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Book Reviews – Understanding Aspects: The Inconjunct and The Sextile By Alan Epstein

I am a student, and began a search for any information available regarding YOD configurations for a research project. I found only limited information and it would seem to me that the Yod has not warranted in-depth study, perhaps because it is a nebulous figure in itself or because it is considered a minor aspect. This was very frustrating as it appeared in a large number of charts involved in some research I was undertaking.

It was then my good fortune to come across the two volumes written by Alan Epstein covering both inconjunct and sextiles. The information uncovered from these books has helped me to broaden my understanding of these two aspects and to look at Yods in a different light.

Book Review Understanding Aspects: The Inconjunct

Understanding-Aspects-The InconjunctThis book is divided into three sections.

Part one covers basic issues and explains how the inconjunct impacts upon the chart. Usually this aspect is treated as an ‘adjustment’ with only a few words of explanation, which, to me, conjures up the idea of a balance between the energies of the planets involved.

However, in this book, Alan Epstein lists the following under the title of ‘Keywords’, and gives a paragraph to each one, explaining the possibilities that can develop through the aspect……. trade-offs; compromise; frustration ; re-consideration; re-evaluation; sacrifice; modification ; review; defiance; negotiation ; dissatisfaction ; inability to give and take; lack of moderation; abstinence vs. indulgence; inability to say no; needing to prove oneself ; seeking something from people who wont give it.

So, from the list above, you can see the wonderful explanations that he gives to enlarge upon that single word..’adjustment’.!!

These keywords are in succinct paragraphs with both pros. and cons. discussed, which is quite informative, to say the least. Alan Epstein also discusses his theory…” that the quincunx (150) PLUS the semi- sextile (30) appear to function in a similar manner”, and indicates that both will be referred to in the book as inconjuncts. (page 13) This may be worth further exploration.

A description then follows from the Sun through to Pluto, the Angles, Asc & Dsc., M.C. & I.C. and the psychodynamics of the inconjunct upon them. Part two has an introduction that explains how to use the material covered in the planetary combinations.(e.g. Sun inconjunct Moon) etc. These are all done in great detail, and in such a way as to paint an illuminating picture as one reads.

Part three gives an excellent example of inconjucts “at work” with details of Jimmy Carter’s birth data plus subsequent events to highlight same.

Book Review Understanding Aspects:  The Sextile

The SextileThis book is set out in the same manner as the previous title. Alan Epstein goes into detail discussing his Aspect Theory, and gives consideration to all aspects…major, minor and parallels of declination as part of a unified whole. Included is a table of Aspects plus orbs.

This book is divided into four sections.

Part one covers information regarding the Aspect Theory. Part two discusses the psychology of the Sextile, and once again it is set out in such a manner that basic issues lead you into the excellent explanations of sextiles to Sun, through to Pluto, Asc.,Dsc., M.C. & I.C.

Part three details planetary combinations in a descriptive, easy-to-read text. His skilful insights make educating and entertaining reading.

The final section has an example to show how the sextiles manifest in the chart of Martin Luther King Jnr. It includes a biography and an analysis.

As I read through both books, I applied the information on the pages to the chart that I know best – my own. There it was, in print, description after description of myself, including all of my “challenges”! I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and I look forward to the time when, hopefully, more titles will be added by Mr. Epstein to those discussed here.

These books are overflowing with information supplied in a manner that is easy to follow. They have given me a much broader understanding of these particular aspects and so I say a big Thank You.

Julie Williamson

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