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January 2 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope

January 2 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope

January 2 Zodiac Sign Is Capricorn

If you are born on January 2 your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn.

  • Your Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
  • Your Element – Earth
  • Your Rulers – Saturn, Venus

Birthday Meanings of People Born On January 2nd Capricorn

As a January 2 Capricorn birth date you are very aware that knowledge is power and as result, you hold a deep respect for knowledge and are forever seeking to increase your personal understanding of life.

As a January 2 zodiac you are certainly one who definitely wants to achieve a position of honour and respect within this world.

Capricorns with birthdays on 2nd January, education will form a very important part of your life and you will with out doubt feel extremely held back if you should fail to achieve your academic goals.

You should endeavour therefore to make every effort and take every opportunity in order that you can expand your education, knowledge and training because those efforts will undoubtedly pay off in handsome returns for you at a later date.

You are one who takes joy in being an expert and you have that inherent natural ability to teach others.
While the weighing up and the balancing of ideas is appropriate, you must also remember that it is practical application that is the key.

Your birthday astrology analysis predicts that you should endeavour to take care that you do not tend to substitute that of book learning for actual practical experience.

The January 2 Capricorn is very much a goal-oriented person and one who will always have some objective and/or target in mind to achieve.

Be aware however that while it may take longer than you would like in order to ultimately reach your targets, you do have that staying power required in order for you to achieve your goals.

The January 2 horoscope forecasts that you should always remember to take notice of older and wiser people with whom you may come into contact as they can prove to be very helpful to you in your progress through life.
The inherent reasoning abilities that you enjoy will be of great assist to you throughout your lifetime.

The January 2 Capricorn is by nature very curious about human nature and they also enjoy the benefit of having an exceptional memory. This might be exampled by that of an orator cum lecturer who will be able to conduct a presentation without the benefit of notes on hand.

Some part of this January 2 birth date may fall on the fixed star Pelagus, and in distant times past the ancients believed that this influence signified the characteristics of optimism and a religious tendency.

Your birthdate astrology shows that irrespective of whatever path that you choose to follow in life you will always have that ability to lead a campaign.

When it comes to personal relaxation, an ideal environment for the January 2 would be some form of hide-away or, a particular room with the home that has a comfortable soft sofa with perhaps some needlepoint type pillows and some botanical pictures or prints mounted upon the wall.

Dress wise you should consider clothing fabrics such as velour or cashmere and in the colours of either creamy white, slate grey, or brown. These particular colours can be quite comforting for you. When considering jewellery then the Emeralds is the stone for those of this birth date.

On the home front, the January 2 zodiac will find that older type properties in the form of those grand old homes of Tudor style with their extensive grounds and gardens may well be of particular appeal to your senses.

So, within you own home and outdoor areas for example, you could still incorporate some of those features of baronial splendour in the form of perhaps a flagstone patio with suitably designed table and chairs sited beneath the shade of an old tree. As some further additional interest factors within your garden you might like to include some form of religious statue or figurine.

Look to surround yourself with green and earthy tones of colour.

You are one who is comfortable and will feel at home in wide-open spaces. So, venture out into the open grasslands to physically see, hear and to feel nature. The songs of wild birds in the trees and the wind blowing upon your face and through your hair will act as a inspiration to your thoughts.

January 2 Horoscope, Your special magic numbers are 2 and 3

The second day of the first month reduces to three, and the number three is the number that represents growth.
This is a path of positive self-direction and it is not necessary to understand everything before moving ahead even though the first steps to be taken out from a perceived safe haven are tentative.
The second day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the quality of reflection to the energy of this path.

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