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Boar (Pig) Horoscope 2015

Boar (Pig) Horoscope 2015: THE POWER OF INNER STRENGTH

BOAR (East) –  SCORPIO (West)

pigIn general, years of the Goat (Sheep) are positive to the people born in the year of the Pig, due to the existing harmony between the “Earthly Branches” corresponding to both signs.

But in the actual case of this year of the Goat (2015), the famous astrologer from Hong Kong, Rocky Sung, has a less optimistic prognosis. This time there are several “malignant stars” appearing in the destiny of the Pig, and they might be the origin of problems.

However, the presence of the benign star The Three Pillars means there is enough inner strength to override the obstacles and to win over eventual adversaries, thus ensuring that the final goals will be achieved.

The year ahead will take you in a new direction that promises a better future and a happier existence. Knowledge will be your intent with the outcome leading to professional changes through expansion.

You will want to pick up new technology that will enable you to plan for the future and take advantage of opportunities that in the past you had to back away from. Not a bad year and certainly one of high creativity and hope.

Love Horoscope 2015 for Pig (Boar)

There is a great predisposition for conflict, and if that tendency is not fought back it will certainly give rise to problems, which may be serious.

For those who are not married, the natural harmony existing between the energies of the Goat and the Pig will have a much clearer effect. That may take up the form of a sentimental relationship, which will change everything.

Career Horoscope 2015 for Pig (Boar)

Despite the difficulties that will probably occur, the prediction is that the natives of the Pig will end up winning, if that is their determination.

It is important that they don’t rush ahead, and analyze the situations with a cold head before they react, trying to understand what is really going on.

Besides, the star Pointing to the Back suggests that there is vigilance towards enemies that don’t show their face, and who, because of that are much harder to fight.

Money Horoscope 2015 for Pig (Boar)

Eventual financial problems will probably be the reflection of difficulties that were found in other areas. A wise management of money will be enough to reach the end of the year with a clearly positive balance.

Health Horoscope 2015 for Pig (Boar)

An eventual threat to their health will be more related to intense emotional states, and their consequent inner tension. Fighting stress and leading a healthy life will be enough to keep the body and the mind in shape.

MESSAGE OF THE YEAR  of the Sheep (Goat) 2015 for Pig (Boar)

The astrologer Rocky Sung says that, however black the situation looks to them, the natives of the Pig must keep their cold-blood, their self-confidence and the will to win. Victory will be waiting for them after the storm blows away, so it would be a crime to give up. Like we said before, the benign star The Three Pillars will be a precious and decisive help.

  • Best months of the year 2015: July, September, October, November, and December
  • What you should strive for in 2015: pleasing yourself in every aspect of life
  • Your lucky numbers in 2015: 1, 13, 21, 28, 33, 40

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