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Vesta in the Signs

Asteroid Vesta in the Signs

The asteroids represent a facet of your own inner goddess. These are the personal and intimate whispers that define your divinity, the subtle variations of your innermost energies and wisdom. They never replace the emphasis and qualities of the planets and luminaries but enhance and deepen your self knowledge and your relationship with the universe and your life.

The asteroid Vesta defines where and how you see your mission and truth in your life and world. It is where you are the Guardian of the Sacred Flame and where you rely on your inner sense of the Goddess and self reliance.

Vesta is connected with sexuality and healing and inspires your willingness to focus on your own spiritual and inner causes.

Vesta is dedication, focus and spiritual commitments. It helps you understand where you are likely to give sacrificially for a spiritual goal.

The things and qualities that you protect and dedicate yourself to will be the very things that you sacrifice to discover your own spiritual truth and calling.

Vesta Signs in the Birth Chart


Vesta in Aries:

If Vesta is in Aries, your mission protects the flame of creative freedom, exploration and adventure. Your sexuality is the purity of innocence and power, imagination and challenge. You are a symbol of noble self reliance with a cause driven need to prove your independence and purpose. You have an intense focus when your emotions and heart are attached to your work and you are unafraid of facing challenges, competition and obstacles. You protect your rights of self expression, self mobility and self empowerment. You do not and will not look to others for your inspiration…or your support. In the name of spiritual truth it is your freedom and independence that you are likely to sacrifice and to feel challenged to give up and/or deny yourself. This leads to the ultimate universal truth that the spirit and the soul are at all times utterly free and strong.

Vesta in Taurus

If Vesta is in Taurus, you are dedicated to the assets of mother earth, to stability and patience. Your commitments compel you to protect the resources both in our world and the resources that have value to you personally. Your sexuality is earthy, grounded, tactile and enveloping. You are likely to deny yourself material rewards or possessions in search of your spiritual truth. Sexuality can also be ignored and/or repressed as you quest to understand the nature of your bond with the universe. You have an immense reservoir of focus and discipline which creates staying power, tolerance, patience and dedication. You’ll feel most connected to your true inner being when you are surrounded by your home and/or nature.

Vesta in Gemini:

If Vesta is in Gemini, you shield the flame of thought, imagination and intellect. Your ideas and ideals are valuable resources and intense focus is available intellectually. You possess a commitment to exploring the world through your education and embrace knowledge as a spiritual resource. You are likely to deny your own intelligence and intellectual capabilities in pursuit of your truth and center. Your method of self understanding and acceptance is usually by the route of transcending and over riding mind and thought patterns by disowning their power in your life. Eventually you bring the two halves together…the mind and the spirit in both acceptance and love. Your sexuality is friendly, light and mind oriented.

Vesta in Cancer

If Vesta is in Cancer, you guard the flame of the home. You protect the right to nurture and love maternally and unconditionally. Your mission is to shelter and nourish the children of your life including friends, lovers, associates and your literal children. In your search for own own spiritual truth it is the qualities of nurturance, self acceptance and unconditional love that you are likely to deny yourself. You can withdraw them from your world as well as you seek to understand your connection with a spiritual base of complete acceptance and love. You keep a vision of home intact and in focus and available for those you have sheltered under your wings. You are acutely focused on the emotional needs of those in your life .

Vesta in Leo:

If Vesta is in Leo, you protect the flame of joy, love and healthy ego. Your focus is on becoming all that you can become and finding the faith and conviction to stand tall in both your talents and your attributes. Your mission is to help others learn the need for healthy ego, self belief and leadership. You are likely to deny yourself the right to believe in your qualities and gifts in your own search for spiritual wisdom and understanding. You may wear a cloak of utter humility that shields you from seeing your own glory and your own light. You can reach a space of integration where you can embrace and accept the gifts the universe has brought into your life which include love and self belief and hold yourself no higher nor lower than any other.

Vesta in Virgo:

If Vesta is in Virgo, you guard the flame of health, service and healing. Your focus is on fixing and making whole the myriad of pieces in your life. You are disciplined and dedicated to doing all you can. In your quest for your own spiritual mission you are likely to deny yourself the right to feel whole, healthy and vibrant. Your sexuality can range from puritanical to free spirited and is likely to be a core focus that allows you to come to terms and accept your own personal truths and mission as well as to embrace your own right to accept and receive. You can also deny the need for order and detail in your life.

Vesta in Libra:

If Vesta is in Libra, you guard the flame of harmony, grace and beauty. You are committed to equality and shared values that enhance the properties of outer peace and serenity. Your mission is to create bonds of mutual appreciation and understanding. You may have strong artistic abilities and talents that become ac ore focus for your life mission. In finding your own spiritual truth you deny yourself harmonious interactions and sacrifice your need for outer harmony. You can deny your own talents and gifts in an effort to look beyond and below them for your objectives and guidance. Your sexuality is expressive, refined, romantic and genuine and is an area that you are likely to repress as you seek universal answers and wisdom.

Vesta in Scorpio:

If Vesta is in Scorpio, you protect the flame of passion, truth and sexuality. Your focus is on the undercurrents that guide and make up life. You are disciplined, strong willed and committed to important personal truths. Your mission brings the truth of life into the world by an exploration of its literal associations and spiritual connotations. Yours is the world of the occult, the mysterious and the hidden. In your search for your own truth you are likely to deny yourself the right to express your strong sexual needs and drives. You can repress your need to explore truths and investigate purpose.

Vesta in Sagittarius:

If Vesta is in Sagittarius, you protect the flame of spirituality, knowledge and competition. You feel a commitment to knowledge and to shared wisdom. You are an advocate of fairness and justice and guard the right to be free to explore the world and its assets and gifts. You are focused on the expansion of the soul through the human by understanding the workings of the world and expanding on them. You are likely to deny yourself the right to move, to explore and to tap into your own truth of spirituality as you seek to find your own mission. You can deny yourself a faith and belief basis in an effort to embrace more than a set of possibilities and adherences. You can also sacrifice your inner knowledge and your right to share that with the world and the people in your life and can find competition uncomfortable until you have embraced your truth and purpose.

Vesta in Capricorn:

If Vesta is in Capricorm, you keep the flame of tradition and integrity safe. You are focused on maintaining the status quo that is healthy and important to both your life and the world in general. You are dedicated, disciplined and possess enormous focus and will power. You can deny yourself possessions and resources as you seek to find the truth of your spiritual purpose and role. You can deny yourself the structure and the stability that financial assets bring into life. You have a keen understanding of the importance of personal responsibility and obligations and promote their purpose through your actions and life. Your focus is on building strength and integrity in both your personal life and the world in general.

Vesta in Aquarius:

If Vesta is in Aquarius, you protect and guard the flame of our future. Your focus is on bringing equality to the masses, your mission to help move the collective towards new goals and new experiences. You have commitments to personal freedom and self expression and believe in the individual. In your search for your own truth you can sacrifice your ability to move about freely, to explore your progressive ideals and visions. You can deny your right to experience the possibilities of life as applied through the mind and imagination. You can live the role of the under dog in order to experience the need that they bring into the world.

Vesta in Pisces:

If Vesta is in Pisces, you protect the flame of dreams and spirituality that transcends the human condition. Your mission is to believe in that which exists outside our five senses and outside of our intellectual understanding. Your focus is on a creative and artistic vision that resides within the soul. Your commitment is to the healing of our spiritual values and resources. In your effort to seek your truth and personal mission you are likely to sacrifice your beliefs, your right to express what you feel inside and your dreams. Your sexuality is that of spiritual bliss and ecstasy experienced through the human touch and contact.

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