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Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

Black Moon in Taurus : ‘Cope with the unexpected’

To whatever zodiac sign you belong, if you have Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, you will somehow be strongly attached to possessions. Money and matter mean certain securities.

And that is precisely what you need: regularity and security.

But, a Black Moon precisely indicates difficulties and frustrations that must be overcome. Learn to work on all areas that deal with ‘security’ and ‘possessions’.

To begin with the material level. Probably you go through periods in your life where you resultlessly searched for a permanent job or fixed income.

In the emotional area you would also like to feel safe. As a result, you may prefer a calm, balanced relationship over a passionate love with the love of your life.

That means automatically that you are terribly afraid of renewal and change. Unfortunately someone with a Black Moon in Taurus often faces situations that totaly messes up his agenda and other plans.

Lilith in Taurus has as its central problem: your relation to possessions. How much do you need to really feel safe? How much space can you give to others? And further: how do you handle the changes and diversions that occur in your life?

And therein lies the big challenge for people with Lilith in Taurus: learning to deal with unprecedented and unexpected twists. Dare to jump into the unknown!

Take advantage of the opportunities that are hidden deep within you. Develop your gifts to talents. That’s what Black Moon in Taurus wants you to do!

With Black Moon in Taurus, there is a strong, pronounced sexuality that sometimes even dominates the personality. But in pursuing this perception of sexuality, this Black Moon position in the first place strives for your own enjoyment and takes less note of the desires of your partner. To find that other side of Lilith, there is only one thing needed: detachment. Sensuality and eroticism continue to play a key role in your life, but you’re no longer depend on them because they are no longer clouded by possessiveness, compulsive behaviour or jealousy.
Important: don’t let anyone manipulate you, put yourself in the first place, dare to take a new path in life.

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