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Sun Aspects

SUN: energy, vitality, the light of consciousness, and joy.

When the Sun makes favorable aspects to other planets, we experience the increase of vitality, joy, beauty, and confidence. Success accompanies lots of fields of activity, including contacts with influential persons and love affairs.

Unfavorable Sun aspects stimulate sadness, conflicts, irritability, lack of confidence, and dissatisfaction. They also reduce strength and inhibit action of the heart.

Sun opposite Moon: the parents’ viewpoint on things may have been so far apart that the head and your heart are rarely together.

Sun conjunct Moon: the head and your heart are mercifully together at all times. You can only imagine how delightful this is if you don’t have it yourself natally!

Sun/Venus: often great beauty (sometimes inner as well)

Sun/Jupiter: a “great” person, jovial, honest, well loved, magnanimous.

Sun/Saturn: delayed success in life. They may have to try much longer and harder than others. They may see others much less talented getting ahead of you.

Sun/Uranus: They may be a couple of generations ahead of the times.

Sun/Neptune: where conjunct or trine, an angel. Where square or opposition, may be a bit ike a misguided saint; people with this aspect can join quasi-spiritual groups, cults, give all their money away, sleep with everyone in the cult, swear to secrecy, etc.

Sun/Pluto: psychotic, megalomaniac or healer, you be the judge.

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