Astrology and Horoscopes

On Birthtime & Synchronicity

birth-timeThe time-honored rule is to accept the moment at which a child utters its first cry as the moment for which the horoscope of that child should be calculated.

The theory is briefly that, with the first breath, the child, as a psychic entity, establishes a magnetic contact with his physical environmental and sets into motion the rhythmic mechanism of his life, both physical and psychic, which thereafter remains perfectly synchronized with the periodicity that prevails throughout all nature from that moment until his death.

Karl Jung, commenting on the synchronistic principle of Chinese science, ancient and modern as distinct from our scientific principle of causality, has this to say:

I found that there are psychic parallelisms which cannot be related to each other casually but which must be connected through another sequence of events. This connection seemed to be essentially provided in the fact of the relative simultaneity, therefore the expression synchronistic. … In other words, whatever is born or done at this moment of time has the qualities of the moment of time.

From the viewpoint of the astrologer there are no pre-mature births. We must accept the fact of birth as, and when, it occurs, and to assume that it should have occurred at any other time is merely splitting hairs.

Jung summed it up neatly in the phrase that will bear repetition:
Whatever is born or done at this moment of time has the qualities of the moment of time.

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