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Uranus In The Houses

uranus in the houses

Rules – Aquarius
Detriment – Leo
Exaltation – Scorpio
Fall – Taurus
Represents – freedom urge (divine Discontent)
Keyword – awakener

The planet Uranus‘s position in the zodiac shows something about the motivation, goals, and originality of those born in each seven year period during which Uranus is in each of the signs. Uranus rules inventions, originality, science, electricity, magic, the occult, light, astrology, psychology, x-ray, airplanes, and insight into nature’s laws. It is futuristic, humanitarian, intellectual, eccentric, bohemian, egotistical, and utopian. Its action is sudden, unexpected and often violent.

Uranus is a breaker of traditions. It is neutral and sexless and considered by many to be the upper octave of Mercury and the first of the transcendental plants. Recent research also associates Uranus with natural disasters, particularly earthquakes. The Uranus in the house shows where you tend to do the unusual.

Uranus in the Houses

Uranus in the 1st House
Uranus in the 2nd House
Uranus in the 3rd House
Uranus in the 4th House
Uranus in the 5th House
Uranus in the 6th House
Uranus in the 7th House
Uranus in the 8th House
Uranus in the 9th House
Uranus in the 10th House
Uranus in the 11th House
Uranus in the 12th House

sun-iconUranus in the 1st House

If Uranus is in the First House in your natal chart, you are individualistic. Originality. Independence. Charismatic. Rebellious. You are totally unpredictable and impossible to categorize. Your life is filled with sudden and drastic changes that work for or against you, depending on aspects to the first house. You despise oppression of any kind and often work out your path in life through dealing with large groups of people. Interest in the occult, electricity, science, computers..raw psychic talent.

Doing almost everything differently than everyone else has become your trademark. You always seem to be on the go and are constantly thinking up crazy new ideas. How many of them are put into practice is another question; which does not have anything to do with Uranus in the first house. Being very unconventional and always conspicuous, traditional ties like marriage and family do not especially attract you. It would be best if you were allowed to find your own way and not have to suppress your individuality.

The technical fields are where your greatest talents lie. Because Uranus is associated with electricity, you will also be able to repair an iron. Sometimes you are not able to see lurking dangers. Some people can be hurt due to your fear of responsibility. Despite this, you have high ideals and run onto the battlefield with flags flying under the motto, “freedom, equality and brotherhood”.

Your ideas concerning cohabitation should be decidedly modern and you have mostly good intentions. If you manage to give in to some situations without providing commentary, you should have no social problems.

sun-iconUranus in the 2nd House1st house

Uranus in the Second House in your chart shows sudden and unexpected changes in fortune. Just when things are going along smoothly, something happens that turns your financial prosperity around. But with Uranus’s eccentric originality operating here, you find ways to make money that are unusual. Some of these methods may be so far ahead of their time they border on genius.

You have a special capacity to adapt to new situations quickly and know how to get by in difficult times. You make creative use of your material resources and are often lucky. Possibly your financial situation is constantly changing. Some day you may be forced to start all over again from scratch, but you will manage it somehow. You love speculation and are not averse to the game, which is why you should consider carefully how far you want to go in this respect.

You can sense financial developments and come up with original strategies to use your knowledge to your advantage. In the second house, Uranus is not dependent on its possessions but appreciates the possibilities for experimentation, which are certain to open.

sun-iconUranus in the 3rd House3rd house

If Uranus is in the Third House in your chart, intellectual freedom is paramount to your personal happiness. You chafe at traditional and mainstream thinking and are not hesitant to expound your views on anything. Your entire mental framework is eccentric and original. Your siblings and close relatives are intellectually stimulating, but you may have sudden breaks in communication.

You are original and have your own way of thinking. As is to be expected, this tends to cause misunderstandings, especially with people who do not have a feeling for creative language and who tend to express themselves conventionally. You, however, love to create your own words and think up imaginative formulations. Probably you would be a good journalist and be very successful in media.

You perceive the world with your own eyes and do not want to let anyone dictate how you should see things. You approach new areas naively and are able to discover aspects that are overlooked by people with fixed conceptions. Your curiosity is as large as your love of freedom. Quickly and intuitively, your sharp powers of reason find the answer to important questions. The only thing missing is stamina.

You should try to get your nerves under control. If problems with your brothers and sisters should come up, you patiently look for an answer and listen attentively to what is said to you.

sun-iconUranus in the 4th House4th house

If Uranus is in the Fourth House in your natal chart, eccentricities and originality on domestic affairs. Many changes of residence are likely. The home life is atypical or unusual, with exceptional experiences often happening in or about the home. You may rebel against your parents. Early childhood disruptions.

Probably the search for your roots or for a real home has worn you out for a long time. Stability was not something your family could offer; you may have had to move often as a child. Your outlook on life was formed independently of the values of your family. Even if your first actual flight out of the nest was not your idea, you still wanted to be independent from early on. Because you were different, you did not feel accepted and have had to pay for this with a restless nature. It is to be hoped that you will one day find a place where you can settle down with people you love. Hopefully, you will not make the mistake of letting your fear of attachments cause you to pack up and move on suddenly, continuing your search.

Maybe your mother was not able to offer you the security you needed as a child and was often not there. That explains why you do not even want to be available for your own family and frequently present with decisions that you made without consulting them.

sun-iconUranus in the 5th House5th house

If Uranus is in the Fifth House in your natal chart, your romantic affairs are totally unconventional and unpredictable. When one relationship collapses, you are on to the next. Your sexual attitudes are as eccentric as you are. Your children are probably highly individualistic and perhaps brilliant.

You have an original way of expressing yourself and you put all your determination into it. With your creative ability you astound everyone because you are ahead of your time and make use of your unusual way of expressing yourself. Do not let anyone convince you to take on a more conventional style, continue your pioneering efforts because this is your talent.

You have an unusual love life, you are not the type for long relationships because you get bored quickly and valiantly defend your precious freedom. You are easily impressed by new acquaintances. Ask yourself if the warmth and familiarity that comes from living according to your whims is enough for you.

If you have kids, although you will avoid this responsibility for a long time, you should be able to build up a good relationship with them. You will raise your kids progressively and give them a lot of your liberal attitudes on the way.

sun-iconUranus in the 6th House6th house

If Uranus is in the Sixth House in your chart, work and health conditions change suddenly and unpredictably. You need a lot of freedom in your job, detest routine, and enjoy trying out new ideas and techniques. Job opportunities seem to come out of nowhere, but you can also be terminated with little or no notice. There can be spontaneous remission from disease and chronic health problems.

You put a lot of thought into your work and want to be constantly challenged. Humanitarian ideals are what you enjoy working towards the most, although you do not like to work on one thing very long. You do not work out of a pure sense of responsibility to your employer, but really want to commit yourself. Once you have taken on something, you will make a lot of suggestions that will bring about a lot of improvements. Use your flexible intellect to come up with ideas to help people. When inspired to be active, you could serve as an example for finding fulfillment in your profession.

If the aspects to Uranus are difficult, you could quit your job often because your expectations are too idealistic. Possibly your colleagues complain about your flightiness and have difficulties with your eccentric nature. Maybe you overload yourself until your health suffers. The sixth house stands for our relation to our body. You should be sensitive to your body’s signals and take its needs seriously.

You are interested in all the new technological developments and should be adept at working in research because you devote yourself to tasks without preconceived notions.

sun-iconUranus in the 7th House7th house

If Uranus is in the Seventh House in your natal chart, sudden, unpredictable involvements and changes in partnership and marriage. The significant other can be unusual in some way, eccentric, or a genius. If your personal freedom is restricted at all, you end the marriage or relationship without a second thought.

You are looking for an unusual relationship, which will inspire you and shoud not restrict you. Honesty and creativity are the most important factors. Boredom is not easy for you to stand. This may result in a string of short-lived romances. You may suddenly meet someone who transforms your consciousness from one day to the next and insists on marrying, only to get divorced after six months.

Your role in society will go beyond the traditional social circles. You will always be full of surprises, have an unconventional way with people and probably have a talent for diplomacy, even if people sometimes find you taxing.

Possibly you will find yourself in a dilemma, if other factors of your horoscope point to a need for security and closeness. Then you should look for a partner who will not restrict your development and can still get involved with you. Activities outside your relationship will always be important to you.

sun-iconUranus in the 8th House8th house

If Uranus is in the Eighth House in your birth chart, you benefit from a partner’s sudden, unexpected windfall, or legacy. Sexuality may manifest in eccentric ways. Interest in occult. Partner usually earns money contrary to the mainstream.

Probably challenging situations will awaken a sudden burst of new energy, which will surprise even you. Often you have sudden realizations that help you out of a traumatic emotional state. You take on new projects spontaneously and enthusiastically and are always trying to overcome your limitations. You have a bold approach to work, especially if it is for peaceful coexistence. You could have an extreme sex life because you are insatiably curious about sex and do not want to miss out on a single experience. In bed you love to experiment and probably have a pretty good idea about how an ideal relationship should be.

With all your strength you try to control your emotions, especially anger, hate and jealousy. It is the psychological aspects of Astrology and similar fields which interest you the most. Medicine also arouses your curiosity. Not only your life but also your convictions may be transformed by unanticipated turns that could even result in situations where large sums of money play a role.

sun-iconUranus in the 9th House9th house

If Uranus is in the Ninth House in your birth chart, you have unusual and progressive ideas about higher education and religion and spirituality. Your beliefs probably don’t gel with anyone else’s, but your belief system works for you. Foreign travel stimulates you and you often travel on the spur of the moment. Your intuition is sometimes prophetic; cultivate the art of listening to your inner voice.

You have unusual ideas about religion and justice and their role in the formation of communities. You construct your outlook on life, which can change suddenly if you find a more complete theoretical approach. You are constantly hunting for new intellectual insights and endeavor to convince people to think more progressively. Orthodox belief systems and strict moral codes provoke you in such a manner that you never miss an opportunity to take a stand against them. Furthering intellectual freedom for all of humanity is your goal.

In your opinion, even the system of education should be reformed such that humanitarian ideals could be taught to everyone at an early age. The technology and diverse electronic media interest you, as do new means of transportation. That the world is continually getting smaller is a welcome development from your perspective. This brings increased possibilities to move on to a new location.

Possibly you are a fan of science fiction novels. Active participation in the structuring of future civilization would interest you, whereby you would prefer to play an intellectual role.

sun-iconUranus in the 10th House10th house

If Uranus is in the Tenth House in your chart, the traditional meaning for this placement relates to freedom from restrictions. Sudden and unpredictable change, in terms of your career, are possible. Uranus here brings a unique and eccentric slant on the way you make your living. You may become an overnight celebrity, then recede from the public eye for a while. Your methods may smack on genius. Excellent for astrologers, writers, hypnotists.

If anyone gave you a chance, you would revolutionize society. You have very progressive ideas about nations and politics that can be called radical. If developments do not continue to progress and the same conservative powers retain control, you are dissatisfied. Professionally, you stand for high ideals and look for a position that allows you to work toward these goals. Possibly you change jobs frequently because you believe that you still have not found the right place and are wasting your energies. Perhaps you have to become a little more patient in this respect and accept the fact that you are not going to be made the Secretary General of the United Nations in the foreseeable future.

In any case, you are well-suited for occupations which are not intellectually restricting and where you can experiment to your heart’s content. It is very probable that you have a highly unusual profession or that you work in modern technology. Most probably, the influence of your father on your way of thinking was strong. He was certainly an eccentric and possibly he brought restlessness into your childhood.

sun-iconUranus in the 11th House11th house

If Uranus is in the Eleventh House in your chart, your friends are varied, eccentric, colorful, and unusual. They may be writers, inventors, psychics, or spiritualists, and all of them are progressive thinkers.

In the eleventh house Uranus is at home, which intensifies its qualities. You represent high ideals in friendships that are not always very realistic. Your energy is set on finding people with similar convictions to band together for activities. Chances are that you stand for humanitarian and progressive ideas spirited by a powerful will to reform. For others, you could serve as a source of inspiration, when it comes to structuring a peaceful co-existence of everyone on the planet. You feel tied to all of humanity and will never give up hope, probably because you know how much people can achieve once they are united, if the will and conviction are there.

If Uranus’ aspects are difficult, it could be that you find yourself in a dilemma: you want to contribute your energy to serving a greater cause within an organization, but at the same time, you are afraid of sacrificing your identity and getting lost in the crowd. It may cause difficulties that you insist on realizing your own ideas and are not willing to listen to others.

However, it should be possible for you to find a constructive solution to these problems in order to get your ideals out to more people.

sun-iconUranus in the 12th House12th-house-icon

If Uranus is in the Twelfth House in your birth chart, your intuition is well-developed, but your personal freedom may be stifled in some way. Perhaps you have repressed your own freedom; maybe you hide your genius and originality out of fear of disapproval. A sudden illness or unexpected confinement is possible.

It is certainly not always easy for you to understand your motivations, especially since they can change suddenly. Sometimes a vague foreboding descends upon you, which turns out to be true. Also, sudden transformations in your life may be on the agenda.

Take a trip through your subconsciousness and learn from your complete subliminal experiences in order to acquire the ability to recognize the necessary structures for reforms of this foundation. Your spiritual life is diverse and your most beautiful talent could be helping others out by offering unconventional ideas and intuitive understanding.

If the aspects to Uranus are difficult, there is a danger of your thoughts and feelings getting off track and becoming inconsistent. It is most certainly possible that you could develop insecurities and phobias because you fear complexities but do not want to risk becoming isolated. If you want to solve this problem, you are going to have to dig deep.

Your inclination to spiritual ideas and religious thought can lead you to sects or occult groups. You may even succeed in giving new meaning to the terms mercy and brotherly love.

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