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Scorpio Through The Houses

Scorpio Through The Houses

Scorpio and YOU:

Where Scorpio falls in your personal astrology chart can give you deeper insights into which areas of your life give you access to your emotional depths. It also gives insights into where or under which circumstances you feel most emotionally vulnerable and what your motivations are in protecting yourself emotionally.

You will likely protect yourself in these areas by either hiding how you really feel in order to protect your emotional-spiritual well being, or by exercising power and control over matters in order to influence the outcomes and maintain your inner truth.

Scorpio addresses one’s emotional and spiritual depths. This is the deep stuff – the feelings that are kept in the safe in the back corner of the depths of our psyches. Because it delves so deeply into our souls, it is a powerfully transformative energy.

It is often a major contributor to what most of us would consider life-altering events – so deeply affecting that its emotional impact can affect every other aspect of your life. Because of its intensity and power, Scorpio is also associated with polarities of life – birth and death, good and evil, etc. Scorpio deals in extremes – there is no gray area with Scorpio. It is an all-or-nothing energy.

The area of your chart where this sign is also shows where you seek deeper meanings and experience powerful transformations. The higher frequency desires to know God deeply – which transforms the ego to align with and to serve the Divine.

Affirmation: “I transform myself and others through my awareness of and willingness to embrace and express deeper spiritual wisdom.”

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