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Saturn In The Houses

Saturn In The Houses

Rules – Capricorn
Detriment – Cancer
Exaltation – Libra
Fall – Aries
Represents – security and safety
Keyword – teacher

The planet Saturn‘s position in the zodiac shows how you try to establish and protect your position in life. It also shows how you face responsibility and seek recognition for your efforts. Saturn rules form, discipline, responsibility, organization, ambition, capacity for a career, limitations, sorrows and delays, theories, scientific law, older person, depth patience, timing, tradition, conventionality, orthodoxy, productive use of time. It represents the principles of truth, contraction, solidification, wisdom and aging. It action is slow and lasting. Saturn is the taskmaster of the horoscope. In earlier times it was know as the Greater Malefic. The Saturn in the house shows where you feel least secure and tend to overcompensate.

Saturn in the Houses

Saturn in the 1st House
Saturn in the 2nd House
Saturn in the 3rd House
Saturn in the 4th House
Saturn in the 5th House
Saturn in the 6th House
Saturn in the 7th House
Saturn in the 8th House
Saturn in the 9th House
Saturn in the 10th House
Saturn in the 11th House
Saturn in the 12th House

sun-iconSaturn in the 1st House

If Saturn is in the First House in your natal chart, you have serious outlook and disposition. You are dignified and circumspect; you are not the type to blurt the story of your life on a first date. You work hard and diligently for what you want. You may have lacked confidence in early childhood, which can delay your success, or some sort of hardship in childhood drives you to rise above it. The second half of life is usually far easier than the early part.

There is something keeping you from taking on life and really devoting your spirit to your work. You are inhibited. When a good opportunity arises, you usually hesitate too long. Often you sense specific fears for the future and completely doubt your ability to tackle everything coming your way. You may draw negative experiences to yourself, like a flame attracts moths. Someday you are going to have to recognize the necessity of taking on the challenge. Your present attitude only serves to make life more difficult.

Even if you had a difficult childhood with lots of restrictions, you alone hold the key to your happiness. Do not try to make anyone else responsible for your life. Ask yourself first what the events have to do with you. Your high expectations may actually be a hindrance to your efforts.

Sometimes Saturn expresses itself in the first house by making it hard to accept other people’s limitations. You may want to dictate how other people should live their lives. You are always a little stiff and neglect fun because you believe that responsibilities come first.

In any case, you should activate your positive energies and be more optimistic. Every difficulty harbors a potential for further development.

sun-iconSaturn in the 2nd House1st house

If Saturn is in the Second House in your chart, delays and financial struggles are usually inherent with this placement. Saturn’s discipline and careful work ethic can result in financial gain after the age of forty. The challenge here is to channel excessive frugality or greed into productive channels.

You have a strong need for security and are convinced that you can avoid the dangers of this world by piling up material possessions and achieving financial security. This can become compulsive and eventually get in the way of your social contacts, which would provide you with approval and make you feel contented. You may even fear that someone is after your horde of goods. You are constantly wary of losing interest or of collapses in the stock market rates. You do not notice the beauty that life has to offer and do not realize what you are missing. Maybe you compensate for your fear of failure at social contacts with your sense of achievement, your pride at having built something and your independence of people, who you consider unreliable anyway. Do not delude yourself.

Eventually you are going to have to fight financial battles and accept some restrictions. It may well be that you grew up in a poor family and now overemphasize material possessions. Do not let it go so far as to measure the worth of a person by her bank account.

Seen positively you know the value of other people’s creations and productions and would never waste resources. You approach the realization of your ambitions with enthusiasm and stamina. Your ambitions are always within reach so that during the course of your life, you will become even more relaxed.

sun-iconSaturn in the 3rd House3rd house

If Saturn is in the Third House in your chart, you funnel your intellectual interests through great discipline and ambition. Your travel is usually connected to business rather than pleasure. Education can sometimes be interrupted or delayed. Siblings or other close relatives can impose responsibilities on you.

With Saturn in the third house, it will not be easy for you to find the right words for the various situations you find yourself in, or to express yourself adequately. Communication is always a challenge that you should take on. Even if you hesitate to approach people and talk to strangers, your positive experiences in this area will be helpful to you.

Be aware that people rely on language as a means of communication. It will not help to reject the intellect and refuse to work on correcting a deficit. You are probably intellectually more developed than you seem to be, simply because your language skills are deficient.

In your childhood, learning probably was not much fun and you did not feel comfortable in school. Problems with siblings and feelings of inadequacy may be what is still keeping you from simply expressing your thoughts. Possibly your parents handicapped your development by denying you freedom to experiment thus robbing you of your drive to discover your environment with a child’s natural curiosity. Whatever it may have been, you can transform your weaknesses into strengths. Be tactful and learn verbal expression by reading and being a part of your social environment. Even superficial contacts are important and will enrich your life.

sun-iconSaturn in the 4th House4th house

If Saturn is in the Fourth House in your natal chart, the traditional meaning for this placement indicates restrictions and heavy responsibilities in early childhood. Childhood discipline may be strict and emotional ties with the family may be strong due to a sense of obligation. Saturn here manifests in adulthood a need to establish roots in a family structure. It can indicate you are older than the norm when you start your family, and enjoying your children long after retirement age.

With this constellation you have experienced emotional or economic restrictions in your childhood. Your family probably was unable to convey the necessary self-esteem that has left you insecure today. You are looking for stability and do not trust your abilities. Get to work on your self-confidence, if you have not started already.

Probably your parents did not provide you with the warmth every child needs, and based their childrearing on strictly regimenting behavior. Possibly you got the feeling that you were unwanted and developed a guilt complex for having been born. Now you have a difficult task before you, namely discovering your own worth and accepting yourself. Once you succeed, everyone else will finally know whom they are dealing with.

You may have had major conflicts with your father. He was probably very strict and punished you for little things, leaving you constantly in fear of him and feeling that you are doing everything wrong. If you have the opportunity to clear up these problems with your father, it would be beneficial to you.

Hopefully, you will not repeat the mistakes your parents made and shower your children with the warmth and love you never had. In this way, you could alleviate your difficulties and develop a self-confidence that no one will be able to take away from you.

sun-iconSaturn in the 5th House5th house

Wherever Saturn appears, you can expect delays, restrictions, limitations. In the 5th House, Saturn restricts creative self-expression, or at the very least, teaches strict discipline in creative expression. It may limit the number of children or can indicate a stillbirth, miscarriage, or termination of pregnancy. Romantic involvement with those older.

It is not easy for you to present yourself and to express your own creativity. Probably things would be different if you were able to imagine the limitless possibilities within yourself. You do not take advantage of the freedom that every individual on the planet possesses, because you are afraid of doing something wrong. You even manage to make what would normally be a pleasant undertaking competitive. It is no wonder that you seem tense and put yourself under pressure.

Even on the rare occasions when you allow yourself to engage in romance, you approach the matter quite seriously. You may have frightened off potential partners because you started talking about marriage during the first round of flirting. You just cannot lie back and enjoy life. You think that everything you do has to have a concrete purpose. You are insecure about letting others in on your inner self and your fantasies.

You will find the causes of this behavior in your childhood. Maybe your parents expected too much of you and did not allow you to be a child. You did everything to fulfill their expectations and never tried to go your own way and never experimented, because every detail was prescribed and regimented.

You can probably take care of your problems once you have children of your own and manage to give them the freedom you never had. You could then let yourself relive your childhood periodically and make up for some of the experiences you missed the first time around.

sun-iconSaturn in the 6th House6th house

If Saturn is in the Sixth House in your chart, you have a strong sense of responsibility toward your work and take your job seriously. At times you may feel overburdened and overworked, but you feel compelled to do the best that you can. Your approach to your work and your health is practical & specialized.

Work and your daily routine have a special importance to you. Unfortunately, you do not always make it easy on yourself. You put yourself under pressure because your perfectionism demands the highest performance and never gives you a break. You should become conscious of the fact that you will never be able to solve the world’s problems and that your exact concept of the way things should be only serves to tie you down. Do not construct your own prison, but do not take everything so seriously. Learn when it is better to ignore things.

This constellation can be expressed in the other extreme and lead to a rejection of responsibility and a denial of obligations. You fear the restrictions of a steady job and are considered unreliable.

If you run into problems or are dissatisfied with yourself, this will make itself known in the form of a physical illness. You have a tendency to use your body to vent your frustrations in stressful situations, probably because you never willingly take a break.

Take a closer look at the mechanisms at work suppressing your memories to find out what you are actually afraid of. Maybe you are suffering from an unfulfilled romantic passion.

sun-iconSaturn in the 7th House7th house

If Saturn is in the Seventh House in your natal chart, this position tends to delay marriage until you are established. You may be attracted to someone older who is already established, and there can be burdens and heavy responsibilities with marriage. Learn cooperation in partnerships.

You are faced with the challenge of solving problems in personal relationships. You fear contact with other people and think you will be too vulnerable if you open yourself to others.

You may have actually had some bad experiences in your relationships. You usually attract dominant, energetic partners. You become dependent and may even let yourself be tyrannized. You are looking for security and stability in a relationship and sometimes sacrifice your independence for it. Often you are drawn to older partners changing the character to a father-daughter or mother-son relationship as opposed to an equal partnership. Whatever the case, do not complain about your partner, just find out what got you into the relationship and deactivate the mechanism.

Possibly your parents had a troubled marriage and fought a lot. That would explain your hesitation to get into a steady relationship. Maybe you are afraid that a serious relationship will restrict you, either that or you are waiting for your prince or princess. You probably will not have a satisfying relationship until later in life.

sun-iconSaturn in the 8th House8th house

If Saturn is in the Eighth House in your chart, benefits associated with the 8th house tend to come later in life, after forty, and are largely a result of your own efforts. Your spouse or business partners may be stingy. Saturn here implies a long life.

With Saturn in the eighth house you fear losing control over your emotions and live withdrawn and isolated. You do not try to give a partner a chance to fulfill your need for love and devotion. You probably have problems with sexuality, which are expressed in prudishness and lack of understanding for the importance of sex.

Sometimes you do not think thoughts through to the end, which you cannot get out of your mind, or you deny recognizing the answer to existential questions. You will not open yourself to the principle of constant giving and taking, which no one can live without, because you fear losing your individuality. Fear is the driving factor in your life. If you do not overcome it, you will become more and more isolated. You should learn to place your resources at the disposal of others, because you can only profit by it. It is not beneath your worth to accept offers from others without asking what is expected in return. If you try to manipulate or dominate people too often, it could have bitter consequences.

In principle, you are concerned with only one topic: detachment. You have to find your natural strengths and accept the flow of life. Even if you find it disturbing, you should confront the concept of death and accept it as the threshold to another existence.

You can be professionally active working with other people’s finances, for example, in banking or in the stock market. If you get entangled in conflicts, then avoid going to court; that will only make things worse.

sun-iconSaturn in the 9th House9th house

If Saturn is in the Ninth House in your birth chart, your moral and spiritual beliefs find structure within higher education or within orthodox religion. Your travel tends to be associated with business and professional ambition. You enjoy investigating esoteric religious and ancient texts. After the age of forty; your religious and spiritual beliefs solidify and your studious methods pay off.

When you look into religion, philosophy or higher education, you have a dogmatic approach. This can go so far that performing a specific ceremony may be more important than its actual content. You would make a good fanatical missionary, who wants to spread the faith without considering the consequences or who finds fulfillment in ascetic behavior. Never forget the principle of brotherly love, which in one way or another is a part of every religion.

Your convictions could lead you to push your outdated morality onto yourself and others, because you reject our present social development and its accompanying individualism. You may have never come to know the spiritual freedom that is associated with the ninth house, because your parents had fixed ideas about how their child should go through life. Unfortunately, you have a tendency to see future developments in a negative light and deny yourself opportunities.

Possibly you have developed in the opposite direction and reject belief, moral, ethics and law, because you live by your own rules. It would do you good to clear your head and address the basic questions of existence, whereby the character trait, tolerance, would suit you well.

sun-iconSaturn in the 10th House10th house

If Saturn is in the Tenth House in your chart, your career ambition is probably one of the primary driving forces in your life. You may feel that you came in this time to accomplish something very specific. Even if you don’t know what it is yet, you bring discipline and perseverance to your work, certain you will achieve whatever it is you came here to do. Success may come after the age of 40 but when it does, it sticks around for a long time.

The tenth house is the natural home of the planet Saturn, which is why its influence here is especially pronounced. You are known for your super-human stamina, but you should watch out or inappropriate self-confidence could become a trap. Take a look at your weaknesses periodically, and do not be too quick to judge others.

You want to be respected and are willing to work to achieve status. Your ambition is to do something that will have a lasting impact, like constructing buildings, or founding an administration. It is not difficult for you to sacrifice because you do not place much importance on fun anyway. You follow a clearly defined goal and will do everything to achieve it. Just do not make the mistake of using others as instruments of your ambitions.

Saturn with negative aspects could point to difficulties on the social level, whereby it may take a long time for you to find your niche in life. You may have to deal with a few failures at work.

Your father influenced your values significantly, even if he did seem to be strict and without feeling. You could still feel that you have to prove something to him by your achievements.

You would like to be an example and have great discipline and powers of concentration. Seldom do you run the risk of losing your grip on reality, which is why you should at least experience satisfaction at work.

sun-iconSaturn in the 11th House11th house

If Saturn is in the Eleventh House in your chart, your friends tend to be older than you are and they are generally serious, disciplined people with clear goals and objectives. You may not have dozens of close friends, but the ones you do have are friends for life. You join business related groups.

You can run into difficulties joining a group. Although you feel a need to bind with others, this is precisely when your problematic side shows itself. You may feel inhibited and feel inferior to others or you fear that too many new experiences could throw you off your bearings. You may be convinced of the need to conform and are in danger of losing your individuality. In any case, you should stay in contact to others. This will guide you to the most important realizations. Only if you continue to participate in the social group and learn to open yourself up will you be able to get rid of your compulsive behavior.

Be aware that good friends would never ask for more than you are allowed to expect from them. You should be more easygoing with your friends. What could possibly happen that could be so terrible?

Once you have found your own way, you could achieve a lot and also serve as an example for reliability and responsible behavior. You will initiate projects that strive for serious reforms and shape the future. You put humanity first. Your concept of reality will help you to achieve your ambitions.

sun-iconSaturn in the 12th House12th-house-icon

If Saturn is in the Twelfth House in your birth chart, there is no way around it: this placement is difficult. You penchant for solitude often results in loneliness and a quiet despair. You work hard for recognition in your chosen field but rarely receive the credit you are due. You may work in institutions or behind the scenes.

With Saturn in the twelfth house, you need more sleep than other people and are uneasy about getting to know the unexplored side of your personality.

You refuse to look deep within yourself, although you know that it is the best way to overcome your fears. Possibly you have nightmares or a deep-rooted guilt complex. You also have problems with loneliness; you may often withdraw from others or try to avoid being alone with yourself, because you get depressed. You always try to keep control over your feelings, although it is not necessary because you could not express anything but understandable human emotions.

Try to overcome your pessimism; it is only turning you into your own enemy. You should learn trust and try to get a handle on your fear of failure or one day you may find yourself in institutions such as hospitals, prisons, or homes or you may earn your living working there.

Once you have accepted all the sides of your personality and have learned to deal with your fears, you will be capable of deep feelings and of finding fulfillment in helping weaker people. You will not be satisfied with superficialities and have a large store of energy from which you can nourish your consciousness of being part of something greater.

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