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Taurus Through The Houses

Taurus and YOU:

Where Taurus falls in your personal astrology chart can give you deeper insights into how you go about attaining your basic “survival” needs – food, shelter, money, and sex – what triggers your “survival mode”, and which areas of your life are most affected by both. It also brings Light to the area of your life which is affected by the fulfillment of these needs.

The higher frequency shares their resources to serve the highest good of all and helps others with self-worth. Where Taurus is in your natal chart shows where you are a down to Earth, practical, creative, gentle being.

Positive results come through your gentle persistence and creations in accordance with your accurate sense of practical value and natural beauty. In this area of life, you create solid, functional structures artfully.

On a darker note, it can also reveal the area(s) of your life and/or the ways in which you may struggle or suffer or both when these needs are not met and sometimes even when they are.

The less evolved expression is resistant to new ideas and change, and is absorbed in selfish desires and attachments to their possessions and money.

Affirmation: “I use my resources to serve Love in my world. I create practical beautiful structures that complement and serve the Divine Feminine energies on Earth.”

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