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Birthday Gifts for the Scorpio in Your Life

Scorpio Gift IdeasQuiet though they might be, a Scorpio can seethe at being forgotten on his or her birthday! It’s not that Scorpios want to be the center of attention so much (leave that to Leo) as that they want to know they’re remembered, treasured and understood.

Not all the gifts on our Scorpio page will ring true to the Scorpio in your life, since everyone has different tastes in music, movies and books. But at the very least it, paired with the Scorpio department of our online shop, should oil your gift-giving wheels.

Keep in mind that Scorpios tend not to collect lots of things but rather a few pieces of fine quality they can sink their teeth into and love forever. Think intensity of design, luxury of texture and long, looong longevity of shelf-life.

That kind of purchase can be tough in this economy, but if it’s an option, you could pool resources with a few friends to go in on something unique and lasting like caiman-skin boots, a leather jacket, a velvet dress or a set of crystal goblets (Psst…as of this writing, some of these products are deeply discounted on Amazon — just click any of the links above).

If you’re still stuck, read further down the Scorpio page for a full description of the Scorpio archetype — that is, how the deeper churnings of the Scorpio psyche really work. You’ll see (in case you didn’t already know) that you’re dealing with a very deep, intense and perhaps even psychic person — someone who’s intrigued by mystery, intrigue and all things hidden, veiled or shrouded.

If you’re going for gifts of books, that could mean anything from detective tales (e.g., The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax or the highly acclaimed The Death of the Detective) to thriller novels (Classics like Cujo, The Shining or pretty much any Stephen King come to mind). For the less-escapist/more analytical minds among your Scorpio friends, it could mean books that track deep, dark changes in human history — for example The Dark Valley: A Panorama of the 1930s by Piers Brendan or Journey into the Whirlwind, a personal memoir of the Soviet Union under Stalinist rule, by Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg.

A final set of suggestions, for those Scorpios fascinated by the occult, are magical pieces like crystal balls and Tarot cards, a gift certificate for a horoscope reading, or a beautiful framed horoscope chart they can hang on their wall. The beauty and mystery of the symbols will intrigue them!

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