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Black Moon Lilith in Aries

Black Moon in Aries : ‘Don’t be too impulsive’

Perhaps you aren’t aware of it, but if your Black Moon (Dark Moon/Lilith) is in Aries, you have the tendency to put yourself in the first place.

You want to show solidarity with others and do things together, but on a single condition: that things happen your way.

Unfortunately it is true that the position of the Black Moon indicates exactly what you would like, but simultaneously you have the utmost difficulty with it.

Because you want to achieve your goal in a rather annoying way, you sometimes get disillusionized.

Black Moon in Aries is the art to learn to achieve a balance between ‘stand up for yourself’ and listen to others’.

In your life you can experience periods in which you are alone or in which you need to solve your own problems.
You can be compelled to fight for something or someone, while at the same time you have to face your emotions all by yourself.

Lilith in Aries indicates at least a disturbance in the relationship ‘I’ – ‘we’. How far can you go in pursuing your personal goal without disadvantaging others? What are you willing to sacrifise and when do you refuse any compromise?

The big challenge in your life, is to cope with the fact that you get nothing for nothing, and that you sometimes must make hard efforts and make compromises, when you prefer going your own way. Once you succeed, the Black Moon in Aries can only benefit you.

Also on sexual matters, you face similar situations. Either you supress your desires in that area, and you do not dare to admit it, in that case impotence or frigidity could arise. Or you want to dominate in bed, which can lead to other conflicts.

More insight into this Black Moon (Dark Moon/Lilith) in Aries can drastically change your live in a positive sense. With more attention to the desires of your partner, the dominance and uncertainty will tend to go away. Eventually you will meet the nutritional aspect of the Lilith-eroticism.

Important: don’t be too impulsive, have consideration for others and keep an open mind for surprises.

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