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Pluto by SIGN is significant as a generational marker, as all persons born for a 10+-year span had Pluto in the same sign. Pluto by sign references generational soul goals and mass movements, and places a particular “stamp” on the political process.

As in all astrological factors, a spectrum of manifestation is possible – from the most exalted and masterful where the person is an exemplar – to the most perverse and degraded where the finest potential of the archetype becomes reversed through ignorance or abuse.

Here are a few keynotes of PLUTO IN THE SIGNS. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

PLUTO IN ARIES: A generational indicator for transformation of the will, willingness, revolutionary ideas, inventions, a taste for adventure.

PLUTO IN TAURUS: A generational indicator for transformation of farm, agricultural, horticultural, building, and financial practices. Body-oriented therapies, grounding.

PLUTO IN GEMINI: A generational indicator for transformation of levels of literacy, education, spiritual communications, psychometry, transportation vehicles for the masses.

PLUTO IN VIRGO: A generational indicator for transformation of ecological waste, ergonomics, personal empowerment in the workplace, health maintenance organizations for wellness in society, study of the genetic code, revolutionary approaches to health.

PLUTO IN SCORPIO: A generational indicator for transformation of toxic waste, excesses anywhere, sexual expression, the dying process. Massive financial institutions. Therapies for executives. Study of the genetic code and genetic therapies. Breakthroughs in psychology and psychotherapy, integrating primitive parts of the brain with sophisticated modern life. Shamanism as a spiritual path.

PLUTO IN SAGITTARIUS: A generational indicator for transformation of spirituality, world communications and travel, big stakes in sports, breaking down domination of our freedom of thought, paradigm breaking, breakthroughs in thinking and understanding how and why we form beliefs and how to free ourselves from unworkable beliefs at an energy level. Revolutionary philosophies picked up by the masses. Corruption in religious organizations, and purging it. Ethical watchdog groups. Unethical acts done in the name of ethics.

PLUTO IN CAPRICORN: A generational indicator for transformation of business anddesign toward essentials, and ruthless elimination of what does not work. Research into best business practices. Troubleshooting into root causes of business problems. Exaggerated and distorted reputations of public figures by competitors and the media. Negative campaigning. Spin-doctoring to mold public opinion, with vast consequences.

PLUTO IN AQUARIUS: A generational indicator for transformation of group dynamics, social systems. Profound intuition, systems thinking. Science looks deeper into root causes. Ethnic pride and honoring diversity. Healing intolerance, group hatreds. Psychological themes in the fine arts.

PLUTO IN PISCES: A generational indicator for transformation in psychotherapy, spiritual practices and liturgy, oceanography. Deep communication with dolphins and whales. Revolution in hospital, welfare, and prison systems. Many therapies made available for the masses at low or no cost, that were formerly available only through a professional. Meditation, centering, and knowing oneself intuitively in relation to the whole. God-immanent experiences are strong. Many spiritual gifts demonstrated. The power of spirit on the earth is high at this time, and those born at this time will carry the energy of that forward throughout their lifetimes.

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