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The Part of Fortune In The Houses

part of fortune housesEverybody learns how to cast the part of fortune, the most widely used of the ancient Arabic parts, in beginning astrology. But instructions on how to use it differ widely.

I think of it as indicating the “life support system.” It is whatever it takes to keep one going. In a material sense, that means money, of course, but also it means the kinds of support-emotional and spiritual-we need to survive as viable human beings.

It is the place the moon would occupy if you put the sun on the ascendant and left everything else in the chart alone. Thus, it is an indicator of the relationship between the two lights, the most important factors in the chart.

Good aspects to it enhance its ability to give us help in life. Harsh aspects limit it, of course.

Table of contents:
The Part of Fortune in the First House
The Part of Fortune in the 2nd House
The Part of Fortune in the 3rd House
The Part of Fortune in the 4th House
The Part of Fortune in the 5th House
The Part of Fortune in the 6th House
The Part of Fortune in the 7th House
The Part of Fortune in the 8th House
The Part of Fortune in the 9th House
The Part of Fortune in the 10th House
The Part of Fortune in the 11th House
The Part of Fortune in the 12th House

The Part of Fortune in the First House

Some people get it in the first house. They are their own best advocates and their own best advisors. They should not take anyone’s word for anything about their behavior or choices. They need to judge for themselves. When it comes to taking care of themselves, these people are the best at it. They always seem to have an instinct on how to accomplish their goals, whether that is simply keeping the wolf from the door or achieving outright financial success. They are self-reliant in the extreme.

They were obviously born shortly after a new moon.

The Part of Fortune In The 7th House

Those who have the part of fortune in the 7th are full moon types, and their reason for being and their success often comes in partnerships or marriage. Quite often they deal with the public (the 7th is the house of the public at large) and may find that jobs which deal with the public are their best way to make a living. Advertising and marketing come to mind. Strangers often help them at critical times in their lives. These are people who need others in all ventures. They also benefit from marriage in ways other than merely financial, and may be wed to someone who is their “best friend,” or “biggest fan.” Cooperation and conciliation lead to success.

The Part of Fortune In The 4th House

If you were born when the moon was at the first quarter, your part of fortune may be in 4, and the family is what keeps you going. Early in life it is the parents and siblings, but later on it becomes your own children and spouse and the entire extended family. This gives a talent for making money in real estate, by the way, but also in working out of the home or in taking up a “family” trade. One of your parents (probably the father) is always an ace in the hole.

The Part of Fortune In The 10th House

If you were born when the moon had reached its last quarter, you may have the part in 10, a strong indicator of career success. You will do best preparing for your career early in life and setting your sights high. You will attract a mentor quickly and people in powerful positions are often drawn to help you. Your key to financial stability is through your career. This is a position that also may indicate strong help from a parent, most likely the mother.

The two parental houses, 4 and 10, often switch genders, depending on the particular chart. After marriage occurs, they may indicate a mother-in-law or a father-in-law, as well.

The Part of Fortune In The 2nd House

If the part of Fortune, or Fortuna as it also known, is in the 2nd house, it gives skill with money, the handling of it and acquiring of it. It is a good position for those who are self-employed and for establishing one’s own business. I once knew a co-worker who had a favorite saying, whenever he got a pat on the back from the boss or an added job benefit. It was, “Put it in the paycheck.” It always amused me. Of course he never said that directly to the boss, but money was definitely his prime (if not only) motivator.

The Part of Fortune In The 3rd House

If you have Fortuna in 3, siblings back you all your life. You fight the neighborhood wars as a kid side by side and grow up looking out for each other. A brother or sister may be a pipeline to a job when you need one, or just happen to know someone who can help you when the chips are down. Your relationship with at least one sibling will be lifelong. The neighborhood itself is your friend. This is also a good indicator for success with autos, or in any career that features travel or transportation or communication skills. It blesses you with sales ability.

The Part of Fortune In The 5th House

House 5 is a good position for those who are athletes and can bring medals and awards in competition. It is good for gambling or speculation and careers in recreation, sports, the arts or entertainment industries. This is excellent for somebody who runs a fishing boat service, or manages parks, or who is a high school coach. One’s own children will be of great comfort in later life as they grow to provide companionship. This is particularly helpful for those with many children, because they like and enjoy their families and are enriched by those relationships in turn as they age.

The Part of Fortune In The 6th House

House 6 gives success in the military or in public service jobs such as police, fire, health care and the like. It is the house which draws one to jobs where there are helpful co-workers who turn out to be important in one’s life. It also gives one a knack for finding the right plumber or the best service station to fix your brakes. Sometimes this position indicates that you are the person who does those kinds of things. It is excellent for veterinarians and dog trainers. These people need a pet and find some of their greatest comfort in life from one. Agents or representatives or envoys of any sort come under this classification.

The Part of Fortune In The 8th House

House 8 shows a likelihood of inheritance. It is the most superior position of all for those who manage other people’s money or finances. It will sometimes indicate a wealthy spouse. People who deal with the affairs of the dead-such as morticians and insurance salesmen-benefit.

This is a good position for accountants, bankers, and brokers. If you don’t work, these are people who can help you find your way through the morass of red tape in life. Often a person met through such an initial contact will be important in some way in your life.

The Part of Fortune In The 9th House

House 9 gives preference to the benefits of education. You may choose to stay in academia in some way, either as teacher or janitor, but some element of the education world is likely to provide you with a living or help in achieving job training. You may benefit through the travel industry or the export/import business. It’s good for writers, translators and publishers. The book business is good for you. It is the house of in-laws and your brothers- or sisters-in-law will back you in ventures or provide a sounding board when you need one. If they borrow from you, they’ll probably pay it back.

The Part of Fortune In The 11th House

The 11th house is a good one for those employed by the government. If you have Fortuna there, check out Civil Service if you are in need of a job. It gives an “in” at any level-community, state or federal. But friends are without doubt your greatest asset in life. They may not be many in number but the ones you have are solid gold. You participate in networking like some people breathe and find you have skills in dealing with groups. Whether you run Tupperware parties or manage conferences, you can succeed. This is the politician’s mark. You understand them and may be one of them. You certainly know how to use them.

The Part of Fortune In The 12th House

The 12th is the house of last-minute help and confidential maneuvering. It shows you have a knack for dealing with those behind the scenes of any situation and they will help you in turn, as long as you don’t blab about it. It also gives success through various institutions, whether those are medical, philanthropic, or penal. Or even just the town library. People who work in them are your friends. Any bread you cast upon the waters of life will come back with butter and jam on it.

There is of course much more to say about this important element in your chart, but this is a thumbnail introduction to using it. When transits and progressions contact it by conjunction or parallel, benefits will come your way. You can even plan for them, and this is one of the more helpful elements to include in electional work.

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