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☉ Sun In The Houses

sun in the houses

The Sun
Rules – Leo
Detriment – Aquarius
Exaltation – Aries
Fall – Libra
Represents – Power, ego
Keyword – inner self

The Sun‘s position in the horoscope is your familiar Sun sign. The Sun sign shows how you express your creative urges through conscious acts of will. It represents the male principle, the father, husband, men. It rules health, vital principle, authority, bosses, rank, title, high office, progress, dignity, energy, sense of identity and capacity for experience. It action is fortifying and vitalizing. The Sun in the house shows the life and heart of the horoscope, this is where you shine.

The Sun in the Houses

Sun in the 1st House
Sun in the 2nd House
Sun in the 3rd House
Sun in the 4th House
Sun in the 5th House
Sun in the 6th House
Sun in the 7th House
Sun in the 8th House
Sun in the 9th House
Sun in the 10th House
Sun in the 11th House
Sun in the 12th House

Sun in the 1st House

sun 1st houseSelf-confidence, initiative, clearly-defined ambitions. You have an optimistic disposition, increased physical vitality, and personal warmth. This position often indicates a leader. With the Sun in this placement, your self-expression is important to you.

If the Sun is in the First House in your chart, then you entered the world within the first two hours of the new Day. Daylight dispels the black of night and people begin to go about their daily tasks.

The exceptional energy radiating from the Sun in this position is not without effect. This is the source of your destiny to serve as an example and to give others strength and energy. Greet life actively and enthusiastically making your way with determination. Your family was not necessarily the primary contributors to your confidence and optimism. You prefer to earn success completely independently and it has brought you a certain amount of respect, which you also crave for. You are the kind of person who wants to stand out in a crowd. It is important for you to know enough about everything to be considered an authority on any subject. This also satisfies your craving for admiration.

If the Sun and the Ascendant are in the same sign, the qualities of that sign will be especially pronounced.

If the Sun in the first house receives harmonious aspects, you may have had a childhood which made it easy for you to develop your unique capacities, and your birth caused much excitement.

If the Sun in the first house receives challenging aspects, you should take care not to give free reign to your dominant character traits, such as narcissism, and pride.

If you do not manage to regulate your desire to be in control you will end up frustrated and off-balance. Always remember that respect and recognition have to be earned. Do not make the mistake of expecting too much.

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Sun in the 2nd House

Sun In The Second HouseIf the Sun is in the Second House in your chart, you have good earning capacity, generous with others, tendency to spend extravagantly. You need financial security and enjoy your creature comforts. You gain financially through your father and employers.

In humanistic Astrology, the second house is called the “test of possession”, in which you are supposed to learn to deal actively and dynamically with material possessions; to recognize their usefulness but not to become overly attached or worship your growing accumulation of things. Live out your individual talents and improve the awareness of yourself by internalizing important values. You have to recognize what security actually means if you seriously intend to fulfill your wish to become independent.

Your satisfaction in life comes from acquiring possessions and from your talent to get along in the physical world. This is one area where you progress with your head held high. Possibly you want to make your way into the scene by impressing others with status symbols. You share your material possessions with others, but should learn not to try to turn a profit from it.

The development of the Sun’s energy in the second house is advantageous for you, because you have enough energy to withstand the tests to your detachment. Finally you could develop enough self-assurance to rise above all the challenges of life. This stable base depends on your confidence as well as your financial situation. It is worth trying for even if it does sound a bit pompous.

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Sun in the 3rd House

Sun In The Third HouseIf the Sun is in the Third House in your chart, you pride yourself on your intellectual prowess. You enjoy acquiring knowledge and you are good at it. You are an excellent, forceful speaker, able to communicate ideas clearly and succinctly. You are warm and generous with your siblings, relatives and neighbors. The only downside to this placement is that it may lead to opinionated bragging.

Do not be intimidated by what others might say, bring out the best in your own ideas, insights and points of view. Opening yourself more to others will strengthen your self-confidence. You are at your best while expanding your knowledge or sharing your acquired learning and inspirations with others.

The Sun in the third house awakens a desire to be the center of attention. This can aggravate conflicts with siblings, neighbors or relatives, which you actually should be trying to solve. It is important that you avoid making others responsible for your needs and actions. Try to avoid overemphasizing abstract knowledge.

Inharmonious Aspects to the Sun in the third house may have caused problems in your first years of school. In order to prevent this from effecting your education you should analyze any problems you may have in this area and attempt to find solutions.

Although you make an intelligent and eloquent impression on people, this does not satisfy you. You put everything you have into improving your general education in order to interact more brilliantly with others.

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Sun in the 4th House

Sun in 4th HouseIf the Sun is in the Fourth House in your chart, your self-expression focuses on your family and home. You have a deep need to establish roots and strive to make your home comfortable, warm, and a reflection of your own importance. You dominate your home and domestic affairs. You gain through one or both of you or parents. Early childhood was probably happy, energetic, and fun.

In humanistic Astrology, the fourth house stands for the test of stability. In your search, you will have to delve deep within yourself, whereby you will have to find a balance between the necessary material prerequisites for life, which probably are less important to you, and your spiritual progression, including your family life.

Put yourself in a position that lets you see yourself as an independent individual, without having to deny your roots. This is important, because you may both identify with your ancestry and allow your family too much influence over you, or out of a desire to protect yourself from their influence, completely reject your background. It would do you good to try to accept some of your family’s values without sacrificing your own identity.

The fourth house is the mother’s house, which is essential to a strong sense of security in the early years. The energies unfolding in this house can be experienced through the mother. Your mother may be strong and dominating which may cause you to suffer from permanent self-doubt and think of yourself as a weakling. You should tell your mother what you think of her in order to free yourself from her influence. It may be that your mother was not there for you, either physically or emotionally, which has left you with an unrealistic image of her. In any case, the Sun in the fourth house presents a challenge to look for and find the feminine potential within yourself.

Most probably you have a deep longing to establish a safe and comfortable home to live in. You still need a little time to find the place where it feels right to settle down. Do not expect to find real satisfaction or develop a realistic self-image until later in life.

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Sun in the 5th House

Sun in the Fifth HouseIf the Sun is in the Fifth House in your chart, is party time. Good times, friendly relationships and an active pursuit of romance and pleasure in general. You enjoy theatre, the arts, sports, films. You are fond of animals and may have several pets of your own. Tendency toward gambling and speculative investments. Fondness for children.

In your chart the Sun finds itself in the house which is, as the Sun itself is, ruled by the sign Leo. Working enthusiastically toward a goal will help develop your character.

Your physical and mental stability is dependent on your ability to communicate your current emotional state to others. If you have trouble deciding which goal to dedicate yourself to, it could have an effect on your health. Your state of health may also suffer from stress due to a work overload. Make decisions about your life’s work fully conscious of the consequences and try to be satisfied without overloading yourself.

You may sense the child within you constantly demanding attention. Even when others tell you that you are creative, you still demand more perfection from yourself. The Sun principle is set for continual expansion. The fifth house concentrates on developing means of self-expression and creative potential.

Utilize you artistic potential in any way you can. This does not imply becoming a second Beethoven or Picasso, but merely any form of creative expression. If you think you can accomplish something in this area, go for it and do not let anyone talk you out of it.

If the Sun is in the Fifth House in your horoscope, your love of life finds expression in your hobbies and other leisure activities. Erotic affairs and romantic relationships will immeasurably increase your enthusiasm and your self-confidence. Contact with children not only makes you happy but also offers instruction as an additional reward. You should never expect things of your child that you are not capable of doing yourself. Especially in Germany after the Second World War, it was common for parents to project their unfulfilled wishes onto their children. They wanted to provide their children with a better life than they had, but the children were never asked about their opinion. Avoid grooming your child for presentation as your achievement.

Most probably you enjoy being the center of attention. A challenging aspect of the Sun in this house could induce you to call attention to yourself by any means at your disposal.

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Sun in the 6th House

Sun in the Sixth HouseIf the Sun is in the Sixth House in your chart, you need to be recognized in your workplace. After all, you are efficient, meticulous with details, and work hard and well at your job. Your concern about health and health issues is reflected in your intuitive understanding about how to keep yourself healthy.

The Sun in the sixth house will bring you to concentrate your activities on getting your life together. You look after your health, daily routines and your career. You should not get too wrapped up in this, but take on projects that will allow you to improve the spiritual aspects of both your health and general quality of life. At the start, small physical and psychological weaknesses may point to parts of your life which you should look at more carefully.

Try to achieve harmony of body and mind. Take care of your health ahead of time; do not wait until you get sick. If your health is already suffering, it is more important than ever to take care of yourself and find your way back to a holistic lifestyle. Once you have succeeded, nothing will stand in the way of a consultation with others on these topics.

It is important to you to structure your everyday routine as efficiently as possible, clearing up any problems that may hinder you. Developing practical skills will give you character. Do not spend your day dawdling and dreaming. It is possible to achieve insight into the most elemental truths while doing the most boring housework. You probably will not get away with your attempts to avoid restrictions and deny your failures. Once you accept this you will be rewarded with strength and understanding. This does not necessarily have to be apparent to everyone else, what is important is that you are satisfied. You may be amazed at its effect on everything you do.

Work on perfecting your skills and find a sensible way to incorporate them at your workplace, you will find it reassuring. Helping others will prove to be fulfilling.

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Sun in the 7th House

Sun in the Seventh HouseIf the Sun is in the Seventh House in your chart, your self-expression is directly linked to your most intimate relationships and to your partnerships with other people. Your achievements tend to come through joint work with others. Unless there are afflictions to the 7th House, you benefit through marriage or committed relationships. Your significant other is apt to be generous and warm-hearted.

The Sun in the seventh house helps you to develop your friendships, partnerships, your self-confidence and your character. Common activities will raise questions that will inspire you to get to know yourself and to express yourself better. Putting more effort into making honest and upright friendships will improve your character. Surely you know that usually things become clearer by comparison. This is also true for character; it will receive definition through contact to others.

Watch out that you do not hide behind someone else, if you are looking for someone you think will compensate for your weaknesses or for someone to give you direction. You may attempt to gain status or power by attaching yourself to someone powerful who you can worship. Seen psychologically, you may be actually searching for your father. You will never find fulfillment anywhere but within yourself. Anyone else you try to burden with this will probably just leave.

In humanistic Astrology, the test of cooperation is ascribed to the seventh house. Here your relation to the environment is structured. You need to be around people and should choose a profession that will bring you into contact with a lot of people.

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Sun in the 8th House

Sun in the Eighth HouseIf the Sun is in the Eighth House in your chart, your financial prosperity increases after marriage, through partnerships, and inheritances. You have a deep interest in metaphysics, specifically in life after death and reincarnation. Fame may come after death and any afflictions or poor aspects enhance the possibility of premature, sudden, or violent death. But this smacks of predestination and fate. We are endowed with a free will that acts on the pattern inherent in a chart and creates our experiences from the raw material of our core beliefs. On a deeper level, our free will allows us to choose our parents and the circumstances into which we are born and how and when we die. From the pattern intrinsic to the blueprint of our birth chart, free will creates the structure of our lives and our deaths.

You long for a union with a “superior being”, even if this is not conscious and you deny it to yourself. Try to expand your horizons through more personal contacts and exchanges.

The eighth house stands for other people’s life resources. You may strengthen your identity by falling back onto the material possessions of your friends, especially if they have already offered their assistance. You could fulfill your wish to invest your energy in large projects by professionally handling other people’s finances.

It is not just the material exchange that is important, but also the emotional. If you have an emotional nature your friendships will bring hidden character traits and unresolved childhood problems to the surface as well as further your development and individual expression associated with the Sun. An erotic relationship can serve to vent frustration and stimulate regeneration and healing after a collapse. You will get the maximum benefit from an intensive relationship with someone of the opposite sex. This will provide all the aggravation you need to progress.

Generally, the eighth house is associated with death and inheritance. Death holds a special fascination for you which causes you to address topics which others avoid. It is to be hoped that you will be able to deal with everything you stir up.

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Sun in the 9th House

Sun in the Ninth HouseIf the Sun is in the Ninth House in your chart, foreign cultures and countries intrigue you. You either study about them or live or travel extensively to foreign countries. You may work in publishing or academia. You find success abroad and honors through universities, law, or religion.

With this Sun position you should endeavor to expand your horizons. Take trips, read, and take up philosophy. Your understanding for the interrelatedness of every aspect of life and your intellectual potential could lead to fruitful insights on all levels. You should also be capable of exercising various professions. Probably you are suited for professions that put you in a position to act in public. You could be successful in any branch of the travel industry, whereby you prefer the most distant exotic countries. Generally, you are good at motivating people and at transmitting your ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm.

You think of life as an experiment. Rigidly following traditional or even outdated philosophies of life is not what it is all about. You want to explore various esoteric fields, philosophies and religions on your search for your own individual truth. You will learn about yourself through exchanges with others.

Take care not to lose touch with reality. You have a tendency to devote yourself to macrocosmic theory. You can plan your future completely ignoring the problems of your present personal situation. It can go so far that your awareness for the well being of humanity leaves no room for you to find answers to your personal questions.

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Sun in the 10th House

Sun in the Tenth HouseIf the Sun is in the Tenth House in your chart, even if it is poorly aspected, the Sun here is always beneficial in some respect. When it is well-aspected, it denotes success in the chosen profession, honors, authority, and independence. Your hunger to achieve may draw you into the public eye where you thrive on the authority and power you have. Excellent for CEO’s, political leaders .. prominence.

This position of the Sun brings your personal development in the context of your professional life. The tenth house concerns itself with the character traits that generate a positive echo from others. In humanistic Astrology, the tenth house is the test of your position, in which the position of a person is defined frequently by their profession. You should pay attention to the sign housing the Sun. It will tell you how the Sun’s energy is manifested.

You also feel a strong desire for recognition. You will do your best, but when you climb for success, be sure that it is not on the backs of others. A little determination never hurt anyone, but the history books are full of characters that overdid it in this respect.

The tenth house is the father’s house. You may have identified so strongly with your father that you took on his ambitions as your own. As a father in turn, you could harbor the expectation that your child develops according to your plan. You should take care not to suffocate your child with your personality. Actually, it could develop into a form of symbiosis. Your child, who is ecstatic about any opportunity to demonstrate her talents, would idolize you.

If you have not managed to fulfill your professional ambitions, you may be looking for a relationship with a successful man. Conflicts between professional and private lives could present problems for both sexes in this position. If you want to pursue a career, you should go for it, but be assured that the consequences will include restrictions on your private life. The best solution would be to find your individual professional expression within yourself, which allows you to combine your career with your private life.

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Sun in the 11th House

Sun in the Eleventh HouseIf the Sun is in the Eleventh House in your chart, social success is indicated. Your friends are warm, generous, honest people. Reflective of your own integrity and ideals. You gain through any clubs or social organizations.

If the Sun is in the eleventh house, social, political or charitable endeavors will help to define your character. As you develop your individuality, make sure that it is bound to something that will make you aware of your collective existence. You could gain respect and recognition through group activities which may eventually lead to a high position or to increased influence over your own or other organizations. Your actual experiences in the group and the results of your activities will depend on the Sun’s aspects in this house.

To advance your development you will need to intensify contacts with your friends. Reciprocal giving and taking will be inspiring and support the realization of your ambitions. Naturally, your goals should be realistic. They will consume a large amount of energy and it would be a shame if the effort were wasted. Your efforts will reflect in your character.

You could pioneer new movements and trends that influence society. Take care that you do not identify too strongly with a group that has a dogmatic ideology. You do not want to completely sacrifice your individuality.

Retain the ability to differentiate between your own opinions and the ideology the group wants to sell you.

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Sun in the 12th House

Sun in the Twelfth HouseIf the Sun is in the Twelfth House in your chart, this placement can inhibit self-expression until later in life. This may be due to unconscious problems concerning the father or feelings of inferiority that are not conquered until after the age of forty. You probably work in seclusion or behind the scenes and a lot of your energy goes into your inner life. You win over any enemies you have.

In humanistic Astrology, the twelfth house is a place for spring cleaning. This may seem confusing at first, but the twelfth house is the end of a cycle that is renewed in the first house. Something should happen here to prepare the way for a more beautiful new beginning. The twelfth house will also help each individual attain its highest potential, although the energies at work here are collective by nature and serve to restrain the ego.

This recognition and mastery can be compared with untying a knot. When the ego and communal spirit melt together latent gifts may awaken within you. You have the capacity to pioneer new fields. Your visions of a peaceful and ecological planet Earth should definitely be made available to others, whereby you could creatively move others through the arts. Your ability to see beyond your own shadow enables you to recognize the needs of others and generally lend assistance to efforts designed to rectify unacceptable conditions both in the society at large or in your immediate surroundings. Dare to instigate reform, a time may come when you will not have any other choice.

If the Sun has a challenging aspect in the twelfth house you may have to fight against false pride, conceit and arrogance. This may lead you to assume that all the world’s benefits are laid out for you to take what you want with no concern for the rest of the world.

On another level, the twelfth house deals with institutions. The Sun indicates that various institutions could eventually play a role in your life, whether professionally or privately. This includes hospitals, charitable institutions or stations in which people are confined.

You are very sensitive and notice signals from your surroundings. This makes it necessary for you to withdraw periodically to maintain enough distance necessary to clear your head. You will have to watch out that the circumstances do not eat into you to the point where you are unable to live a normal life.

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