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Pallas Athene in the Signs

Pallas Athene in the Signs

Pallas-Athene represents a spark of the Warrior Goddess within you who defends your wisdom, creativity and fairness. It is the subtle qualities that allow you to fight for what you feel is just and fair within your life and it allows you to back your wisdom with a defense of strength, belief and fortitude. Pallas-Athene also lends a spark of courage and a glimmer of activism to your ability to believe in your knowledge, your talents and your intelligence. It also highlights talents, gifts and creative qualities that you possess.

Pallas in Aries:

The god of war merges with its goddess and you are driven to fight for your right to seek adventure, new horizons and personal freedom of expression and creativity. Your wisdom is that of innocence and creativity. You have imaginative intelligence and are an adept strategist. Competition ignites your desires to conquer and can be used to motivate yourself to make changes in your life. The personal right to ‘experience’, to explore and to choose ones destiny are important qualities you will inherently protect both in yourself and for those around you. You possess artistic flair and imagination.

Pallas in Taurus:

If Pallas is in Taurus, you possess the Wisdom of the Earth and are most concerned with the protection of assets, belongings, objects and traditions. You would choose to protect rather than fight but are a formidable opponent if you are prodded. You use logic, analysis and tradition to solve problems. You possess a sensual grace of movement and an artistic and creative intelligence. Your sense of fairness is based on literal objectives and ownership ideals. Your Warrior Goddess defends the earth, her bounties and her assets. You are likely to have talents in the visual and tactile arts.

Pallas in Gemini:

YouIf Pallas is in Gemini, you fight and protect with your mind and its sharpened intellectual weapons. Your creativity is progressive, thought oriented and explorative. You value thoughts, ideas, new horizons and communications and create equality in intellectual circles by a free sharing of wisdom and knowledge. You’re likely to feel most protective of freedom of movement and speech. Your Warrior Goddess protects our rights to free thoughts. Your wisdom is ingenious. mentally oriented and fast moving. You could be talented in the literary field.

Pallas in Cancer:

If Pallas is in Cancer, you battle for the safety of your home and those you love. You use empathic and intuitive intelligence to solve problems and seek answers. Fairness is equated with a give and take within your intimate environment and you are less concerned with what is owned or possessed than with what is shared emotionally. Your warrior protects our rights to be loved unconditionally. Your creative gifts are found in an ability to create a thing with warmth, connectivity and heart. You cannot tolerate knowing or feeling that others are unloved.

Pallas in Leo:

If Pallas is in Leo, you are the regal warrior goddess who leads her loved ones towards light, love and joy. You protect the right to shine with individual talents and strengths. You use willpower and leadership as problem solving skills and your creative intelligence is radiant, generous and brilliant. You will defend the honor and dignity of those you care about as well as your own. You are a formidable opponent in any battle. You tend to judge yourself by the condition of those around you.

Pallas in Virgo:

If Pallas is in Virgo, you defend and stand up for the health and strength of life. You understand the nuances of the supportive structures involved in problems and challenges and your creative wisdom is refined, detail oriented and intellectual. You would sacrifice your life to defend those you love and who are under your care. You have an intricate way of knowing how things fit together and can assemble the bits and pieces into a cohesive whole. You tend to take on the problems of others at your own sacrifice and can battle for their rights and their needs.

Pallas In Libra:

If Pallas is in Libra, Warrior Goddess protects equality, justice and harmony. You create beauty through your imagination and your wisdom is that of the “partner’ whose life calling can be devoted to helping others work together towards common goals. You possess a healing grace of movement and an eye for artistic vision and talent. Your strengths are in your strong and gentle disposition and your willingness to repress your needs for the betterment of the group.

Pallas in Scorpio:

If Pallas is in Scorpio, you are the Goddess Warrior of life, beauty, truth and death. Your wisdom is penetrating, occult, mysterious and profound. You use investigation and penetration to solve problems and issues in your world and you will fight for your rights and your needs with any tactic that is required. You are a nearly unbeatable adversary when you are defending a justice or a right. You do not leave a shadow unexplored nor a stone unturned in your searches.

Pallas in Sagittarius:

If Pallas is in Sagittarius, you are a defender of the future. Your creative intelligence is spiritual, philosophical and far reaching. You balance our dreams and our need to explore the offerings of the world. You are intelligent, worldly and astute. Your words are your weapons and your healing tools. You use laughter and humor with agility and ease. You are likely to have strong talents and gifts with literature, writing and communications.

Pallas in Capricorn:

If Pallas is in Capricorn, you are the Warrior Goddess who defends and upholds traditions and the status quo. Your creative intelligence is structured, classical and refined. You protect the assets we have accumulated and created and teach conservation and thrift. You are likely to have talents in the fields of art that require structure combined with strength and beauty. Architect, landscaping, classical arts are all areas where you could excel.

Pallas in Aquarius:

If Pallas is in Aquarius, you defend the defenseless, the underdogs and the hidden. Your creative intelligence and practical wisdom is progressive, unique and spontaneous. Your artistic and visionary talents are likely to be found in an expressive modern style or a very antiquated style. You could have empathic gifts that focus on the mind and thought processes. Your courage is found in your unbound optimism and belief in the equality of all.

Pallas in Pisces:

If Pallas is in Pisces, you are the Warrior Goddess who protects our dreams. Your talents are poetic, visionary and spiritual and when brought into the world allow us to visualize a realm that lies beyond the mundane and mind oriented. You utilize unconditional love and acceptance to problem solve and work through outer issues. You resonate with the music of the soul and the universe and strive to fight for its place in our lives.

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