of the Moon
  • Jet Li — Pallas in Cancer conjunct NN sextile ruler of the Moon
  • Julio Cesar Chavez — Pallas in aspect to rulers of the Moon
  • Oscar de la Hoya — Pallas either trine or quincunx or quintile ruler of the Moon
  • John “Old Smoke” Morrissey — Pallas square IC and square Pluto, ruler of the Moon

The (Sibley) chart for the United States of America (with the most powerful military ever to exist in the world) has Pallas tightly conjunct the Moon.

Also notable is Ayn Rand, with a Pallas-Moon-Mercury triple conjunction. I do not believe she was a martial artist, though she certainly used her writing (Mercury) as a weapon. She physically describes the capitalist heroes in her novels as lean, muscular, with sharp features: a bit like weapons themselves.

Pallas with the Moon also appears in the of charts of military persons I’ve seen. In military charts, Pallas also tends to aspect Pluto. Pallas with the Moon seems to be common but not always present with professional athletes.

sun-iconPALLAS AND MERCURYmercury icon

Pallas may sharpen the mind when in aspect to Mercury, very often for purposes of a cause or crusade. Somewhat paradoxically, this crusade is often that of peace. Pallas-Mercury natives often possess a sharp intelligence well-suited to political strategy. These persons have Pallas conjunct Mercury: Lysander Spooner, Tom Woods, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Ayn Rand, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Thomas Sowell, Ralph Nader, Rush Limbaugh, Antonio Gramsci, and Niccolo Machiavelli.

A Mercury aspect very strongly brings out the libertarian quality of Pallas, even more so than an aspect from the Sun. With regard to political ideology, it is much easier for Sun-Pallas aspects to be mitigated or nullified by other factors than it is for Mercury-Pallas aspects. Sun-Pallas persons, understandably, tend to be more visibly active in politics.

pallas iconPALLAS AND VENUSvenus icon


One of the most visible manifestations of Pallas-Venus connections may be the ability to “weaponize” or strategically employ one’s attractiveness and charm, perhaps to advance one’s career. Pallas-Venus contacts appear to be all but mandatory among Hollywood actresses. Exceptions exist but are unusual. Here are a few dozen female media personalities noted for their attractiveness:

  • Pallas conjunct Venus — Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley,
    Rebecca Romijn, Dakota Fanning, Barbara Stanwyck, Lauren Cohan, Brittany Murphy, Naomi Watts, Miley Cyrus
  • Pallas opposite Venus — Mia Farrow, Linda Hamilton
  • Pallas trine Venus — Brigitte Bardot, Jodie Foster, Angelina Jolie, Kristy McNichol, Hayley Mills, Maureen O’Hara,
    Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Taylor, Emma Stone, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Heidi Klum, Mila Kunis, Rachael Taylor,
    Sophia Loren
  • Pallas square Venus — Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Alicia Silverstone, Uma Thurman, Yvonne Strahovski, Katy Perry
  • Pallas sextile Venus — Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore, Shirley Temple, Kate Beckinsale, Jayne Mansfield
  • Pallas septile Venus — Rachel Bilson, Rachel McAdams
  • Pallas quincunx Venus — Ann-Margret, Lauren Bacall, Candice Bergen, Alicia Witt
  • Pallas sesquiquadrate Venus — Joanna Lumley
  • Pallas semisquare Venus — Barbara Eden, Farrah Fawcett, Jane Fonda, Maria Montez, Eva Longoria
  • Pallas novile Venus — Sally Field
  • Pallas decile Venus — Rachel Weisz
  • Pallas quindecile Venus — Greta Garbo, Barbara Windsor
  • Heather Locklear — Pallas opposite Venus and sesquiquadrate Mercury (ruler of Venus)
  • Kristanna Loken — Pallas tridecile Venus and trine Sun (in a stellium with Venus)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer — Pallas rising, square Venus and sesquiquadrate Neptune (ruler of Venus)
  • Cybill Shepherd — Pallas quintile Venus and sextile Saturn (ruler of Venus)
  • Loni Anderson — Pallas square Venus and Moon (ruler of Venus)
  • Melissa George — Pallas sextile Venus and semisquare Sun (ruler of Venus)
  • Julia Stiles — Pallas semisquare Venus and Mars (ruler of Venus)
  • Charlotte Rampling — Pallas semisquare Mercury which is conjunct Venus
  • Keri Russell — Pallas novile Venus and conjunct Jupiter (co-ruler of Venus)
  • Pallas conjunct Sun (ruler of Venus) — Pamela Anderson, Madonna
  • Pallas conjunct Saturn and semisquare Uranus (rulers of Venus) — Jessica Biel, Kate Middleton
  • Vanessa Redgrave — Pallas conjunct Jupiter (ruler of Venus)
  • Greta Scacchi — Pallas conjunct Saturn (ruler of Venus)
  • Alyona Minkovski — Pallas quindecile Saturn and opposite Uranus (rulers of Venus)
  • Audrey Hepburn — Pallas trine Mars (ruler of Venus)
  • Shannen Doherty — Pallas trine Jupiter and Neptune (rulers of Venus)
  • Marlene Dietrich — Pallas square Uranus (ruler of Venus)
  • Milla Jojovich — Pallas square Mars (ruler of Venus)
  • Judy Garland — Pallas square Moon (ruler of Venus)
  • Amy Adams — Pallas quincunx Sun (ruler of Venus)
  • Priscilla Presley — Pallas quincunx Mars (ruler of Venus)
  • Jill “I destroyed Petreaus” Kelley — Pallas quincunx Saturn (ruler of Venus)
  • Charlize Theron — Pallas sesquiquadrate Mercury (ruler of Venus)
  • Goldie Hawn — Pallas sesquiquadrate Pluto (ruler of Venus)
  • Anna Paquin — Pallas in Libra square the nodes: North Node is conjunct Venus
  • Megan Fox — Venus at the midpoint of Sun and MC; MC is conjunct Pallas
  • Grace Kelly — Pallas opposite the midpoint of Venus and MC, very widely quincunx Venus.
  • Kim Kardashian — Pallas opposite the midpoint of Venus and ASC, very widely quincunx Venus.
  • Liv Tyler — ASC at the midpoint of Venus and Pallas
  • Scarlett Johansson — Venus/Jupiter at the midpoint of Saturn (which rules Venus and Jupiter) and Pallas
  • Denise Richards — Pallas conjunct the midpoint of Venus and Saturn (which rules Venus)


As one might expect, Pallas-Venus contacts not only correlate with charm, but skill with finances:

  • Pallas conjunct Venus — John Jacob Astor VI, Neil Bogart, Max Keiser
  • Pallas opposite Venus — Lee Iacocca, Lew Wasserman, Alexandre Le Grand
  • Pallas trine Venus — Hugh Hefner, Joan Ganz Cooney, Suzanne DePasse, Lance Armstrong
  • Pallas square Venus — John Gotch, Sir Hugh Greene
  • Pallas quincunx Venus — Rupert Murdoch
  • Pallas quintile Venus — Linda Marshall
  • Pallas septile Venus — Ross Perot
  • Pallas semisquare Venus — Mark Rockefeller
  • Pallas quindecile Venus — Donald Trump
  • Bill Gates — Pallas trine Pluto (ruler of Venus)
  • Michael Edgley — Pallas trine Pluto (ruler of Venus)
  • Allen Lane — Pallas trine Mercury (ruler of Venus)
  • Richard Branson — Pallas square Mercury (ruler of Venus)
  • Albert Kahn — Pallas square Mars (ruler of Venus)
  • Andre Citroen — Pallas mundane square Neptune (ruler of Venus)
  • John D Rockefeller — Pallas quincunx Uranus (ruler of Venus)
  • Henry Ford — Pallas quincunx Mercury (ruler of Venus)
  • Priscilla Presley — Pallas quincunx Mars (ruler of Venus)
  • L Ron Hubbard — Pallas in sextile Mars (ruler of Venus)
  • Ferruccio Lamborghini — Pallas in Taurus semisquare Venus
  • Alfred Harmsworth — Pallas in Taurus septile Uranus (ruler of Second House)
  • Ted Turner — Second House cusp at the Pallas-Venus midpoint

At this point I don’t know what factor(s) other than gender determine whether Pallas-Venus applies to loveliness, lucre, or both.

pallas iconPALLAS AND MARSmars icon

Pallas-Mars (and/or Ascendant) connections appear to be ubiquitous in athletes requiring a high degree of precision. This includes tennis and basketball players, figure skaters, and probably many others. Examples:

  • Bjorn Borg — Pallas conjunct Mars
  • Rudy Galindo — Pallas conjunct Mars and square Pluto (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Arthur Ashe — Pallas in Aries conjunct Mars
  • Nancy Kerrigan — Pallas at the MC conjunct Mars (ruler of Ascendant), square Ascendant, and trine Saturn (ruler of Mars)
  • Yao Ming — Pallas in the First House opposite Mars
  • Jimmy Connors — Pallas in Aries trine Mars and opposite Venus (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Ron Hundley — Pallas in trine Mars and opposite Mercury (ruler of Mars) and Jupiter (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Tiger Woods — Pallas square Mars and opposite Ascendant
  • Maureen Connoly — Pallas square Mars and quincunx Ascendant
  • Tom Chambers — Pallas sextile Mars
  • Michael Stich — Pallas septile Mars and semisquare Pluto (ruler of Mars)
  • Dennis Rodman — Pallas sesquiquadrate Mars and sextile Ascendant
  • Evonne Goolagong-Cawley — Pallas quindecile Mars and quindecile Pluto (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Chris Evert — Pallas at Ascendant (which is trine Mars) and trine Jupiter (co-ruler of Mars)
  • John Newcombe — Pallas in the First House conjunct Sun (ruler of Mars)
  • Billie Jean King — Pallas in Aries trine Mercury (ruler of Mars)
  • Venus Williams — Pallas in Aries square Mercury (ruler of Mars)
  • Michael Chang — Pallas semisquare Venus (ruler of Mars) and Ascendant
  • Wilt Chamberlain — Pallas sextile Sun (ruler of Mars) and semisquare Venus (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Tracy Austin — Pallas quincunx Sun (ruler of Mars) and sesquiquadrate Jupiter (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario — Pallas quincunx Jupiter and quindecile Netpune (rulers of Mars, which is at the Pallas/NN midpoint)
  • Roger Federer — Pallas conjunct Mercury (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Steffi Graf — Pallas quincunx Mercury (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Tony Roche — Pallas trine Sun (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Jan Konrads — Pallas square Sun (ruler of Ascendant)
  • Pat Rafter — Pallas sesquiquadrate Saturn (ruler of Ascendant)
  • John Havlicek — Pallas trine Mercury (ruler of Ascendant and Mars)
  • Kenny Anderson — Pallas quincunx Pluto, which is conjunct and at the midpoint of both Mars and its ruler Mercury
  • Martina Navratilova — Mars at the Pallas-Ascendant midpoint
  • Mary Pierce — Mars at the Pallas-Ascendant midpoint

pallas iconPALLAS AND JUPITERjupiter icon

Jupiter has a specific and somewhat strange effect on Pallas when in aspect to her. When the aspect is harmonious or neutral (conjunction, trine, quintile, quincunx, sextile, or novile) there is no negative effect. When the aspect is dis-harmonious (opposition, square, sesquiquadrate, semisquare, or quindecile), the native’s political ideology moves away from libertarianism and the native has fewer objections to the use of force in attaining one’s goals.

Pallas-Jupiter aspects of any kind may confer a talent for teaching and publicity:

  • Pallas conjunct Jupiter — George Carlin, Howard Zinn, Orson Welles
  • Pallas trine Jupiter — Murray Rothbard, Andrew Napolitano, Tom Woods
  • Pallas square Jupiter — John Stossel, JFK
  • Pallas quincunx Jupiter — John Lennon, Rick Steves, Penn Jillette
  • Pallas quintile Jupiter — Martin Luther King Jr, Irving Horowitz
  • Walter Williams — Pallas sextile Jupiter
  • Henry David Thoreau — Pallas semisquare Jupiter
  • Mohandas Gandhi — Pallas septile Jupiter
  • Lew Rockwell — Pallas septile Jupiter
  • Raymond Hoiles — Pallas decile Jupiter
  • Ludwig von Mises — Pallas in Sagittarius
  • Dalai Lama XIV — Pallas conjunct Pluto (co-ruler of Jupiter)
  • CS Lewis — Pallas sextile Mars (co-ruler of Jupiter)
  • Walter Block — Pallas square Mercury (ruler of Jupiter)
  • John Stuart Mill — Pallas square Saturn (ruler of Jupiter)
  • Leonard Read — Pallas quintile Venus (ruler of Jupiter)

pallas iconPALLAS AND SATURNsaturn icon

Pallas with Saturn may grant a genius for structure and for large projects. Sculptors and architects usually have Pallas-Saturn connections:

  • Pallas conjunct Saturn — Louise Bourgeois, Dan Flavin, Louis H Sullivan
  • Pallas opposite Saturn — Louise Abbema, John Henning
  • Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux — Pallas trine Saturn
  • Tony Garnier — Pallas trine Saturn
  • Georges Braque — Pallas square Saturn
  • Eric Gill — Pallas square Saturn
  • Alberto Giocometti — Pallas sextile Saturn
  • Elias Robert — Pallas quincunx Saturn
  • Daniel Chester French — Pallas semisquare Saturn
  • Mirka Mora — Pallas semisquare Saturn
  • Gustave Dore — Pallas quincunx Saturn
  • Philip Johnson — Pallas semisextile Saturn and square Neptune (ruler of Saturn)
  • Camille Claudel — Mercury at the Pallas-Saturn midpoint. Pallas and Saturn are antiscia.
  • Renzo Piano — Pallas in Capricorn trine Mercury (ruler of 10th House)
  • Rosa Bonheur — Pallas in Aquarus
  • Niki de Saint-Phalle — Pallas in the 10th House
  • Le Corbusier — Pallas sesquiquadrate Sun (ruler of Saturn).
  • August Rodin — Pallas septile Jupiter (ruler of Saturn).
  • Fernand Leger — Pallas semisquare Mars (ruler of Saturn).

Karl Marx had Pallas conjunct Saturn. The prophet of the far political Left expropriated communism from the fringes of Christian culture and built out of it a religion unto itself, complete with its own philosophical foundation, moral code, and eschatology. The structure he built inspired revolutions and empires after his death, and continues to win followers to this day, to the profit of some and the detriment of others.

Lew Rockwell has Pallas conjunct Saturn. The founder and president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute built the world’s greatest intellectual resource for the libetarian movement and has acted as a largely unseen but crucial support for libertarian champion Ron Paul.

pallas iconPALLAS AND URANUSuranus icon

Pallas with Uranus suggests a knack for manipulating the unknown and the unexpected for deliberate effect. This connection is ubiquitous in comedians and funny people.

  • Pallas conjunct Uranus — Anne Hathaway
  • Pallas opposite Uranus — Bill Maher, Karen Dunbar, Alyona Minkovski
  • Pallas trine Uranus — George Orwell, Loni Anderson, Eileen Brennan, Stephen King
  • Pallas square Uranus — Johnny Carson, Jim Bailey, Peter Cook, Danny DeVito, Ian Brackenbury Channell, Murray Rothbard
  • Pallas quincunx Uranus — Penn Jillette, Barack Obama
  • Mark Twain — Pallas septile Uranus
  • Jon Stewart — Pallas semisquare Uranus
  • Scott Capurro — Pallas semisquare Uranus
  • Steven Crowder — Pallas novile Uranus
  • Dennis Miller — Pallas semisextile Uranus
  • John Belushi — Pallas semisextile Uranus and square Mercury (ruler of Uranus)
  • Rory Bremner — Pallas quindecile Uranus
  • Jennifer Lawrence — Pallas quindecile Uranus and opposite Saturn (ruler of Uranus)
  • Robin Williams — Pallas in Aquarius in the Third House widely quincunx Uranus
  • Billy Connolly — Pallas in Aquarius trine Uranus (by stellium)
  • George Carlin — Pallas in Aquarius square Uranus
  • John Stossel — Pallas in Aquarius trine Uranus
  • Janeane Garofalo — Pallas square Uranus and quintile Mercury (ruler of Uranus)
  • Sandra Bernhard — Pallas conjunct Moon (ruler of Uranus)
  • Lady Chablis — Pallas conjunct Sun (ruler of Uranus)
  • Woody Allen, Alex Jones — Pallas conjunct Venus (ruler of Uranus)
  • Lucille Ball — Pallas conjunct Saturn (ruler of Uranus)
  • Stefan Molyneux — Pallas opposite Mercury (ruler of Uranus)
  • Carol Burnett — Pallas opposite Mars (ruler of Uranus)
  • Julian Clary — Pallas trine Sun (ruler of Uranus)
  • John Cleese — Pallas trine Venus (ruler of Uranus)
  • Ed Asner — Pallas trine Mars (ruler of Uranus)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger — Pallas trine Mercury (ruler of Uranus)
  • Dick Emery — Pallas trine Saturn (ruler of Uranus)
  • Rhona Cameron — Pallas in Aquarius trine Mercury (ruler of Uranus)
  • Andrew Breitbart — Pallas square Venus (ruler of Uranus)
  • Al Franken — Pallas in Aquarius sextile Moon (ruler of Uranus)
  • Jack Fertig — Pallas sextile Moon (ruler of Uranus)
  • Jim Carrey — Pallas septile Sun (ruler of Uranus)
  • Charlie Chaplin — Pallas novile Venus (ruler of Uranus)

pallas iconPALLAS AND NEPTUNEneptune icon

Pallas with Neptune suggests an artistry with the manipulation of perception. This connection is common in artists, photographers, filmmakers, and spiritual leaders.

  • Pallas conjunct Neptune — Frida Kahlo, Berthe Morisot, August Renoir
  • Pallas opposite Neptune — Paul Gauguin, Marie Laurencin, Gen Paul, Yves Tanguy
  • Pallas trine Neptune — Max Ernst, Robert Delaunay, Derek Jarman, Peter McIntyre, Adolphe Monticelli, Helmut Newton, Georg Olden, June Redfern, Wayne Thiebaud
  • Pallas square Neptune — Ansel Adams, Steve Artley, Mary Cassatt, Rick Castro, Raoul Dufy, Anya Gallacio, Henri Rousseau, Xul Solar
  • Pallas quincunx Neptune — Pablo Picasso, Diane Arbus, Jacob Holdt, Edgar P Jacobs, Cornelius Krieghoff, Andre Masson, Pierre Molinier, Morgan Russell
  • Pallas quintile Neptune — Albrecht Durer, Piero di Cosimo, Charles Filiger, Laxman Pai
  • Pallas sextile Neptune — Paul Avril, Dora Maar, Suzanne Malherbe, Robert Rauschenberg
  • Pallas septile Neptune — Honore Daumier, Lee Miller, Paul Rebeyrolle
  • Pallas sesquiquadrate Neptune — Cecil Beaton, Claude Cahun, Edgar Degas, Ian Fairweather, Keith Haring
  • Pallas in Pisces conjunct North Node — Lari Pittman, Christopher Nolan
  • Pallas in the 12th House — Paul Cezanne, Mariano Fortuny, Leonardo da Vinci
  • Achille Etna Michallon — Pallas in the 12th House conjunct Moon (ruler of 12th House)
  • David Hunter Strother — Pallas in the 12th House conjunct Jupiter (ruler of Neptune)
  • Pierre Gandon — Pallas in the 12th House trine Neptune
  • Don Bachardy — Pallas in the 12th House semisquare Mercury (ruler of Neptune)
  • Michelangelo — Pallas in the 12th House sextile Jupiter (ruler of 12th House)
  • Alex Toth — Pallas in the 12th House sextile Saturn (co-ruler of 12th House)
  • Maurice Utrillo — Pallas in the 12th House sesquiquadrate Mars (ruler of 12th House)
  • MC Escher — Pallas in the 12th House semisextile Mercury (ruler of Neptune)
  • Rosaleen Norton — Pallas conjunct Sun (ruler of Neptune)
  • Eric Stanton — Pallas conjunct Sun (ruler of Neptune)
  • Amedeo Modligliani — Pallas conjunct Venus (ruler of Neptune)
  • Marcel Duchamp — Pallas opposite Venus (ruler of Neptune)
  • Ronald Greenaway — Pallas opposite Mercury (ruler of Neptune)
  • Emilio Pettoruti — Pallas opposite Mercury (ruler of Neptune)
  • Jack Pierson — Pallas square Jupiter (ruler of Neptune)
  • Gustave Courbet — Pallas trine Pluto (ruler of Neptune)
  • Suzanne Valadon — Pallas trine Mars (ruler of Neptune) and square Mercury (ruler of 12th House)
  • Etienne Carjat — Pallas square Saturn (ruler of Neptune)
  • Herb Ritts — Pallas quincunx Venus (ruler of Neptune and 12th House)
  • Frieda Hughes — Pallas indirectly sesquiquadrate Pluto (ruler of Neptune)
  • Gustave Caillebotte — Pallas sextile Jupiter (co-ruler of Neptune)
  • Jean-Louis Forain — Pallas sextile Jupiter (co-ruler of Neptune) and square Moon (ruler of 12th House)
  • Henri Matisse — Pallas sextile Mars (co-ruler of Neptune)
  • Vincent Van Gogh — Pallas septile Jupiter (co-ruler of Neptune) and opposite Mercury (ruler of 12th House)
  • William Blake — Pallas semisquare Sun (ruler of Neptune)
  • Cindy Sherman — Pallas quindecile Venus (ruler of Neptune)
  • Kate Perugini — Pallas conjunct Mercury (ruler of 12th House)
  • Salvador Dali — Pallas opposite Mercury (ruler of 12th House)
  • Edouard Manet — Pallas trine Moon (ruler of 12th House)
  • Leopold Survage — Pallas square Jupiter (co-ruler of 12th House)
  • Margaret Bourke-White — Pallas quincunx Mars (ruler of 12th House)
  • Tracey Emin — Pallas sextile Mercury (ruler of 12th House)
  • Wojciech Kossak — Pallas quindecile Mercury (ruler of 12th House)
  • Henri Toulouse-Lautrac — Pallas in Pisces conjunct IC

pallas iconPALLAS AND PLUTOpluto icon

Pallas-Pluto natives tend to show a facility for the understanding and manipulation of deep psychological energies, sex, violence, politics, and banking. In many cases, these natives are very adept at deception and subterfuge, and can successfully present a public persona that is contrary to their actual nature. This aspect is common among politicians, high-level bankers, career military, and violent criminals.

Pallas-Pluto aspects of any kind are an anti-libertarian factor. They increase a natives’s openness to the use of force and violence (and therefore government) to attain one’s ends. While disharmonious Pallas-Jupiter aspects have a similar effect, in the case of Pluto the native is more likely to personally use force and violence rather than merely approve of it. Aspects from Pallas or her sign ruler(s) to the Sun, Mercury, and/or the lunar Nodes generally counteract this effect, as do aspects from Pallas to the sign ruler(s) of Sun and Mercury.

These persons have Pallas conjunct Pluto: Sigmund Freud, Hugh Hefner, Dennis Miller, Jack Kemp, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Harry Truman, Michael Moore, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Kim Il-Sung, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Peter the Great, Richard Allen Davis, TS Eliot, and interestingly, Dalai Lama XIV.

Obviously, many persons who do not commit significant acts of violence will have Pallas-Pluto connections. Many of these will have mitigating factors such as Pallas in connection with the Sun, Mercury, or the North Node. Other factors as yet undiscovered probably also come into play.


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