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Pluto In The Houses

pluto in the houses

Rules – Scorpio
Detriment – Taurus
Exaltation – Not yet established
Fall – Not yet established
Represents – Destroying and reforming, fusion
Keyword – Transformation

The planet Pluto‘s position in the zodiac influences the entire generation of people born within the same twelve to twenty-two year period during which Pluto remains in one sign, showing human need for regeneration and control in each generation. It rules the underworld, things that are hidden, replication processes, phobias, obsessions, slow growth, group factor, transmutation, beginnings, endings, birth, death, isolation, coercion, disappearance, kidnapping, anonymity, bacteria, viruses. Governs masses, waste, subversion, atomic power, crime. Represents generation, regeneration and degeneration. It exposes that which is secret or hidden. Pluto governs vacancy, plumbing, dictatorships, unpopular causes and the exclusive. It’s action is slow, ponderous, inevitable. It is the third of the transcendental plants and is considered a higher octave of Mars. The Pluto in the house shows where  you will find complexity, where you’ll have to solve problems alone and unaided.

Pluto in the Houses

Pluto in the 1st House
Pluto in the 2nd House
Pluto in the 3rd House
Pluto in the 4th House
Pluto in the 5th House
Pluto in the 6th House
Pluto in the 7th House
Pluto in the 8th House
Pluto in the 9th House
Pluto in the 10th House
Pluto in the 11th House
Pluto in the 12th House

sun-iconPluto in the 1st House

Pluto in the First House in your natal chart shows constant regeneration and transformation of the self. This is a powerful position for Pluto. You are very intense, with the capacity to drastically alter your personal environments.

Pluto, as the planet of regeneration and transformation, gives you a strong personality with extreme character traits. There is power hidden within you which can be used both for creative or destructive acts. If something manages to survive, you show no mercy and let it go under, whether it is ideas, relationships or possessions. Wake up and become aware of this side of your character, because you could be influencing others to behave destructively or provoke situations that have this effect. Do not live beyond your own capacity. Be more careful about how you invest your energy and remember that not everyone can withstand as much as you.

The first house describes the natural personality development of the chart owner which is why you should accept your Plutonian powers and integrate them into your personality. This is the only way to keep your overwhelming passions under control. Fortunately, you have the capacity to do a lot of good, because you have no problems letting go of the past and looking for new challenges. Just as you give in to desperation and destructive outrage, you could allow positive, worthy creations to grow. If you to express your emotions immediately and not wait until the volcano erupts, you will set a lot of things in motion during your lifetime. Probably you have an aura of dark power that does not go unnoticed.

sun-iconPluto in the 2nd House1st house

If Pluto is in the Second House in your chart, given this planet’s raw power of transformation, this placement can work for or against you. It may result in a bottomless pot of gold and prosperity or it may wipe you out. It may even do both. A lot depends on the state of your own consciousness and how you apply what you know. The challenge is not to allow the acquisition of money and material goods to become an end in themselves.

Under certain circumstances, you could have an ardent craving for material possessions. The bank account may be the only thing you can really trust as you endeavor to acquire more wealth, because it makes you feel safe. Reconsider your attitude toward money and possessions and think about what they mean to you.

Pluto in the second house could burst all your fantasies of wealth. Probably experience will force you to learn detachment thereby teaching you the value of a home life. Extreme experiences in this respect could change your entire outlook on life. It is your fate to experience both wealth and poverty. Giving in to your need for security will only make detachment more painful. Watch out that you do not misuse your funds or try to buy people. There is a real danger of temptation to satisfy your power hunger by manipulating people with money, worshipping status symbols or resorting to deceit. Learning Pluto’s lessons will enable you to use the means you have for the benefit of humanity and transform society’s waste into treasures.

sun-iconPluto in the 3rd House3rd house

If Pluto is in the Third House in your chart, you regenerate and transform your environment through your intellectual efforts and your learning experiences. But because Pluto breaks down existing structures, mental instability is a possibility. Channel Pluto’s power into constructive, creative framework.

Unfortunately, you have a tendency to vent your aggression verbally and do a lot of damage. Perhaps you have never noticed the effect of your words, although you have certainly hurt others. Pay attention to your motivation in expanding on the argumentation of the person you are talking to or riding her weaknesses. When you fight, you may prefer to be loud because this lets you feel the energy. You have a pronounced intellect and a capacity to differentiate. A constant occupation with intellectual work presents no problems for you, which is why you could also work in research. Mentally, you often question everything that happens and try to imagine alternatives. Do not sink too deeply into melancholy or other negative thoughts, because it could have a destructive effect on you.

You can exercise a strong influence on people but you should accept the freedom of thought and the will of others. Do not delve too deeply into strange thoughts.

Maybe in your childhood you suffered from an overactive imagination, but could not tell your family about it because you had a difficult relationship with them. Also you might have felt responsible for the death of other people and have developed a guilt complex.

sun-iconPluto in the 4th House4th house

If Pluto is in the Fourth House in your natal chart, you transform your life and regenerate yourself through your domestic affairs, which are unusual in some way. Through your home and family, you break tradition and create a constant source of renewal.

Probably you had generational conflicts with your parents and could not afford to make yourself vulnerable by admitting your feelings. Especially your mother was dominating and could not be pleased. This could have given rise to your crusade against family traditions that placed the foundations of everything which people were trying to teach you in question. If conflicts of this nature are still unresolved, it would be advisable to sit down with your parents and work on it. Otherwise, you run the risk of letting your frustration out on your family.

If you develop a thirst for power, you may let it out on the people nearest to you. You are inclined to hide your emotions and intentions and can turn into a tyrant when at home with your family. Pluto in the fourth house can lead to a larger conflict with your family as a consequence of your behavior. Maybe you need this experience to wake up and consequently take a closer look at what happened in your childhood.

It does not necessarily have to be like that if you manage to find your spiritual balance and are made aware of the problem. You also have the capacity to keep your family together during crises and to use arising conflicts as experience for personal growth.

sun-iconPluto in the 5th House5th house

If Pluto is in the Fifth House in your natal chart, in this house, the great transformer brings revolution and evolution through romance, children, and creative self-expression. At the highest level, Pluto offers the chance to create unique and far-reaching works of art, spiritual love and compassion, and great spiritual growth through children. Avoid a dictatorial attitude toward children.

You feel constantly challenged to prove your uniqueness. If the feeling stems from a hidden inferiority complex or if you really overestimate your talents, may remain unanswered for the time being. It is still sometimes very difficult to develop a realistic self-image and stay relaxed in large groups of people. You like to appear in public and would like to take part in the creation of public life, whereby you may actually be more interested in feeling important. If you are hurt, you tend to uncontrolled outbreaks and will even risk losing a friendship in order to satisfy your thirst for revenge.

Thoughts about the effects of your works often distract too much from the actual content of your creative work. Probably you have not recognized your real talent but concentrate on the form which promises the most success. Simply do that which is the most fun.

Children can cause an upheaval in your life. There is a real danger that you want to dominate them and occupy a large part of their consciousness, or you regret the limitations on your freedom in general and on your ability to pursue your interests. On the other hand, children can inspire you to create artwork that moves everyone who sees it. If you use the rejuvenating power of Pluto, its creativity will help you to make great developments in your character and also help you find your true self.

sun-iconPluto in the 6th House6th house

If Pluto is in the Sixth House in your chart, you have tremendous recuperative strength. You have the innate capacity to evolve through your work and service to others or to bring about chaos in this area of your life. Either/or, black/white is Pluto’s power.

The sixth house will teach you to experience your body and show you how to treat it. It is possible with Pluto in this house that you keep on going, testing the limits of your endurance until you collapse or are forced to give in to your body’s demands and rest in a sickbed. Remember how closely body and mind are connected and do not wait until your forced to your knees but stay healthy by strengthening your immune system and maintaining an internal balance.

This will not always be easy because once you have taken on a project you feel obliged to devote yourself entirely to it until every detail is completed. The sense of the project may no longer be clear because you are so busy analyzing the details. If you cannot put a check on it, everything will run through your fingers like sand and you will have to seriously ask yourself what meaning you have given to your life. If you presented yourself as a martyr to others and have loaded yourself with every burden from their shoulders, you could be disappointed and treated with contempt.

The challenge is to see the real demands of everyday life and to resist the temptation to use them as an escape from your inner world. Bring the needs of your body and soul in harmony and avoid the dangers of Pluto. Live out its positive aspects by using its healing qualities that are dormant within you.

sun-iconPluto in the 7th House7th house

If Pluto is in the Seventh House in your natal chart, you evolve through marriage and partnerships. There’s considerable intensity in any close relationship, but in marriage in particular. Your partner may be a source of your regeneration or may deplete your energy. It depends on aspects to the 7th house.

Probably the same pattern of behavior is repeated every time you approach someone and start a relationship with him. It will not be easy to find a balance between your ego and the union with Pluto in the house of relationships. This may crystallize as the attempts to dominate the relationship are played out and one of you gives in. Pluto does not like to make compromises, although this is exactly what is needed in a partnership. Even if a relationship is just beginning to blossom, you may throw yourself into it so vehemently as to scare your potential lover away.

The development of your personality depends on your relationships, the way they are run and the consequences that you draw from them. You need someone else to bolster your self-esteem and to tackle problems, some of which may have a long history. The transforming power of Pluto is expressed in your relationship to others. If it is ever going to get that far, you need to accept the unpleasant side of yourself, just as everybody must. In the relationship, this may take the form of jealousy, revenge, greed or envy. Once you have recognized this challenge, you will become a much appreciated haven for your partner, especially in times of crises.

sun-iconPluto in the 8th House8th house

If Pluto is in the Eighth House in your birth chart, you evolve through a piercing study of life after death, reincarnation, and spiritualism. Also through the development of joint resources with a partner, and psychic healing arts.

You are capable of deep passions and must get to the root of things. Which area is better suited to these kinds of experiences than sexuality? Your need to overcome restrictions and break taboos takes you into danger zones. The destructive power of Pluto can drive you to your knees and move you to transform your life overnight.

All of your driving energies should be channeled into attaining positive goals. It would be a shame to completely suppress emotions like jealousy, hate, envy or desire for revenge and ban them from consciousness, because these feelings are a part of life and may be inclined to show up at the most inopportune moments.

A strong will lets you achieve everything you set out to do. Be care that you do not advance at other people’s expense, you may pay for it later. The more you depend on success to be happy, the greater the danger of losing everything quickly. Pluto will teach you to turn crises into personality productive development sessions, which you should not resist. Your extraordinary source of energy will help you to avoid getting taken down and even to stand by your friends. You have a wondrous capacity to share your resources communally and still receive a lot in return. You are careful about other people’s financial affairs and guard against getting into arguments over money.

Fear of death may not occupy your thoughts because you feel very near to death. The system of eternal giving and taking has permeated to your innermost being to the point where you have become curious about what will happen to you after this life.

sun-iconPluto in the 9th House9th house

If Pluto is in the Ninth House in your birth chart, you evolve and regenerate yourself through the affairs of the 9th house. With this placement you can breathe new life into old ideas. You should take great care traveling.

With Pluto in the ninth house it could be that the drive toward higher insights will overpower you, leaving you to search for the meaning of life and guiding you in the wrong direction. You could choose to follow a philosophy or a system of belief and become a fanatical warrior for your cause. However, the more passionate your involvement, the more painful it will be when you finally wake up. You may see God as a strict father figure that watches over you, demands obedience and punishes immediately. If your outlook on life has taken on these kinds of character traits your faith will suffer from sudden unforeseen events and take a step closer to the truth, which is so important to you.

Possibly you try to influence people by manipulation, misusing power and being intolerant of the followers of other religions. Also in this case, you will be forced into experiences which will teach you to tolerate and respect the free will of every individual.

Even if you tend to this kind of extreme form of behavior, seriously consider basic questions of ethics. You could enthusiastically approach a field of knowledge and become an expert on it. It is to be hoped that your wish will become true and you will receive an answer to all of your questions. Once you have formed your character you will not hesitate to pass on your insights for the benefit of others.

sun-iconPluto in the 10th House10th house

If Pluto is in the Tenth House in your chart, you evolve through your worldly ambitions. Depending on the aspects to Pluto, you may reach the celestial heights of your profession or plunge into humiliation .. or both.

You could have problems with authorities because it is difficult for you to submit. Actually, you prefer to be in charge and enjoy telling others what to do. If you have no trust in human qualities, or believe that you are too sensitive to open yourself and show feelings like fear, then you will not rest until you have reached a position where you feel secure.

Pluto in the tenth house will foil your plans and force you to change your attitude about the outside world. That can happen when you lose your job and have to completely rethink everything. Possibly you are timid about public life, crawl into your house and put your light under a bushel. Even in this case, events will force you to take on life as well as the responsibility for yourself and others.

Probably your father had plutonic powers and appeared dominant, powerful and full of energy. Maybe you still work hard because you want to prove something to him.

You have the potential to use your determination and stamina to reach a powerful position, whether it is in public or hidden in the remote areas of power. Guard against influencing the lives of other people reducing them to chess pieces; you will not get away with it.

sun-iconPluto in the 11th House11th house

If Pluto is in the Eleventh House in your chart, you evolve through your friendships and group activities. You wield powerful influence over your friends or they over you.

Groups could utilize you as a driving force for dynamic processes. For this reason, you will always play a central role in any group you join. The most important experiences of your life will be in this area. However, your behavior in the group will not be without problems, which can manifest themselves in different ways. Determination and drive for power may tempt you to try to dominate every group, including your friends and colleagues. Groups which are anything but harmless, may draw you into their megalomaniac plans with spiritual or political goals.

Lovers may be incensed about the way you carry sexuality into the group and provoke jealousy, or are only able to find friends through sexual activity. The group could wind up taking out their negative energy on you and then using you as a scapegoat.

No matter which mechanisms are used, these sudden unforeseen events will force you to reconsider your behavior and your motivations and eventually make changes. One day you may find yourself completely isolated and then have to invest a lot of energy into finding another circle of people with similar convictions.

Through such experiences you will develop your character and attain a realistic self-awareness. Disputes within a group and even serious conflicts will help you learn to accept your weaknesses. Still you are able to remain loyal to your friends and to show strength and involvement especially in crises.

sun-iconPluto in the 12th House12th-house-icon

If Pluto is in the Twelfth House in your birth chart, you evolve through spiritual regeneration. You find inner reserves of fortitude to carry through on your ideas.

Pluto in the twelfth house demands you to confront your inner conflicts and to learn how you can overcome yourself and detach from material possessions or even your own life. Delve deep into your subconscious and ask how you can conquer your inhibitions and live out everything currently slumbering within you. Maybe you are afraid to admit to your less positive side and fear being overwhelmed by emotions and passions.

If placed under pressure you tend to escape into isolation and will never get to know yourself and miss a lot of opportunities. Become aware that the potential for many creative acts is hidden within you and could have a positive influence on the people around you.

The way to this consciousness leads you to the dissolution of out-dated behavior and personality structures. Go after greater ideas and forget your ego in order to tap into energy sources. Maybe you are suffering from an overpowering fear of death as an eternal sign of your fear of self-annihilation. This offers an approach to the task of clarifying yourself and bringing your hidden qualities to light.

Like no other, you are capable of learning through pain and crises and arising like a phoenix out of the ashes.

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